Ch. 10 Hire And Manage A Staff
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Ch. 10 Hire And Manage A Staff






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Ch. 10 Hire And Manage A Staff Ch. 10 Hire And Manage A Staff Presentation Transcript

  • Chapter 10 –Hire and Manage Staff Business Ownership Spring 2007 Williams C. Greene, (2000). Entrepreneurship Ideas in Action. Cincinnati, OH: South-Western.
  • Lesson 10.1 Hire Employees
    • A job description is a written statement listing the duties and responsibilities of a job. (pg. 214)
    • A job specification is a list of the qualifications a worker needs to do that job.
  • Organizations Structure Board of Directors Chairman of the Board/CEO President Vice President/Athletic Director Vice President of Finance/Accounting Vice President of Marketing Director of Human Resources Basketball Director Director of New Customers Tennis Director Director of Accounting/Finance Basketball Coaches/Trainers Tennis Coaches/Trainers
  • Recruit Employees
    • To recruit is to look for people to hire.
    • Here are a few ways to recruit employees:
      • Classified Advertising
      • Employment Agencies
      • Internet Job recruitment sites
      • College Placement Centers
      • (pg. 216)
  • Interview Applicants
    • To ensure you interview applicants effectively and efficiently here are some tips:
    • Prepare a list of questions to ask
        • List of questions found on (pg. 218)
    • Be courteous
    • Avoid dominating the applicant
    • Take notes
    • Write a summary of your impressions of applicant (pg. 217)
  • 10.2 Create a Compensation Package
    • The pay and other benefits employees receive in exchange for their labor are called compensation.
  • Wages and Salary
    • Wages are payments for labor or services that are made on an hourly, daily, or per-unit bases.
    • Salaries are payments for labor or services done on an annual basis.
    • (pg. 221)
  • Wages and Salary
    • Wages are based on time-based plans.
      • Example: Jenna earns $8.50 per hour
    • Salary is also based on time worked.
      • Example: Trisha earns $2, 500 per month
      • Example: Anna earns $56, 000 per year
  • Different Types of Pay
    • A commission plan pays employees a percentage of the volume of sales for which they are responsible.
    • A piece-rate plan pays the employee a fixed rate for each unit produced.
    • (pg. 222)