Lead Nurturing. Chris Fousek 12th Digital Dealer Conference


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Chris Fousek's presentation on Lead Nurturing at the 12th Digital Dealer Conference.

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Lead Nurturing. Chris Fousek 12th Digital Dealer Conference

  1. 1. •What, why & how•Management•Performance Chris Fousek E Commerce Director Cadillac Village of Norwood
  2. 2. The Showroom The Sales Process
  3. 3. Showroom’s are changing.Is the sales process?
  4. 4. Research Ownership *Google Automotive ZMOT Video
  5. 5. Bringing your leads to Life
  6. 6. Researching Like Never Before•Beginning more than 1 year out• Peaking 2-3 months out• Researching twice as many sources than any other item Source: 2011 Google Automotive Shopping Behavior Study
  7. 7. Follow up nowTop performers Source: Cobalt 2011 Automotive eShopper Experience
  8. 8. “80% of all leads are squandered.” Dr Flint McLaughlin Marketingexperiments.com
  9. 9. Cobalt 2011Automotive eShopper Experience•4,400 DealersAcross 30 Major BrandsSix Consumer Journey Roadblocks Found
  10. 10. •2 out of 10 Car Shoppers Never Received A Response•2 out of 3 Car Shoppers Weren’t Invited To Test Drive•75% of Shoppers Never Received A Price Quote•18% of Dealers Answered “Why This Vehicle?”•22% of Dealers Answered “Why My Store?”•60% of Dealers Never Completed The “Click & Call”
  11. 11. •Not answering leads •Ignoring questions •Neglecting benefits of ownership •Performing little or no follow up•Rarely combining calls with emails #FAIL
  12. 12. “You can achieve major ROI gains in a short time by optimizing a few key aspects of your Lead Management Process.” Dr. Flint McLaughlin CEO Mecca Labs
  13. 13. Sale Visit ProspectLead
  14. 14. The Million Dollar Hole •Your Foundation •Your 1st Impression •Your Process
  15. 15. Always Be Closing
  16. 16. Always Be Closing Relevant
  17. 17. Relevance = Timing, Segmentation & Content• Optimize your emails•Email can drive your best traffic• Email with multiple relevant links perform best• Content, Inventory, Promotions, Specials,Video & Comparisons•“The most important email is the one that I amwaiting for.”Dan Zarrella, Hubspot – “The Science of Email Marketing”
  18. 18. This Leaks Invert it *Marketingexperiments.com
  19. 19. Email / Engage Landing Page / Convert Source: Marketingexperiments.com
  20. 20. Think T.O.•Relevance•Timing•Value•CTA Take Ownership
  21. 21. 1. Opportunities2. Engagement3. Conversion4. Benchmarks
  22. 22. • Opportunities• Appointments to Opportunities• Opportunities to Visits• Appointments Show Rate• Appointment Close Rate
  23. 23. • Engagement• Delivery Rate• Open Rate• Click Rate• Clicks To Opens• Response Rate• Unsubscribe Rate• Bounce Rate• Activity & Events
  24. 24. • Conversion• Clicks• Goals• Events• Landing Page• Sales
  25. 25. Experiment & Test “Marketing isn’t magic. There is a science to it.” Dan Zarrella, Social Media Scientist @ Hubspot
  26. 26. •ZMOT•Google Automotive Shopper Behavior Study•Cobalt eShopper Experience Study•iPerceptions Automotive Industry Report•Maerketingsherpa.com•Marketingexperiments.com•Mecca Labs•Hubspot•Dan Zarrella Chris Fousek E Commerce Director Cadillac Village of Norwood
  27. 27. Chris FousekE Commerce DirectorCadillac Village of NorwoodVillage Automotive Groupcfousek@villageautomotive.comLinkedinwww.linkedin.com/chrisfousekTwitter@cfousek@CadillacNorwoodwww.slideshare.net/chrisfousek