Integrated Marketing Summit - Dallas - Online + Offline Integation Panel


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This panel discussion will be moderated by Chris Kovac, Director of Social Influence at Nicholson Kovac (Kansas City, MO) and will feature examples of how you can integrate your offline advertising efforts with your online marketing strategies.


Lindsay Jacaman, Director Multi Media Sales The Wall Street Journal (Dallas, TX)

Jim David, Vice President, Ussery Printing (Dallas,TX)

David Young, VP Account Services, Slingshot/David & Goliath (Dallas, TX)

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  • Jack Daniel’s Tennessee Whiskey asked Slingshot to support the launch of a campaign to celebrate the 160th birthday of its founder, Jack Daniel. The effort was promoted primarily through an online media campaign and supported with on- and off-premise POS (including an SMS program as well as a QR code call-to-action). Slingshot created and executed the online media creative, the JagTag QR code support piece, and the Facebook application which served as the hub of the entire campaign.
  • The campaign was developed to maximize user engagement and to provide a digital hub for all supporters to come together and interact with the man behind the whiskey. The objective was to leverage the brand’s history to increase awareness and user consumption throughout the month of September. Digital media, Facebook communications, SMS, and JAGTAG QR code codes were implemented throughout all campaign materials to provide users the tools to show their support, the ability to recruit friends in the cause, facilitate conversations, and the means to persuade those in charge to make Mr. Jack’s birthday a national holiday. The strategy was to create a digital grassroots movement to honor Mr. Jack’s 160th birthday by making it a national holiday
  • To successfully achieve the goals set forth for this campaign, a combination of online media placements and social media content strategy were recommended to drive success. In order to establish a cohesive campaign, Slingshot developed a Facebook application to collect digital and mobile signatures. The campaign center provided users a snapshot of how many others supported the cause and illustrated where they were across America through a map feature. Additional interactive content was implemented with the “Back Jack” video, wallpapers, and polls. To increase the viral effects of the campaign, the Facebook application was designed with gaming elements to promote user interaction and pass along. The application featured a leader board for those who had earned the most points, which were earned by signing the petition, recruiting friends to sign, sharing content, downloading exclusive content, and participating in polls. Ultimately the top person had accumulated 46,000+ points and 20% of signatures were collected from a friend’s wall post.
  • All of the pieces combined to create the Back Jack Birthday Campagin: POS/ On Premise Flash Banners Facebook JAG TAGS/ SMS/ Mobile
  • Jagtag QR codes were incorporated onto point-of-sale and on-premise creative, banners, buttons, and cups. These pieces were featured at “Back Jack” Rallies hosted by the brand throughout the country and returned users a video to explain the campaign and why a consumer should “Back Jack.” The SMS call to action – Text “JDBDAY” to 52257 - allowed users to participate and show their support for the campaign while on-the-go or on-premise. This call to action was implemented on case cards, banners, buttons, table cloths, peel cups, and win cards. Furthermore, a mobile landing page was developed as a resource for users who visited from a mobile phone, since Facebook applications are not accessible. The page featured the “Back Jack” video, prompted users to visit the petition app from a desktop or laptop computer and provided text-to-sign information. VIDEO:
  • Facebook Page: 32,331 page views Total of 13,581 unique visitors to the Back Jack application 32% repeat visits 78% of application users signed the petition after landing on the primary page Average of 2:56 minutes spent on the site 163%+ increase in user interaction to (1:07) App was 2 pages vs. an entire site
  • Compare to Toast Jack 2009 and Holiday 2009
  • Impressions (total page views on app, posts + 130 friends, wall posts, …) 32,331 total views 1,695,330 Impressions based on posts + 130 average friends 9,852,547 Wall post impressions
  • Gaming? FB posts?
  • More products. More platforms. More opportunities to connect with our audience by leveraging the touchpoints of the Journal for your advertising and marketing objectives. Note: Provided by the Creative Services department
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