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Tips For Giving The Greatest Best Man Speech Or Maid Of Honor Speech
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Tips For Giving The Greatest Best Man Speech Or Maid Of Honor Speech






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    Tips For Giving The Greatest Best Man Speech Or Maid Of Honor Speech Tips For Giving The Greatest Best Man Speech Or Maid Of Honor Speech Document Transcript

    • What Does My Awesome Best Man SpeechHave To Do With My Online Businessby Chris KostopoulosIn this post I’m going to reveal to you how to give The BESTBest Man Speech Ever, several tips to help you give thatspeech to the best of your abilities and I’m going to relate itback to how exactly it relates to my online business. Howexactly did my online business, where I have a team ofsuccessful entrepreneurs working with me, play a role to thesuccess of this speech? It’s quite simple as you’ll soon findout, but the reality is most things you do in your daily life canbe leveraged to building a business online, that can earn youincome on auto-pilot, 24/7, while you’re traveling or sleepingand I’ll show you how.Tips For An Awesome Best Man Speech VideoNOTE: If I get enough subscribers, likes and comments to this video I might be willing to releasemy actual live footage of my best man speech, so that you can see everything I discuss live andin person so you can learn from it to give your very own awesome Wedding Speech.
    • Watch It On YouTube If You Prefer: Best Man SpeechClick Here To Subscribe To My YouTube Channel For UpdatesBest Man Speech Tips1. Be Prepared – Obvious, but prepare in advance, so you’reready. That’s what all good speakers do and for speecheswhere we don’t actually prepare it’s because it’s on atopic we’ve studied and learned our whole lives so we canspeak freely without a script.2. Tell A Story – The best way to communicate and keepinterest is through a story. We’ve been story telling sincethe beginning of time, so tell a good, meaningful storythat will tie in everything you want to express and say.Keep in mind by story, we don’t mean it has to be anactual story, but more like a theme that is carriedthroughout the speech.3. Introduce Yourself – just in case people don’t know who you are. Plus it’s always polite tointroduce yourself.4. Express Gratitude – It’s a huge occasion and honor to be the Best Man, so thank the rightpeople.5. How You Communicate – This is probably more important than what you actually say. How yousay something is so important it can drastically change the speech. So stay calm, patient, speakslowly, use good pronunciation and pause for effect. Expecting applause? then pause and givethe crowd a chance to reciprocate with applause. If you speak fast and nervous and just try tofly through it, it will come out poorly even if you had some good things to say. So relax.6. Be Yourself – YOU were picked for a reason and you should be yourself. Don’t try and besomeone you’re not, just be yourself, but remember the day is about the bride and groom.7. Jokes & Quotes – This goes back to the point above. If you’re a comedian, then go for the jokes,just make sure they relate to your story/theme, they make sense and they’re not offensive oranything the guests could perceive as inappropriate. If you’re not a comedian then don’t forceit, but if you can fit in a funny story or experience with the groom that always goes over well.Quotes, I’m a big fan of personally and if you can find a good quote that ties into to what you’resaying I think it’s a good way to transition into your closing with a powerful love quote.8. Hook or Open Loop – This is the biggest secret of public speaking that most people don’t knowabout. That’s starting with a teaser in the beginning about something to come, that you don’treveal until the end or ever. This way you keep their attention throughout the whole speech,because they’ll keep listening to get the closure to your open hook. Think of a movie that starts
    • with some flashback and you want to find out what happens, next thing you know you spent 2hours watching the whole movie until the end to tie it all in together. Happens all the time inmovies, tv shows, books, speeches, presentations, etc. Use it in your speech and people will beattentive.Most Important Piece Of AGreat Best Man SpeechRemember, that everyone knows what astressful situation it can be to give a speechin front of a group of people, so they’re notlooking to make it more difficult. Not onthis special day. You’re not being graded ona college public speaking course, so don’tstress it, it’s a Best Man Speech after all.Everyone there wants you to give a goodspeech and they want to support you on thisbig day, so stay calm, relax and slowly getthrough your speech.You’re the best man for a reason, so beyourself, don’t stress over a little speech andremember the day is really about the BrideAnd Groom, so make it a special day forthem and everyone else will support youduring your speech to make sure it goes overextremely well with everyone.If you’ve prepared in advance and giveyourself a few days to review your speech,fine tune it, make some adjustments and thenjust keep re-reading it so it gets into yourmemory and subconscious then come the dayof you’ll get through your speech withouteven thinking about what you want to say,but rather just speaking slowly and clearly, because you will already know what you want to say.For some additional tips and resources, a site that I think is really cool (no affiliation to me, justand awesome site), check out Art of Manliness and the cool article on best man speeches here.If you want to learn more about how I’ve learned these skills, and others such as blogging, videocreation, social media networking, etc. and how I teach my team to leverage these same skills tobuild an online auto-pilot income system, then I suggest you click the link below and see whatmy team and I are all about. Trust me if you found this post on best man speeches helpful, you’llbe amazed at what else you can do online.
    • If you enjoyed this post please comment below andshare on FaceBook & G+1 if you want more content like this.Chris KostopoulosEmail: Chris@ChrisKsite.comP.S. -> $1k+ Per Day Cash Loophole Exposed (Click Here To Get The SecretLoophole)Related posts:1. Blogging: The New Economy With Empower Network2. Why Empower Network?3. How To Create Wealth4. Create A Successful Blog5. Online Jobs From Home6. How To Make Money BloggingYou Might Also Like
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