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Ferrari vs lamborghini
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Ferrari vs lamborghini


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Ferrari vs lamborghini

Ferrari vs lamborghini

Published in: Automotive, Business

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  • 1. Ferrari Vs Lamborghini – Who Wins?by Chris KostopoulosFerrari vs Lamborghini – So you’ve got a fewhundred thousand in the bank and you fancy anItalian supercar. What do you choose? Do youdecide on the passion and history of the Ferrari,or the different and unique Lamborghini?Both companies have their own approaches atproducing an exotic car. If you think aboutthese 2, they both bring out the inner child inmost people. It might be the way they look, butmore likely it’s the way they drive. The sheerperformance of them is likely to leave youbreathless the first time you experience it.So here’s the question…Ferrari Vs LamborghiniLooking back at the history, Ferrari was founded in 1929 by Enzo Ferrari, initially as a racingteam, before selling their first car in 1947. Lamborghini didn’t come onto the scene until 1963 byFerruccio Lamborghini (who was apparently a snubbed Ferrari customer). They sold their firstcar a year later in 1964.Years on, they are still trying to outdo each other with different approaches. If you think ofLamborghinis, you might come up with the words crazy and insane. If you could imagine whatone of their factory looks like inside it could be engineers having a party, trying to beat eachother in the latest game of ‘who can design the maddest looking bodywork’.The Ferraris on the other hand tend to have a much more refined feel to them. You can almostthink of the engineers spending weeks in spotless labs, fine tuning every little part of the carmaking it perfect. On one hand, you may say that this results in a car that is as good as it can be.On the other hand you may think that you lose some of the passion.
  • 2. So Ferrari vs Lamborghini are battling this one out, but you could win a free Ferrari Spider byclicking the image below.So back to Ferrari Vs Lamborghini…The choice you make really comes down to you. Both companies produce some truly fantasticcars, and you need to think about which one would suit you best. You’ve got cars such as the 458Italia and the wallet-busting Enzo from Ferrari against the Gallardo and superb lookingAventador in the Lamborghini camp.The only true way to find out which one is best is to try them out. Due to the amount of moneyyou will be spending, both companies are extremely customer focused. Try it out, go along toone of their dealers and see how you get treated. I guarantee you will get looked after. Often theprocess of choosing the car, can be just as exciting as owning one.Think about it, one day you could go to Ferrari and spend several hours trying out some of theircars they offers. Then the next day moving onto Lamborghini. In the space of a few days, youmight’ve found yourself driving a collection of supercars worth millions!So the answer to the question Ferrari Vs Lamborghini is essentially either. They are bothhighly accomplished companies with some excellent cars for sale. Just take your time to decideon the one that you can see yourself driving. You do have some options, however, in terms ofclicking the image below to learn how to win a Ferrari or if you want to make enough moneyonline to buy whatever care you desire click here.If you enjoyed this post please comment below andshare on FaceBook & G+1 if you want more content like this.
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