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A series of examples of Open Infrastructure projects, and a suggested Open Infrastructure landscape, originally posted as food for thought for an #Innochat discussion on Twitter, June 7, 2010

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Open Infrastructure

  1. 1. Open Infrastructure How “Open” do we want to be? Christian De Neef Fast Track Consulting – Brussels
  2. 2. What is O Open Infrastructure? f ? Physical infrastructure – from railways and telecommunications networks to scientific tooling and datacenters – being made available to Clients other than the Owners, mostly for a fee Examples of Open Infrastructure projects Open Infrastructure Landscape
  3. 3. Open Infrastructure Examples O f Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing (BOINC) • Apply unused CPU cycles on a computer to perform grid computing • Promotes scientific computing (Research) • CPU cycles are made available for free • Qualifying projects acquire CPU cycles for free (admin costs?) • Research projects must be accepted by BOINC • The iddl Th middleware that allows di t ib t d computing i non-commercial th t ll distributed ti is i l • Private initiative, owned by the University of California, Berkeley • Global (in theory), mostly North American usage (in practice)
  4. 4. Open Infrastructure Examples O f Uniform Interface to Computing Resources (UNICORE/OMII) • Share CPU cycles between supercomputers to perform grid computing • Promotes scientific computing (Research) • CPU cycles are made available against a standard fee • Initiated to enable German supercomputer centers to provide their users access to their heterogeneous computing resources • Both academic and commercial usage • The middleware is open source, standards based • Initially owned by German Ministry for Education & Research (BMBF), now belongs to the community (European funding) • Global (in theory), mostly European academic usage (in practice) • Specialized implementations, e.g. Evaluation & risk assessment of chemicals:
  5. 5. Open Infrastructure Examples O f Utah Telco Open Infrastructure Agency (UTOPIA) • Consortium of 16 cities engaged in providing fiber access to businesses • Promotes competition (against the incumbent service providers) • US$ 500M State financed (Rural Utilities Service programme) • Financing to be covered by subscriber revenue (via service providers) • Attracted 7 services providers (voice, data, video) • Local i L l investment, l t t local usage l
  6. 6. Open Infrastructure Examples O f Pilbara Railways • In Australia, large mining companies operate their own private railways • The railway systems have been "declared" for third party access • Promotes competition (avoids monopolistic behavior) • Access terms have to be negotiated with the infrastructure owners • Private initiative, under government regulation • No h d N shared ownership ,shared usage hi h d
  7. 7. Open Infrastructure Examples O f OCAS • Research centre for steel applications, based in Belgium • Promotes R&D partnerships (Research) • Joint venture between ArcelorMittal and the Flemish Region • Innovative product design, smart materials selection, prototyping, etc. • 40% state funded, 60% private funding • Financing t b covered b services revenue & spin-offs Fi i to be d by i i ff • Recent spin-offs include Elytra (2006), XcelCoat (2007), and borit (2009)
  8. 8. Open Infrastructure Landscape O f 3rd Party 3 dP t trol Cont Private Ownership Shared Ownership O hi Contr rol Private