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Social Media for Your New Business
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Social Media for Your New Business


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Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Social Media for Your NewBusinessBy Chris Goulet@chrisgoulet
  • 2. I’m Social Media Strategist atSuperMedia &
  • 3. Social sites we use at SuperMedia
  • 4. So, where do you start withsocial?Getting started…
  • 5. Set up a list of keywords (your product names, yourcategories or business and your competitors)Search those keywords on each social networkRead the conversations about those keywords—ifthey existLook for the opportunity to join those conversationsLook for people who LOVE talking about thosekeywordsStart by listening
  • 6. Who are the influencers?
  • 7. Who are the influencers?
  • 8. What are they saying? And Where?
  • 9. EngagementNext up…
  • 10. Now, choose your networks
  • 11. Follow your influencers
  • 12. Interact with influencers
  • 13. To meet people who may be interested in yourproductTo introduce your product to users who have neverheard of itFor improved brand or product awarenessTo generate buzz, press or conversation actions(downloads, clicks, sales etc.)To leverage others’ influence or followingWhy interact?
  • 14. Be responsiveBe politeSay “Thank you” oftenDon’t start conversations you don’t plan on finishingDon’t over-promoteIntroduce yourself when joining others’ conversationsBonus: Using mobile apps improves responsivenessSocial network etiquette
  • 15. #hashtag – used to thread conversations together@mention – used to mention someone directlyDM – direct message (private message)Tagging – post w/ at mentions to connect a user withcontent postedUsername or handle or “at” handle – your name onsocial networking sitesKlout score – influence measurementSocial network terminology
  • 16. Monitor your conversationsNext up…
  • 17. Notifications are your friends
  • 18. Using mobile apps to monitor
  • 19. Building your audienceNext up…
  • 20. Use your selected social networks to tell your storyCreate different types of media based on the networkyou’re sharing toBe authenticTell us why you’re different, better or why we shouldcareShare your message
  • 21. Add social sharing functions to your web sites, appsand your contentCreate profiles on directory sites like Google+Local, Yelp, and (of course)Ask your audience for feedback and reviews on thesites mentioned aboveRe-share the reviews and stories your customers arepostingAllow others to share your message
  • 22. Use your social network sites to post information thatis useful to your audienceBecome a source for the latest information anddiscussion of your industry’s newsBe a connector – help colleagues or other vendors inyour industry find each otherYour secret weapon – the Zite app( an expert
  • 23. Questions? Ask me:@chrisgouletThanks for viewing!