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TRENT ARCP Presentation
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TRENT ARCP Presentation


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Published in: Education

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  • 2. HOW TO USE THIS PRESENTATIONAdditional information is available on the slide when you see thissign. Click on the sign with your mouse and the information willappear, a further mouse click will remove the information. Slides can be advanced by clicking on the forward arrow. By clicking on the return arrow, you can go back to the previous slide.Ensure the sound card is activated on the computer and turn thevolume to maximum. The narration is present on a slide whenyou see this sign
  • 3. IMPORTANT QUESTIONS This is your annual review As a of competence Foundation Trainee progression. All trainees you need to ensure your e-• What is an ARCP? portfolio is up toprocess undertake this date and that you have a month of after each 12 full set training period. Your evidence to demonstrate The outcomes differ progress is reviewed you have met the• What do I need to do? through your those between electronic requirements of the undertaking the process evidence by a panel of programme. As a during the FY1 year and minimum you Training Foundation must have Programme Directorsthe those undertaking and achieved all of the process during If your a lay person. the FY2• What outcomes may I receive? requirements indicated in year. These outcomes are the Foundationbeen progress has School satisfactory later Your e- explained and youthis Sign off policy. in have presentation. achieved all the portfolio must be up to requirements ( timeyour date by the date of and Foundation Year 1 Trainees competence)which will be ARCP panel for that year of foundationby your FTPD given to you training you will be able to move to the Foundation Year 2 Trainees next stage of your training.
  • 4. FOUNDATION YEAR 1 TRAINEES ARCP OUTCOMES Inadequate progress: additional training time required:• This outcome is used whenpresented – additional training time may be required level of Incomplete evidence the FY1 trainee has not reached and maintained the• There are 4 outcomes that a FY1 trainee may competence required or Released from trainingtime in the programme, to in the F1 Sign When an e-Portfolio doescompleted adequate programme: as set down move to full not contain all the required of F1 Satisfactory completion evidence• • receive after an ARCP panel reviews their e- registration with thepaneluse this outcomeafor outcome 3to reachrecorded on the ARCP Off This outcome is rare, but assign a traineetrainee fails 5. be doctors who meet the • Policy, the ARCP GMC.will will occurfor the those foundation and maintain the The F1 ARCP panel will The reason if an outcome will form panel National acompetence after two full years at FY1the e-portfolio and associated Therequired level ofcodes. deadline forof F1. requirements for satisfactory completion completion of level. using will set revised•• portfolio. Click on each number to understand The Other reasons that be aware through meetings with their educationalprogrammetheir evidence. will already may lead to aapply forbeing dismissed from a supervisor and • trainee These doctors are then eligible to trainee a Certificate of Experience from• FTPD the revisedthe outcome evidence will receive.GMC e-portfolio an outcome 1 will If on that this is deadline full thatcriminal submitted in the include University and all or they is with the graduatingserious misconductregistration activity.• more about the outcomes: Therecorded alongside the outcome 5 in the e-portfolio. a further one complete year of be Foundation School will offer trainees in this position• FY1 training. If on the revised deadline the evidence is not submitted, the trainee will be invited to• The individual if subsequently successful in gaining all FY1 competencies further 1 year of interview by the Associate Foundation School Director who may offer a will move to FY2 in the August of the following year. training at the FY1 level. Training beyond 2 full time years at FY1 level will not be offered.• An extension beyond one year will not be offered.
  • 5. EVIDENCE FOR FY1 SIGN OFFThe following evidence, as a minimum isrequired for sign off: CompletionRecord12Summative Assessments: of of months F1 training Recordof Attendance at Teaching: • Satisfactory Educational of the Formative Assessments: programme completion Supervisors reports Record of F1 generic foundation skills • Record of the requiredengagement in quality review: Events 2) Completion oftraining day number of Supervised Learning formative of year report assessments • 2x educational supervisor end of placement reports (posts 1 and Simulation Record of Completion of 12 months F1 training: • 1x educational9 e-learningend Safe prescribing direct observation of doctor/patient interactions (i.e. Minimum of supervisor Module •• Clinical Supervisors ende-learning 6 must be School end of placement surveys • Safe of of Insulin of in all Foundation for Evidence useparticipation at least Module Mini CEX Record permitted absence from foundationeach of thehospital teaching ofofsummative assessments 3 posts. Mini CEX or DOPS) – placement report The maximumof 70% attendance at training, other than annual leave, during • Satisfactory completion of: (x3 per year) • Minimum 6 Case Based discussions Minimum generic • sessions. of completion of theThis period includes absences due to sick , Evidence year of four weeks. GMCClinical Teacher survey the FY1 is • 2 Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) trainee Minimum 1 Developing the annual rounds • Attendance atcore procedures maternity leave. valid GMC mandated teaching compassionate, carers and A • 15Immediate Life Support (or equivalent) certificate Record of engagement in quality review Click on Icon for sign off checklist
  • 6. • Include an easy to follow index in your personal library for the ARCP panel.
  • 7. FOUNDATION YEAR 2 TRAINEES ARCP OUTCOMES Inadequate progress: additional training time required: • This outcome is used when the FY2 trainee has not reached and maintained the level of Incomplete evidence presented – additional training time may be required There are 5 outcomes that a FY2 trainee may • competence required ornot contain all adequate time in the set out in the F2 Sign When an e-Portfolio does completed the required evidence as programme to be Recommendation for the award of the Foundation Achievement of Competence Off Policy, the for the award of thefrom training programme: Released a trainee an outcome 5. receive after an ARCP panel reviews their e- recommendedARCP panel will out ofFoundation Achievement of Competence Document. Time assign Foundation Programme: • traineewill set revised willthrough completion of thereach and maintain the and Document: • TheThis outcome isarare, but deadline for meetings with their educationaland associated panel will already be aware occur if a trainee fails to e-portfolio supervisor FTPD that this is the outcome that they will receive. The level. evidence. level of competence after two full years at FY2 However, the panel will be required portfolio. Click on each number to understandIt is unusual for foundation doctors to take a career break.reason for outcome 3 should • Other reasons that theFollowing consideration of may foundation trainee being dismissed from awill recommend doctor’s e-Portfolio, the panel programme • recorded on the ARCP formall leadnational codes. indicating what they are doing 1 of If on the revised deadline using to a doctorreceive documentation from theevidence is submitted in the e-portfolio an outcomeoutwill foundation more about the outcomes:the award of serious misconduct or criminal activity. has met all of the requirements for the FACD if the Foundation Doctor • Theinclude their expected offer of 5 in the this positionprogramme andalongside the outcome return.ine-portfolio. a further one complete year of be recorded Foundation School will date traineessatisfactory completion of F2. The Foundation School will issue the FY2 trainee with a • FY2 training. If on the revised deadline the evidence is not submitted, the trainee will be invited tocertificate of FACD upon receipt of Form R which must be completed by all FY2 trainees. • The individual if subsequently successful in gaining all FY2 competencies further eligible of interview by the Associate Foundation School Director who may offer a will be 1 year to apply for specialty training FY2 in beyond 2recruitment round. level will not be offered. training at the FY2 level. Training the next full time years at FY2 • An extension beyond one year will not be offered.
  • 8. EVIDENCE FOR FY2 SIGN OFFThe following evidence, as a minimum isrequired for sign off: CompletionRecord12SummativeinAssessments: e-learning module ofofof Formative Assessments: training day of months Psychiatry Record of Attendance at Teaching: • Satisfactory completion engagement  Record of the F2 Record  F2 training quality review: • Satisfactory Educational Supervisors reports Public health •• Record ofhaving managed, analysed  F2 training:cessation e-learning Completion of formative assessments at least 1 quality Evidence of the required number Supervised Learning Events and presented generic educational skills programmeofplacement reports (posts 1 and 2) • 2x foundation supervisor of 12 months Smoking Completion end of • Minimum of 9 direct observation of module patient care.  Advanced Life and used with improvement projectSupport – the results todoctor/patient interactions (i.e. improve • 1x educational supervisor end of year report • Evidence CEX or DOPS) – at least 6 must Minimum end of placement surveys Clinical Supervisors end of placement •report other than the attendance at Mini of participation in all Foundation Mini CEX be School of annual leave, •The maximum permitted absence from training,for each of 70%3 posts. during valid certificate Record oftraining day discussions (x3 per year) ofsummative assessments hospital teaching • the FY2 year is four weeks.  Minimum 6 Case Based Simulation foundation generic • Satisfactory completion of: This period includes absences due to sick , • Evidence of completion of the GMC annualTeacher survey • Minimum ofe-learning moduleClinical maternity  Alcohol IBA 1 Developing the trainee sessions. • Attendance at of the F2 destination survey. Evidence of completion teaching • 2 Team Assessment of Behaviour (TAB) rounds leave. compassionate, carers and  Child • Evidenceprotection out procedures required by GMC of carrying e-learning module Record of engagement in quality review  Consent e-learning module Click on Icon for sign off checklist
  • 9. • Include an easy to follow index in your personal library for the ARCP panel.
  • 10. FORM R• All FY2 trainees are required to complete the Form R at the end of their FY2 year.• This form is the first step in the process of revalidation.• All specialty trainees are required to update and sign a Form R at the completion of each ARCP cycle.• The Form will be available on the UKFPO website, our VLE and it is hoped on your e-portfolio.• Your FACD certificate will only be issued by the school once we have received your Form R.
  • 11. We hope that you have found this presentationhelpful. If it has raised any questions or concernsplease contact your Educational Supervisor, yourFoundation Training Programme Director or theFoundation School who will endeavour to answeryour questions and allay your concerns. Dr Bridget Langham Director of Foundation Training for the East Midlands