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LifeDesk questions






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LifeDesk questions Presentation Transcript

  • 1. How can I edit the panels that display on this page? Why won’t this image update? -my images are all marked Draft
  • 2. My imported classification looks much different. How can I import authors?
  • 3.  
  • 4. What happens here? How can BHL participate?
  • 5. Should we have a Publication Type for ‘Protologue’ or ‘Original Description’? Could we assign Handles as citekey through PHP code include? What about fields for: OCLC # TL2 BPH Other
  • 6. If we had a ‘Protologue’ Publication Type, what would we need to customize in these inputs?
  • 7.
    • Want more granular pagination:
    • Start Page
    • End Page
    • Other Pages
    • Collation (autogen’d?)
  • 8. Things get really complicated, really quickly when we start getting into Alternate titles, monographic series, serial names changes, etc. How can BHL help provide authority here? Scientists struggle with correct way to cite materials. What resolver should BHL provide to auto-discover URL?
  • 9. How do I edit an image after upload???
  • 10. Any way to show which of these have associated media?
  • 11. I copied and pasted this from the OCR on the page. How can we automate this, or at least provide tools to help others do the same? What resolver should BHL provide to auto-discover URL?
  • 12. Why? And how can I fix? Could we include protologue here?
  • 13. Could I embed code to a Google Map? Can I sort these? Any way to prioritize the protologue? How can I minimize the Citation section? I need it, just want it smaller. “References” and “Citation” mean similar things and giving them equal visual weight frightens and confuses me.
  • 14. What if I want to include reference to a higher taxon, like a field guide to all Passifloraceae. It’s relevant for every species in my LifeDesk.
  • 15. MARC?
  • 16. No media link? Because in draft?
  • 17. Easy! Hard, not sure I did it right, obviously.
  • 18. Really? TDWG’s TCS? Any mods to schema?
  • 19. Are there ‘standard’ alt classifications you could include, like APG, phylocode?