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Facebook of the Dead - The Future of Death

Facebook of the Dead - The Future of Death



Watch the keynote here: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2014/2/13/facebook-of-the-dead-the-keynote-video.html?SSScrollPosition=0 ...

Watch the keynote here: http://www.servicesphere.com/blog/2014/2/13/facebook-of-the-dead-the-keynote-video.html?SSScrollPosition=0

We are immortal! Each day we see our friends and family organically cease to function, whereas their digital footprint remains very active. As the first fully digitized species starts to retire or expire from corporate culture, how will we deal with their legacy data.
The Egyptian "Book of the Dead" circa 1550 BCE, chronicled the magic spells and rituals assisting the passage of the dead to another plane. Preservation, afterlife, and judgement are translated into an information rich culture of storage/security, access and algorithms.
In this age of information and ephemeral data, how do we protect, celebrate, and respect this transition?



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  • Book of the Dead Overview:Guide book for the dead , A book of spells to become immortality. Nearly 25K copies of the book of the dead have been found.Each book of the dead was for a single person. It’s roots were in two other “texts”, the Pyramid text and the Coffin text.These text were gathered and put into a single text of spells after1K years old of use, and became the book of the dead.
  • Democratization of the Book:It started with kings, then the rich, by the time of the "New kingdom" even the middle class had a copy.Each book would be constructed by a priest that would help pick which spells you would need in the afterlife.186 spells to choose from when having your book of the dead created.Chapter 6 was for you to take your own slaves to the after life so you wouldn't have to work.
  • Process of death an an Egyptian:Mummys were created because the soul could use the body to enjoy life after.The heart was the only organ left in the body.The ancient Egyptians did not think the brain was an essential organ.Amulets would be put on the body to help the body achieve an afterlife.After death you are faced with a series of challenges.Ritual of the “Opening of the Mouth”Goal to reach the “Field of Reeds” where you can live for eternity“Weighing of the Heart” ceremony allowed you to pass to the ”field of rides”Egyptians care more about their after life than life (Identity)The idea of dying without preparing could jeopardize eternal paradiseDeath was just step one
  • Book of Ani:One of the most famous book of the deads was the scoll of Ani or The Papyrus of Ani - 1250 BCEContains - 65 prayers and magic spells,150 illustrations and is 78 feet in lengthThe book of the dead is the first stage of human understanding of death, many religions of the world had their own interuptations of the death.Book of Ani is the most celebrated book of the dead and lives in the British Museum Would Ani have minded his life being made into the greatest historical document? Probably not, Ani, wished more Immortality more than anything.
  • Ultimately the book of the dead is a guide for the living.Guide for how one should live life on earth, moral and ethics to obtain an afterlife.
  • Today death is dualistically created by online and organic death.
  • Organic death
  • 3.9 billion people will die in your life time7 thousand will die in during this presentation
  • ORGANIC DEATH ARTIFACTSAnalog, records, letters, deeds, photos, recordings, processionsBiological, DNA, blood, cryogenics, hair and other organic matter.
  • In the past 30 years we have moved to a fully digitalized existence.DNA is part of a persons life, but their behavior is also part, and much behavior today is documented digitally.Social Media is the first place we are seeing new rituals for the Dead, Digital Death is a much different experience for the dead and the living.Scrapbooks, texts, journals, maps, records from previous generations are being replaced by digitized data.If DNA is the map to an organism, the digital exhaust of that organism is the compass.
  • 40 milliion people have died on facebook
  • Following the dead online.
  • GREAT SADDNESS AS MILLIONS CAN EXPIERENCE DEATH ONLINEThe death of Amanda Todd in Vancouver shook students, parents, schools and police. Dialogue occurred within communities about addressing bullying, social media safety all while content that this child left behind online was horribly used by users around the world, surfacing after being altered in Photoshop.
  • Being confused with the DEAD!
  • CHILLING LAST WORDS?Aurora Colorado Movie Shooting
  • The Incredible Story Of A Woman's Final Months Fighting Brain Cancer, Amanda
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  • The profound interaction at the digital level with the dead creates new rituals and evolves a new identity. "Therefore, the deceased’s online identity not only continues in the virtual space; it can also evolve and adapt as others continue to interact with the dead person’s profile,” - Michaelanne Dye
  • So what is identity in 2014, what is identity in 2020, 2025
  • Constructed from artifacts by historians, family or interested parties.
  • Liquid, constantly changing, and continues to evolve well after death.
  • Who are you?Social, Activity and Genetics all mix in the data pool that is the observed data version of you.
  • Beyond the social, health and DNA of you, you are also your interaction with the IOT2 billion objects in 2006 – 200 billion by 2020
  • Your data is also being built into new services.With each Sensor, Device, Application or Service, these are combined to create a platform for your life.
  • There are very few examples of progressive law or corporate policy on dealing with death and identity.
  • There are a few services that attempt to address your idenitity post organic life.DEATHSWITCH- kills off your accountsLIVES ON- continues to tweet as you using deep learning.TWEET AFTER – lists organic death dates and last postsVIDEO PLAY – SERVICE LAST WORD – Leave your last messages
  • Collective Consciousness: A Fun App to Explore ConsciousnessLet's explore an alternative view of the nature of reality and consciousness, and give the world a cool new technology!
  • Two of my favorite recourses
  • What does it mean to be human…I’d like to share with you my story
  • So I mapped my data existence.
  • Having a way to store and compute data was not giving me the easy at a glace I needed. I wanted to SEE the data, ALL the data.
  • What did I do? I ended up creating a maslowshyeracity of personal data.
  • ActivitySleep patternsMovementEnvironmental monitoring, Lighting, Ambient Sound, Temp, Humidity, Air Quantity
  • ANSESTORS:Nordic NOT IrishGENETICALLY:Elevated risk of thrombosisMelanomaHIV ResistantMICROBIOME:Microbes perform essential functions such as digesting food and synthesizing vitamins. Studies have also linked the microbiometo human mood and behavior, as well as many gut disorders, eczema, and chronic sinusitis.
  • Could we have a larger dead population on the internet than we do have living on earth?What are some best practices for preparing for your next life?
  • Be Aware of your exhaust
  • How do we create our MVH
  • DNA + Behavior + Deep learning = Immortality?
  • How do we create our MVH