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Agoria E Health Congress Brussels 261109
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Agoria E Health Congress Brussels 261109


Presentation of NVEH/Flim P&C on Dutch viewpoint and status of eHealth and Telemedicine.

Presentation of NVEH/Flim P&C on Dutch viewpoint and status of eHealth and Telemedicine.

Published in Health & Medicine
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  • 1. eHealth & Telemedicine
    Towards personalized health & healthcare
    eHealth Congress Brussels
    Chris Flim
    26 november2009
  • 2. Short introduction CF / NVEH
    NVEH vision on eHealth & Telemedicine
    Drivers & Barriers in the Netherlands
  • 3.
    • 10 years Telecom & Media; KPN & Capgemini
    • 4. 2,5 years Doctors federation KNMG – MT member - CIO
    • 5. 2006: Flim Projectmanagement & Consultancy
    • 6. eHealthProjects, international, national, regional
    a. o.
    • @Nictiz (Telehealth, e-Patient services, International)
    @ Regions & Institutes: Patient portals, personalhealth records, Telemedicine
    • @Europe: eHealthStrategies, Good eHealth,
    SustainableTelemedicine, AmbientAssisted Living
    Chris Flim – Flim P&C
  • 7. NVEH, the Dutch Association of eHealth, is the main association for e-Health and telemedicine in the Netherlands. Quality in care is central to its mission.
    NVEH was established in February 2005 by doctors.
    From 2008 onwards membership is open for anyone involved in eHealth.
    NVEH represents the Netherlands at the European level in the International Society for Telemedicine & eHealth (ISfTeH).
    The Journal of Telemedicine & Telecare is the official Journal of the Dutch Association of eHealth.
  • 8. De NVEH defines eHealth as:
    The innovative use of ICT, especially Internet, to support and improve health and healthcare.
    In our definition Telehealth, Telemedicine, Telecare, Remote Patient Monitoring etcetera all fall under this eHealth definition.
    For NVEH the quality of care is the main focus area regarding eHealth.eHealth as interpreted by NVEH especially stands for ‘empowerment'. Empowerment of the patient, but also citizens of the caregivers.
    eHealth is primarily about Health (supported by ICT where applicable)
  • 9. NVEH vision = EU eHealthvisionThanks to EU DG INFSO ICT for Health
  • 10. Challenges the Netherlands(and other Western worldcountries)
  • 11. Initial focus The Netherlands:EHR’s for healthcare providers
  • 12. New focus The Netherlands: Patient as partner in Care
  • 13. Connecting worlds is crucial
    Supply Driven
    Demand Driven
    e.g. PHR’s,
    social media)
    e.g. EHR’s, traditional media)
    Crucial: These worlds must connect seamless to have optimal results
    Hypothesis 1: This connection is not well established (yet).
    Hypothesis 2: Care providers should adapt to the needs of care consumers.
  • 14. Focus onTelemedicineEHTEL report basedon more than 25 country reports
  • 15. To be sustainable, telemedicine and telehealth should not be
    considered as separate from, but as an integral part of
    eHealth deployment and infrastructures.
    eHealth infrastructures will be the common platform for all digital services within healthcare.
    Key Success Factors
    Facilitating change for professionals and patients;
    Involving professionals and patients in eHealth through telemedicine;
    Establishing a culture of interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaboration;
    Making National strategies for sustainable telemedicine explicit;
    Establish a European support framework for sustainable telemedicine.
    Vision for Europe 2020 :Integrated Telemedicine Services
  • 16. The Netherlands:The Need for Telehealth in 2006
    Telemonitoring in the NetherlandsEmpirica / Flim P&C - 2006
  • 17. The Netherlands:The Status of Telehealth in 2006
    Telemonitoring in the NetherlandsEmpirica / Flim P&C - 2006
  • 18. The Netherlands:The Status of Telehealth in 2006
    Telemonitoring in the NetherlandsEmpirica / Flim P&C - 2006
  • 19. The Netherlands:The Status of Telehealth in 2009
    The Needs have grown, Awareness has grown
    & Therefore interest has grown
    Numerous reports on the Need for Innovation focusing on Telecare for elderly people and people with chronic diseases:
    (Patients Association, Nurses Association, Association for Long term Care providers, Knowledge Institutes, National Institute for ICT in Healthcare and even the National Court of Audit).
    Several Innovation programs:
    Social Sectors & ICT, Better Healthcare, Transition Programs, In for Care, Getting Better, Temporarily reimbursement schemes,…
    Important initiatives: Healthcare Innovation Platform & eHealth Now
  • 20. However ….The Walls of the Traditional System are still standing strong…
  • 21. www.ehealthnu.nl
    Translation by Google
  • 22. Traditional topdown organisation and supply oriented split between prevention, cure, care and wellness.
    Real Quality of Life requires new paradigms for healthcare provisioning!
    In other words: We need to
    “Tear down these Walls”Derived from quote Ronald Reagan – 12 june 1987
    FinalThoughts: PatientCentricity?
  • 23. “Our journey may be towards a common destination but we will all bring along different luggage. Denying this would be counter-productive. Without respect for our diversity, we will never build on our unity. I will always bear this principle in mind."
    Quote by First President of the European Council
    Chris Flim, Secretaris NVEH
    +31 6 141 338 23
    Yes We Can!* But keep in mind….
    *Quote by another US President