Concise Overview For Creating A Website


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Concise Overview For Creating A Website

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Concise Overview For Creating A Website

  1. 1. As a digitalProject Manageroutline how youwould take aclient brief fromthe sales teamand deliver thefinal product tothe client. Whatstages would yougo through inthe process?
  2. 2. • Sales Brief:• A client requires a new website where it can sell mobile phone software applications.• Clarify with the sales team and client exactly what is required and ask the client to sign off the agreed final objectives.
  3. 3. • Agree with client the date for website to go live.• The budget and target date for completion will set the constraints on what is viable to be produced.• The key to a successful project is in the planning.
  4. 4. Planning the websiteDiscuss with web designers what isviable for the website with the targetdate and budget. Schedule for any specialised programming, development or website design features that may be needed. Confirm with the client the initial website look (changes to the look may be made later). Confirm website checkout and payment system. Project production planning: Set targets, tasks, budget allocation and time schedule.
  5. 5. • All processes and tasks prepared in the planning phase are put into action.• A key task of the project manager is to monitor the schedule of the project(s). And make sure everything is running as smoothly as possible.
  6. 6. • During the course of the project issues may and probably will arise. Before the project starts the project manager should list any critical risks and the possible solutions to these risks.• E.g. An in house web designer may go off sick for a week. A solution to this could be to ask another in house web designer to cover some of the work. Also the possibility of working extra hours may be required and even working at the weekend if the stand in designer agrees to this.
  7. 7. • Developing a large contact network on the website linkedIn can be highly advantageous. It can provide backup and trustworthy freelancers if required and also a very large access to information. Such as being able to ask questions about website development and resolving issues. Also it can bring in further networking contacts and digital solutions.
  8. 8. • As long as all goes well. All objectives will be achieved. All processes will be closed down and the project officially signed off. The website will be made ready to go live at the set date.• The client may require continued support for the website. This will be arranged at the clients request or upon further discussion.
  9. 9. Monitoring of Implementation / project. Change Sales Brief control issues. Production CommunicationsConfirm and sign Testing and between all parties off objectives assurance involved. Planning Development Closure
  10. 10. Process Groups or PhasesBriefing /Initiation Planning Implementation Monitoring Completion / Closure