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How To Make Extra Money - ...

How To Make Extra Money -

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A lot of people are aiming to find out the best ways to make additional money or earn additional earnings with great factor thinking about the current efficient situation. Let's cover a couple of quick stats prior to moving on to the best ways to make money.

Some Startling Stats:
62 Very early Social Protection Rewards.
65 Entitled for Medicare.
67 Full Old age.
70 No more enhance in Social Safety Benefits.
* And something like virtually 50 % of the US grownup populace has much less compared to $500 in their savings account.

So if you're goal is to work until you're 70 wishing that you'll have enough cash at that point to attempt and appreciate what's left of your life, that's awesome; don't see the video clip or read any kind of more. But if you're looking for a better method and really wish to discover how to make money like some of the more successful people you might understand, then keep reading.

Ways to Make Money With A Task ...

The # 1 way most people attempt to make additional money is with a job. Why? since that's what the majority of people know and believe is "secure", however as we've recently know a job is the least secure option if you want to take task of your monetary future. In order to make additional money with a job you should do 1 of 2 points: either you function additional hours (i.e. overtime, a 2nd job, weekend break job, and so on) or you have to enhance your worth so you receive paid even more each hr. Complication is that even if you boost your resale value there's no warranty your boss/company will pay you more. I've seen this happen a whole lot recently about great deals of people getting postgraduate degrees thinking this is how to make extra earnings, then they're faced with the reality that soooo many people are out of job they're competing with much more competent individuals about to take less pay, due to the fact that they need the cash.

Likewise, let's not neglect a task never offers you any type of take advantage of and there's no method to scale up until make even more cash, without sacrificing the rest of your life and operating increasingly more hrs (or spending that time on education or exercise).

How To Make Extra Money With A Company Or Franchise business ...

Estimated Success Price of Franchises:.

1/3 will certainly FAIL.
1/3 will Break Even.
1/3 will certainly have "Success".

Dreadful numbers when you think about how much investment several of these franchises call for (some are upwards of $1 Thousand) and the amount of time you will certainly have to acquire operating them.

Invested In Your Success,
Chris Kostopoulos
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How to make extra money How to make extra money Document Transcript

  • A lot of people are looking to learn how to make extra money or earn extra income with goodreason considering the recent economical situation. Let’s cover a few quick stats before movingon to how to make extra money.Some Startling Statistics:  62 Early Social Security Benefits  65 Eligible for Medicare  67 Full Retirement Age  70 No further increase in Social Security Benefits*And something like almost 50% of the US adult population has less than $500 in their savingsaccount.So if you’re goal is to work until you’re 70 hoping that you’ll have enough money at that point totry and enjoy what’s left of your life, that’s cool; don’t watch the video or read any further. But ifyou’re looking for a better way and really want to learn how to make extra money like some ofthe more successful people you might know, then keep reading.
  • Watch It On YouTube: How To Make Extra MoneyDownload The Podcast from iTunes Here: How To make Extra Money – iTunesHow To Make Extra Money With A Job…The #1 way most people try to earn extra money is with a job. Why? because that’s what mostpeople know and think is “safe”, but as we’ve recently learned a job is the least safe option if youwant to take responsibility of your financial future. In order to make more money with a job youneed to do 1 of 2 things: either you work more hours (i.e. overtime, a 2nd job, weekend job, etc.)or you need to increase your value so you get paid more per hour. Problem is that even if youincrease your value there’s no guarantee your boss/company will pay you more. I’ve seen thishappen a lot recently with lots of people getting advanced degrees thinking this is how to makeextra income, then they’re faced with the reality that soooo many people are out of work they’recompeting with even more qualified people willing to take less pay, because they need themoney.Also, let’s not forget a job never offers you any leverage and there’s no way to scale up to makemore money, without sacrificing the rest of your life and working more and more hours (orspending that time on education or training).How To Make Extra Money With A Business Or Franchise…
  • The next step in the evolution for most people wanting to earn extra income is to look intostarting a business. That leads them down the path of realizing that you better knowEVERYTHING about the business you plan on starting, then research location, insurance, hireemployees, have customer service, need technical support and it’s a never-ending cycle. I’m notsaying businesses aren’t great, but they are very challenging and statistically something like 90%of small businesses fail in the first 6 months. Due to numerous reasons from lack of funds, tolack of experience, to poor business management.So most people find out about FRANCHISING and we think, “Ah Ha. Got it. Franchises areproven to be successful”. Or are they? Many people assume they are, but I know lots of peoplethat lost lots of money on “proven successful” franchises.Estimated Success Rate of Franchises:  1/3 will FAIL  1/3 will Break Even  1/3 will have “Success”Terrible numbers when you consider how much investment some of these franchises require(some are upwards of $1 Million) and how much time you will have to invest in working them.So even the “Successful” ones most of those owners are barely making any money and wouldprobably be better of just working a job. So they are a bit more successful than starting a smallbusiness, because they have a proven system in place, but then there’s always the businessowners responsibility for actually doing what is taught and committing to his or her business.
  • How To Make Extra Money WithInvestments…There’s lots of different investments you can get involved with, but some of my personalfavorites that I’ve had experience with and continue to do are: High Yield Divided Stocks,Selling Covered Calls and Real Estate.High Yield Dividend Stocks is a straight forward concept of investing in stocks of companiesthat are solid performers and long term you think they will stay the same or increase in value, butpay a high dividend from anywhere from 4% to 10%+. Simply reinvest the dividends and withthe power of compounding your income will start to increase. In addition to just that I also liketo sell covered calls and collect the small premiums as well, because it adds to your overall profitmargin that you can compound as well.With Real Estate I would only advise buying in Big Cities with little downside risk, which iswhy I only purchase real estate in NYC currently. That might change in the future as the realestate market recovers and if I think I can find a good opportunity somewhere. However, I knowthat in NYC real estate will never be hurt as bad as any other city.The Problem with using investments like these to make extra money for most people is theydon’t have enough capital to use these strategies and most people don’t have the propereducation or training to do it successfully.How To Make Extra Money The BetterWay…Along my journey through these different methods of learning how to make extra money therewas a lot of learning, trial and error and ups and downs. I never thought I’d wind up doing whatI’m doing today, but I’m extremely glad my journey brought me here. The better way is aproven systematized business model that anyone can really plug into and begin creating a passiveor residual income by learning what we teach (remember increasing your value or education) andthe leveraging our proven system to basically build their own business. And the best part of thisis that it’s internet based, which is the way business is going in today’s world. What are thebiggest companies you know today? Facebook, Google, Amazon… All Internet based, why?
  • Because you can create a cash flow producing business that is leveraged and you can scale upquickly, without ever being tied down to one location so you’re free to travel and enjoy life, theworld and your time with friends and family.So if I could do it all over again I would’ve simply focused on this simple method of how tomake extra money, because in my opinion it’s leveraged, it’s available to anyone that’s seriousand it can provide you much more in return than any other option.If you enjoyed this post please comment below andshare on FaceBook & G+1 if you want more content like this.Chris KostopoulosEmail: Chris@ChrisKsite.comIf Your Team or Mentor Does NOT Have a Simple Step-By-Step Proven Strategy For Success, Check This Out (UnlessYou Already Have TOO Many Leads) Click Here ForInstant AccessP.S. -> $1k+ Per Day Cash Loophole Exposed (Click Here To Get The SecretLoophole)You Might Also Like
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