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2011 march cloud computing atlanta
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2011 march cloud computing atlanta


Published on

Slides from my presentation to the Atlanta Cloud Computing Group. You really needed to be there to understand some of them ;)

Slides from my presentation to the Atlanta Cloud Computing Group. You really needed to be there to understand some of them ;)

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • 1. How the cloud is changing Startups and everyday developers
    March 2011 Cloud Computing Atlanta Meetup
    Chris Curtin
  • 2. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Get your Google Domain First
  • 3. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Stealth mode is stupid
  • 4. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    You don’t need a lot of upfront capital for equipment/hosting
    Use the free versions of IaaS/PaaS to get started
  • 5. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Website and UI are more critical today
    Investors know you aren’t spending all your money on hosting or building the backend!
  • 6. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Don’t give away Equity to the technology guys
    But, expect to pay them to build first version
    Bring them onboard once you have a few clients
  • 7. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Try to build it yourself
    Know any basic HTML?
    Groovy/Grails, Ruby/Rails is pretty straightforward to learn
  • 8. Non-programming Entrepreneurs
    Why? Because your first version is going to be wrong. Deal with it.
    Also, don’t assume you are building the next Facebook
  • 9. Programming Entrepreneurs
    See previous slides
  • 10. Programming Entrepreneurs
    Security is a big deal
    All the ‘usual’ concerns plus several new ones
  • 11. Programming Entrepreneurs
    Build it and show it off as quickly as possible
    ‘It isn’t ready yet’ is B.S. (assuming it does SOMETHING)
  • 12. Programming Entrepreneurs
    Expect (and encourage) Business/Product people to iterate fast
  • 13. Programming Entrepreneurs
    Don’t expect Equity initially
    But don’t work for free either
  • 14. Programming Non-Entrepreneurs
    Not everyone can/wants to take the risk
    So become an ISV
  • 15. Programming Non-Entrepreneurs
    Learn the technologies
    Offer services to your friends/contacts who aren’t in IT/Development
  • 16. Programming Non-Entrepreneurs
    Ask them what problem they want solved that is ‘too small’ for IT to tackle?
    Be flexible in payment terms, but expect 1099
  • 17. Programming Non-Entrepreneurs
    Most of the skills needed you already have
    Just learn how to use them in the Cloud IaaS/PaaS world
  • 18. Programming Non-Entrepreneurs
    Want to learn something new?
  • 19. General Business
    What are your company’s rules for ISVs, contractors?
    What are the compliance risks (not process risks, compliance = HIPPA, SARBOX etc.)?
  • 20. General Business
    Any tactical projects you could get done in a Cloud w/o compliance issues?
    What has IT said is ‘too small’ for them but you need?
  • 21. General Business
    Learn what “Cloud” really means so you don’t get ripped off
    Discussions should be around business issues/processes, not technology!
    Ask for IT’s help in determining scope and cost
  • 22. Corporate IT
    Deal with it!
    Embrace it!
  • 23. Corporate IT
    Build a list of approved vendors
    Build a list of compliance concerns and process to confirm they are being addressed
  • 24. Corporate IT
    Come down hard on those who don’t use your vendors or follow your rules
    Compliance is one of the biggest challenges to the Cloud
  • 25. Blue Sky
    What are some problems you could address if you had more hardware?