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Joomla Day UK 2009 Menus Presentation
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Joomla Day UK 2009 Menus Presentation


Published on

Joomla menus presentation given at Joomla Day UK 2009 in Maidstone, Kent, UK.

Joomla menus presentation given at Joomla Day UK 2009 in Maidstone, Kent, UK.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. Joomla! Day UK 2009
  • 2. Joomla! Day UK 2009 Menus and how to make them look cool Providing a flexible platform for digital publishing and collaboration. Chris Davenport Joomla! Core Team
  • 3. Choosing a template Choose primarily for layout Menus can usually be customised
  • 4. All kinds of menus All menus are just HTML unordered lists
  • 5. Basic menu HTML
      • <ul>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/&quot;>Home/a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/joomla-overview&quot;>Joomla! Overview</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/joomla-license&quot;><span>Joomla! License</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/more-about-joomla&quot;>More about Joomla!</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/faq&quot;>FAQ</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/the-news&quot;>The News</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/web-links&quot;>Web Links</a></li>
      • <li><a href=&quot;/news-feeds&quot;>News Feeds</a></li>
      • </ul>
    Some tags and attributes stripped for clarity URLs shortened for clarity
  • 6. Basic CSS styling
    • Boxes:
      • margin, border, padding, width, height.
    • Colour:
      • color, background-color.
    • Text:
      • text-decoration, text-align, text-transform.
      • font-family, font-weight, font-size.
    Learn more:
  • 7. CSS Box Model Margin Padding Border Content box Bounding box
  • 8. Basic menu styling
      • <ul class=&quot;menu&quot;> { list-style: none; margin: 0; padding: 0; } Default Joomla menu class Corresponding class selector Don't need any of these styles if you used a CSS reset script
  • 9. Vertical menus
  • 10. Vertical menus
      • a {
      • display: block;
      • width: 200px;
      • }
    Gives all menu items a fixed width
  • 11. Horizontal menus
  • 12. Variable width horizontal
      • li {
      • display: inline;
      • }
  • 13. Fixed width horizontal
      • a {
      • display: block;
      • width: 8em;
      • text-align: center;
      • }
      • li { float: left; }
  • 14. Basic styling a { display: block; width: 8.5em; font-size: 2em; text-decoration: none; margin-top: 10px; padding: 5px 5px 5px 15px; color: #2b3d91; background-color: #f0f0f0; }
  • 15. Web developer toolbar
  • 16. Roll-over effects
    • link
    • visited
    • hover
    • active
    Reminder: The order of CSS pseudo-classes for link states is important. Mnemonic: “LoVe - HAte” Example a:link, a:visited { text-decoration: none; } a:hover { text-decoration: underline; }
  • 17. Roll-over effects: Example a:hover { color: white; background-color: blue; } a:link, a:visited { color: blue; background-color: white; } a:active { color: white; background-color: red; }
  • 18. Roll-over effects: Borders a:link, a:visited { padding: 0.2em 0.4em; border-left: 0.4em solid #2b3d91; color: #2b3d91; background: #f6f6ff; } a:hover { border-left: 0.4em solid #aea; color: white; background: #369; } a:active { border-left: 0.4em solid red; }
  • 19. Roll-over effects: submenus li ul { position: absolute; width: 300px; left: -999em; } li:hover ul { left: auto; margin-left: 352px; margin-top: -15px; } This shifts the sub-menu off the page This brings the sub-menu back onto the page Use margins to position the sub-menu
  • 20. Joomla menu CSS <ul class=&quot;menu&quot;> <li id=&quot;current&quot; class=&quot;active item1&quot;> <li class=&quot;parent item27&quot;> <li class=&quot;item2&quot;> Sample data: Home page This menu item has an ItemID of 1. There can be only one current menu item so it has an id of “current” This menu item is the parent of at least one sub-menu so it has a class of “parent”.
  • 21. Joomla menu CSS <ul class=&quot;menu&quot;> <li class=&quot;item1&quot;> <li class=&quot;parent active item27&quot;> <ul> <li id=&quot;current&quot; class=&quot;active item34&quot;> Sample data: What's New in 1.5? page There can be many active menu items so they have a class of “active”
  • 22. Joomla menu item states li#current a:link, li#current a:visited, a:link, a:visited { color: #f0f0f0; background: #2b3d91; border-left: 0.4em solid #fe3; } li#current a:hover, a:hover { border-left: 0.4em solid #aea; } Remember: there's only one current item But there can be more than one active item Sometimes you may need to change the hover colour for the current item
  • 23. Joomla menu CSS cascade /* Basic link styles - Joomla states */ li#current a:link, li#current a:visited, > a:link, > a:visited {} /* Basic menu styles */ {} /* Hover states */ a:hover, li#current a:hover, a:hover {} /* Suckerfish - Hide/show sub-menus */ li ul { position: absolute; left: -999em; } li:hover ul { left: auto; margin-left: 342px; margin-top: -44px; } /* Basic link styles */ a:link, a:visited {} /* Styles for parent menus */ li.parent {} /* Active states */ a:active, li#current a:active, a:active {}
  • 24. Background images a:link, a:visited { padding: 5px 5px 5px 25px; background: url(../images/arrow.png) no-repeat center left; } The path to the image is relative to the CSS file, not the template root Increase the left padding to allow room for the background image Use “center” to centre the image vertically
  • 25. Background images a:link, a:visited { margin-top: 10px; padding: 5px 5px 5px 25px; background: url(../images/button_0.png) no-repeat center left; color: white; } a:hover { background: url(../images/button_1.png) no-repeat center left; }
  • 26. Where to get button images
    • Use your favourite search engine to find others
  • 27. Joomla Menu Tag ID Module Manager -> Module: [Edit] <ul class=”menu” id=”main-menu”> Enter an id here and it will be added to the UL here Instead of, use ul#main-menu
  • 28. Joomla Menu Class Suffix <ul class=”menu-main-menu”> Module Manager -> Module: [Edit] Enter a suffix here and it will be added to the UL here
  • 29. Joomla Menu Class Suffix Tip: If you enter a Menu Class Suffix with a leading space, you will get separate CSS classes in the UL. Tip: You can have as many classes in the UL as you like. <ul class=”menu main-menu”> <ul class=”menu main left rounded”>
  • 30. Conclusion
    • Use a recipe to set the orientation of the menu.
      • Vertical, horizontal (fixed or variable).
    • Use a prototype stylesheet to ensure you get styles in the right order.
    • Use Web Developer Toolbar to save time.
    • Start by applying basic CSS styles.
    • Apply hover (and active) behaviour.
      • Decide if you are showing sub-menus on hover.
    • Apply Joomla state behaviour.
    • Have fun and let your creative juices flow!
  • 31. If you can't be bothered Check out the extensions site:
  • 32. Joomla menus Questions?
  • 33. Copyright and Licence Copyright © 2009 Chris Davenport This presentation is available for use under the Joomla! Electronic Documentation License