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Preview of the Van Derlip Application that I submitted. I went on to receive the grant on the day of my graduation. A portion of the application has been left out due to a NDA.

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Van Derlip Application Preview

  1. 1. CHRIS Havranek Van Derlip Grant Travel Plans // Creating Context // TRU2U
  2. 2. My Plans for the Van Derlip Since coming to MCAD, to one that helps improve living I’ve developed my need to travel conditions and the rest of the and witness completely differ- Earth. Switzerland has been the ent cultures first hand. I grew leading country in eco-friendly up watching Discovery Channel initiatives: alternative energy, and PBS dreaming of actually improved public transportation journeying to those faraway and many other innovations worlds. At MCAD I had the have all been top priority. On opportunity to leave the country top of this, the Swiss have digital for the first time. I was lucky marketing agencies that have enough to be able to study been producing top-level work. abroad at Temple University in I want to spend time in Switzer- Tokyo, Japan. land experiencing a new culture Photo by Emily Tetens It was an amazing experi- and just as importantly, learning ence that ignited my passion for skills that I can take back home. traveling. Shortly after returning Documenting my journey and home, I was already dreaming bringing back what I’ve learned of going abroad again. Because I to MCAD would be an honor. have already lived in Japan, and The Bachelor of Science program want to get as much of a global is moving towards a much more perspective as possible, I began global perspective making this to research other locations. even more beneficial to the pro- Numerous weeks of research gram and the school as a whole. lead me to Switzerland where My next steps include: I’m now focusing my attention. contacting the Swiss embassy I have setup a savings account in Minneapolis, researching dedicated to my plan of living potential employers and raising abroad in 2011. I will teach enough funds. This is where the English part time to pay the bills Van Derlip grant will be criti- and freelance PR or marketing cal to this endeavor. This grant to continue learning. would be a generous investment Since joining the MCAD in me, but it’ll be returned ten community, I’ve become much fold in what I’ll bring back to Left more environmentally conscious, MCAD. Photo by Chris Havranek Ghibli Museum Garden narrowing down my career path Tokyo, Japan
  3. 3. ` Creating Context Exhibition Last spring the Creating involved with large-scale class Right Photo by Chris Havranek Context exhibition was the most projects, but this undertaking Process Wall anticipated project I had ever was on a whole new level. I did Below The process book was featured for taken on. I still consider it one not have a professor checking to all to see. Attendees could see how of the most pivotal points for make sure I was keeping on task, everything came together me while attending MCAD. The class lectures to draw knowledge Bachelor of Science program was from or a classroom full of peers celebrating it’s tenth anniversary to critique how I was mov- and I wanted to be apart of tell- ing forward. Jerry Allen was in ing it’s story. MCAD had done charge of my internship, but he a great service to me in the short did an excellent job on letting amount of time I had been at- the students run with this one. tending, and now it was my turn Even though I had only been to begin to give back. in MCAD for a seemingly brief For me, the Bachelor period, I felt confident enough of Science program helped me in what I had learned to apply it grow more than any other school to real world application. Rather I’ve attended. It was a whole than waiting to graduate to ap- new way of learning and it gave ply my newly acquired skill sets, me back that drive to continu- I decided to dive in immediately. ously push myself further. I had Not only that, but I wanted to been limited to very traditional do so in a way that I could give classroom settings in the past, back to MCAD. significantly stifling my learn- ing process. Prior to MCAD I was given an assignment and told exactly how to do it. While at MCAD I was given an as- signment and a blank slate. I began to look for new outlets of creativity, which I hadn’t been able to truly do in my previous schools. Before the planning stag- es of the exhibition, I had been
  4. 4. ` ` My Role: In the end we ended up with an exhibition that I After reviewing our budget, we discovered we did not have was proud to be involved with. enough for catering, so rather Event Coordinator Everyone attending had a chance to see the past, present and a than giving up we realized we had several more than adequate glimpse into the future of the chefs in our team and catered Bachelor of Science program. the event on our own. We Lester Shen, two alumni (Steven learned a lot about ourselves and Candy and Shanita John) and the amount of work it takes to Jerry Allen all did a fantastic job put on an event such as the Cre- Being the lead event the coming months. I regularly in telling the story of the pro- ating Context exhibition; best of coordinator was not a com- met with Kristen Anhorn and gram. Getting funding can be all was seeing it come to life and pletely new task for me. I ran the Jerry Allen to make sure that the one of the hardest portions, but knowing we were all apart of it. Bachelor of Science Welcome aesthetic was satisfactory, but for you learn ways to move forward. Photo by Chris Havranek Freshman event in the fall with the most part we were left to our success, but Creating Context own interpretations and deci- was going to be a much more sions. Come December, Jamie’s in depth endeavor. This time I group presented a well planned would need a team that not only out strategy for what the next knew how to get the job done, phase of planning should be. but also one that worked well The spring was by far the together. The fall semester was busiest portion for all of us. I spent strategizing and planning switched roles to become more for the final event. The spring of a project manager alongside semester was all about ironing Jamie. This change allowed me out the details and the execution to take on more tangible tasks. I of all of our planning. I was for- managed the catering, organized tunate enough to have a group the guest speakers and presented from the Visualization Studio what was necessary to get the class help me tackle this exhibi- funding we needed. I felt much tion with a few others joining more comfortable during this on in the spring to complete the stage of the planning because I various tasks. was working alongside a team In the fall, I took the role rather than over them. I was as a client more than a project directly involved with the execu- manager. Jamie Otto’s Visualiza- tion phase, getting things done tion Studio group was in charge and watching it come together as of planning the specifics. I came a team. to Jamie’s group with the exhibi- tion’s intended goals and what I needed them to help me with. Everything from budget, cura- tion, and conveying the ethnog- raphy of the Bachelor of Science program would be dealt with in
  5. 5. ` ` What I loved What I didn’t All projects worth doing they had a concern. I do not Left Photo by Chris Havranek have pros and cons, this one was think we could have gotten Work from Kevin Byrne not an exception. The fact that I nearly as much done without was a fellow student and a client that. helped on numerous levels, but We were all students also hindered us at times. Seeing working directly with the the inner workings of MCAD is school’s faculty, staff and ad- something most students who ministration. It is not common come through do not often get to see the long hours and sleep- to see. Witnessing first hand that less nights that they endure to MCAD does not just happen, keep pushing MCAD to further there are a lot of people involved itself as a school. It was inspiring in making this school what it is. to say the least to see so many On the other hand, you also see people work towards something the ugly side of any institution: they believe in and I hope I can politics, grudges and personal come back to MCAD one day to agendas. do the same. With this unique Being a student and a inside view, also came the client was not easy for me at politics and grudges that develop the beginning. I struggled with over time. From what we saw the keeping the balance between positive much outweighed the being a professional client and negative, but it was still disheart- being a friend. Giving critical ening at times. feedback on ideas or deliver- Like I said, anything ables that were off track was not worth doing has its ups and the easiest, but over time this downs, but I’d recommend any- became less of a problem. One one who wants to give back to of the benefits of being a stu- MCAD to take on similar proj- dent was the close proximity; it ects that share a common goal was beneficial when it came to of improving MCAD without communicating with the team. hesitation. Rather than waiting for an email to possibly be responded to, my team could simply ask to meet in an hour or call me whenever
  6. 6. ` ` CREATING How Creating Context Helped Me CONTEXT The Creating Context to another continent, I would Left Posters were hung weeks early to exhibition was an experience I’ll love to see as many unique per- advertise the exhibition. Designed by never forget, both working to spectives and environments as Design Works. LOOKING BACK ON 10 YEARS put it together and seeing the pieces showcased was extremely possible. After I graduate, I am OF THE BACHELOR OF SCIENCE memorable for me. Even though I had already filled out and sub- going to spend my time learning how best to tell someone’s story PROGRAM AND LOOKING mitted my application to study abroad next fall, it reaffirmed and design it in a way that not only involves the audience, but FORWARD TO THE FUTURE. my decision. Seeing the work that came out of the Bachelor of also engages them. Whether its online, offline, with a brand or Science program from all types an idea I want to be involved on of backgrounds and histories was the experience design and story all I needed. I’ve always been a telling side. Creating Context firm believer in learning from as was all of the above and more. OPENING RECEPTION many places, people and tech- niques as possible. Some might consider it a stretch, since most Now I want to take the funda- mental principles I have learned at MCAD even further, apply- MARCH 26, 6PM of the participants were only from states away rather than countries, but I still saw the ing them to my life long career goals. importance in having a diversity of experiences. SHOW RUNS MARCH 26–APRIL 5, 2009 A combination of this whole experience and study- ing abroad in Tokyo made me MCAD GALLERY 148 decide to put my effort, money and time into traveling and seeing new things as much and often as possible. I do not want a fancy car or big house, but trav- eling will be key when looking back on my life and considering it successful. Even if my travels BACHELOR OF SCIENCE: VISUALIZATION are not always as grand as going