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Advanced portfolio evaluation
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Advanced portfolio evaluation


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  • 1. Advanced Portfolio Evaluation
    “City Life”
  • 2. Typical Conventions of Music Videos
    The conventions of a music video vary depending on genre of music.
    The artist is shown performing
    The lyrics of the song influence what is shown in the video
    The pace of editing fits the pace of the music
    Codes of dress reflect the mood of the song.
  • 3. Typical Conventions of CD Covers
    A simplistic colour scheme
    Simplistic Design
    Few or No Characters
    Use of a different colour for the band name compared to the rest of the CD
    Hidden Meanings
    A title explaining what the album will be about
    Bold Simple fonts for the band name
    Similar or Entirely different font for the album title.
  • 4. Typical Conventions of a Magazine Advert
    An Image which connects the advert to the CD cover and/or the music video
    Information about the release of the CD often written in bold
    A continual font with exception of the Band Name
  • 5. Typical Conventions of Music Videos Similar to ours – Acoustic Indie
    Acoustic Instruments played by the artist are often used to show the genre.
    Examples of these are: Jason Mraz – “Im Yours” and James Morrison – “You Give Me Something.”
  • 6. Typical Conventions - Continued
    Artist is main focus with other characters as part of the artist journey/lyrics - usually set throughout a city – natural lighting
    Editing is usually slow and soft cuts between each shots are used
    Cinematography is usually steady cam with close ups, long shots, high/low angles and panning shots.
  • 7. Typical Conventions of CD Covers Similar to ours – Acoustic Indie
    Soft Lighting
    Main Focus is artist
    Often use anime
    Title represents the theme throughout the album
  • 8. Typical Conventions of Magazine Adverts – Acoustic Indie.
    Soft Lighting
    Artist is main focus
    Metaphors often used to show the artist(s)
  • 9. How the conventions are challenged/kept to in our music video
    Acoustic Indie genre is crossed with the sport of Parkour which has been used in fast pace dance music videos
    The artist isn’t playing an acoustic instrument during the video
    The video follows a journey and a story of a subliminal relationship between the artist and one of the Parkour artists.
  • 10. Editing
    Transitions between each scene is soft by using a cross fade which links each scene into each other and takes away the harshness of straight cuts
    All the Parkour scenes are slowed down to between 30-60% to create more of an arty appearance
  • 11. Mise En Scene
    The setting is through the city centre of Birmingham where the Parkour artists perform
    The setting where the artist is not part of the city but they are the main focus of their scenes
    The costume of the artist is modern and fashionable link in with the genre of the song.
    Costume of the Parkour artists is relaxed casual
    Lighting is natural to tie in with the lyrics of the song and also to show the journey throughout the video.
  • 12. Cinematography
    The camera work is a mix of all types of angles, movements and is all done by a camera on a tripod to keep the camera steady throughout to keep the camera movements more steady
    Handheld cameras where used to do some low angle shots to be able to capture a more effective movement of the Parkour artist.