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Social media channel presentation you tube
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Social media channel presentation you tube


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This is a slideshow focusin

This is a slideshow focusin

Published in: Education, Technology, Business

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Social Media Channel Presentation
      Presented by:
      Chris Green
    • 2. Who is YouTube’s Target Market?
      According to one source from Quantcast, % ratio is split evenly between males and females (September 2011)
      Quantcast also found that the highest % of users were those aged 18-34 and Caucasians lead in usage at 65%
      Compare this to data from Nielsen on YouTube’s user profile from 2007, and for those aged 18-34 it was 21% of users on the online video site
    • 3. Pros
      Can see video stats
      Date of video referrals are shown
      Strong visual medium to work with (TV of the Internet)
      Largest viewership of online videos
      2nd largest search engine (owned by Google)
      Easy to share videos
      Free hosting
      Embedding options
      Resolution choice
    • 4. Cons
      Unwanted competitor ads showing up
      Upload time is only 15 minutes
      Streaming can become inconsistent
      No guarantee about videos showing up in the business’s domain name on Google Search
      Account shutdowns
      No choice in thumbnail pic (unless a partner)
      Slow playback during peak traffic
      It is the 3rd most blocked website that businesses restrict
    • 5. Successes
      Home Depot
      University of Phoenix
      These brands understand that the social channel has the ability to connect with others on an emotional level
    • 6. Failures
      You guessed it: not making any videos!
      Making only a single video
      Emphasis on equipment over content
      Length (video is too long, so long!)
      Ignoring your community
      Plenty of more sources of failures other than these
    • 7. Case Study Failure
      Low amount of video uploads
      Low amount of followers (for size of the company)
      Lack of engagement with community
      Two channels of Amazon:
      InsideAmazon and Amazon
    • 8. Trends
      YouTube now allows people to rent out movies (
      Music is the most popular item of interest
      Non-profits (CitizenTube)
      Video Contests (advertisers are all over this-Doritos Make Your Own Ad)
      Business-centered video sites are beginning to emerge
    • 9. Trends Continued
      Key word research
      Direct customer insights to create videos (ex//IKEA 3D Showroom)
      Traditional, industrial companies are beginning to take the video route
      Negative Trend:
      • Many companies are using YouTube as a short-term quick fix
    • Trends (cont’d)
      Days of the week where linking and embedding videos are most frequent
    • 10. Additional Topics
      Mobile Marketing and Video
      Citizen Journalism
      Relationship Marketing
    • 11. End of Presentation
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