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TribePro and Tribe Marketing - …

TribePro and Tribe Marketing -

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Tribe Pro: Secret Backlinking Strategies

Have you ever curioused how top internet marketers are able to get many eyes on their material?
Have you ever questioned how blog writers can create viral buzz around their material the moment it gets published?
Have you ever wondered how the same network online marketers continually place their content on the first web pages of the significant online search engine, again and again and once more?

The secret is in the syndication.

Let me introduce you to TribePro. TribePro, an on-line marketers dream, creates hundreds, even thousands of backlinks to your individual blog site. Why is this crucial?
Back links are the foundation to obtaining found online and the even more back links you have the higher your page rank and the more exposure you get. Even more exposure results in even more traffic, even more leads, and more cash.
Staci and Ronnie Gauny, creators of TribePro, designed this distinct online neighborhood, to help online marketers use the power of social media to get greater positions on the online search engine.
TribePro automatically sends and syndicates your content to 40+ social networks networking and bookmarking sites. Now while you can syndicate your material by yourself, here is exactly what makes TribePro so powerful.
As a member of the TribePro area you have hundreds, even thousands of other participants sharing your special content. And each participant is syndicating your material to those 40+ websites, as soon as you publish your brand-new blog post!

How Does TribePro Work

You may be wondering how TribePro works. It's pretty simple but let's run through it step by step.

Get your free trial of TribePro here:

Invested In Your Success,
Chris Kostopoulos
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  • 1. TribePro Reviewby Chris Kostopoulos TribePro : Secret Backlinking Tactics  Have you ever wondered how top internet marketers are able to get so many eyes on their content?  Have you ever questioned how bloggers can create viral buzz around their content the moment it gets published?  Have you ever wondered how the same internet marketers continuously position their content on the first pages of the major search engines, again and again and again?The secret is in the syndication.TribePro Review Video
  • 2. YouTube Not Working? Watch It Here: TribePro ReviewWatch It On YouTube If You Prefer: TribePro ReviewLet me introduce you to TribePro. TribePro, an online marketers dream, creates hundreds, eventhousands of backlinks to your personal blog. Why is this important?Backlinks are the foundation to getting found online and the more backlinks you have the higheryour page rank and the more exposure you get. More exposure results in more traffic, moreleads, and more money.Staci and Ronnie Gauny, founders of TribePro, designed this unique online community, to helponline marketers utilize the power of social media to get higher rankings on the search engines.TribePro automatically submits and syndicates your content to 48+ social media networking andbookmarking sites; that’s the power of Tribe Marketing. Now while you can syndicate yourcontent on your own, here is what makes TribePro so powerful.As a member of the TribePro community you have hundreds, even thousands of other memberssharing your unique content. And each member is syndicating your content to those 48+ sites, assoon as you publish your new blog post!How Does TribePro WorkYou may be wondering how TribePro works. It’s pretty simple but let’s run through TribeMarketing step by step.Step 1To become a TribePro member you must sign up for a membership. There are three differentoptions available to you.  Free Membership – Join the tribes and start sharing your content. The drawbacks to the free membership are that you must submit your content manually and you need 15 share points in order to begin posting your own unique content to the tribe. You accumulate share points based on how much you share content of others.
  • 3.  Plus Membership – Use the auto submit and auto syndicate options which allow you to automate the syndication and sharing process. You are eligible to begin posting your unique content after accumulating only 10 “share points” and you can begin commenting on other members helping you to gain additional exposure and brand recognition throughout the TribePro community.  Pro Membership – This option gives you full access to all that TribePro has to offer. Create your own tribe within TribePro to further establish yourself as a community leader, automate emails to tribe using autoresponder software such as AWeber to help further grow your email list.Step 2Once you have chosen a membership option you’ll want to join a tribe. You can view all themembers in a particular tribe by clicking on the members tab. From this list you can choose toFOLLOW a member, with the option of auto-syndicating their content. What makes TribeProwork is the law of reciprocity. Having others share your content as you actively promote andshare theirs as well. It’s a win-win. The more people you have syndicating your content to morebacklinks you’ll generate. It’s that simple.Step 3If you are a Plus member it only takes 10 “share points” for you to be eligible to post your owncontent to the tribe. Share points are accumulated by sharing other members content to the socialmedia outlets. Share content to Twitter, Facebook and Delicious, you have stacked 3 sharepoints. It’s actually pretty easy to get to 10 share points, I got to over 10,000 share points withinjust a few months of activity.This automated syndication platform can produce huge results, helping you leverage the effortsof others to promote and market your brand. The more people who “share” your content, thehigher ranking you receive from the search engines resulting in more traffic, leads and profits.Will TribePro Work For You?I get this question a lot when I recommend TribePro and the answer is YES. But, it also dependson your expectations. If you’re expecting to increase your traffic, some of your rankings, getmore leads; then Yes it will do that. If you’re expecting to dominate Google and be in the #1spot for every blog post overnight and create millions out of thin air, then you have wrongexpectations.TribePro is a tool, a very good tool to include in your online marketing arsenal, but it must beused effectively and the best way is to use it with a high authority ranking blog and daily postingof content that is shared. That combination will create tons of traffic for you and leads for yourbusiness. That’s the power of TribePro.
  • 4. If you enjoyed this post please comment below andshare on FaceBook & G+1 if you want more content like this.Chris KostopoulosEmail: Chris@ChrisKsite.comIf Your Team or Mentor Does NOT Have a Simple Step-By-Step Proven Strategy For Success, Check This Out (UnlessYou Already Have TOO Many Leads) Click Here ForInstant AccessP.S. -> $1k+ Per Day Cash Loophole Exposed (Click Here To Get The SecretYou Might Also Like TribePro Review: A Powerful Tool
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