Guide to Google Authorship  in 8 Minutes
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Guide to Google Authorship in 8 Minutes

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Chris Countey of WebiMax presents about Google Authorship at the SEOmoz Philly Meetup hosted by SEER Interactive at the Search Church.

Chris Countey of WebiMax presents about Google Authorship at the SEOmoz Philly Meetup hosted by SEER Interactive at the Search Church.

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  • The easiest way I have found to work is the 2-way link. Simply link the home page of the blog at our 'Contributor to' section of Google+ profiles and simply attach in the end of the posts a 'by Authors Full Name' link that takes visitors to the Google+ profile of the author's with the rel author tag.

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  • Quick update: If you use the ?rel=author, create a link from G+ to the site's home page as a Contributor; if you use rel=author with a link to an author page, create a link in G+ to your author page under the Other Profiles section of G+. This will create a rel='me' relationship, just as if you were linking to a profile on a social network.
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  • i need help. my date of birth is may 1947. i entered canada in 2003.may i apply for OAS next year year.two times remained out of canada more than
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  • Glad you found it useful!
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  • Thank you Chris Countey, great information on how important authorship is with search engines and how I should develop my social network to improve my value as an author.
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  • Introduction
  • Introduction
  • Introduction


  • 1. Everything You Need to Know About Google Authorship SEOmoz Meetup In Philly In 8 minutes May 10, 2012Chris CounteyDirector of SEOWebiMax
  • 2. What a long, strange trip…• 1998 – Built my first website (Angelfire!)• 1999 – Acquired a 100% legal, not even a little cracked version of Dreamweaver (remember Macromedia?)• 2000-2005 – Freelance web design, school and some really boring FT jobs• 2006 – Bitten by the SEO bug and trained by the great SEOs at Bruce Clay
  • 3. … it’s been• Joined WebiMax in 2010 as a developer• Came up with some ideas• Promoted to Director of SEO Strategy (I owe A LOT to the SEO community, especially the folks at WebiMax, SEER, Distilled, SEOmoz and my fellow Philly Grail members)
  • 4. Since 1st Grade• Chris Country• Chris Courtney• Chris Coutney• Chris County• Come on…• Chris Countey!
  • 5. How Can I Get Google to Know Me? Authorship!
  • 6. Authorship in Action
  • 7. Simple, amirite? Link Single Link Author Page to Page toAuthor Page Google+ with profile withrel=“author” rel=“me” Link Google+ Profile to Website as a Contributor
  • 8. A Tale of Two Authors
  • 9. <a href=​"https:​/​/​​112661051788679720552?rel=author">​Eric Siu​</a>​
  • 10. <a href=​"https:​/​/​​112661051788679720552?rel=author">​Eric Siu​</a>​ <a href=​"https:​/​/​​112661051788679720552" title=​"Eric Siu on Google+" rel=​"me">​Eric Siu​</a>​ rel=“me” is an XFN microformat type (which is OK for HTML 4)
  • 11. <a href=​"http:​/​/​​author/​eric-siu/​" class=​"fn n" title=​"EricSiu" rel=​"author">​Eric Siu​</a>So this all looks g…​ Wait a second… isn’t rel=“author” an HTML5 thingamabob*? *technical term
  • 12. Oh, Snapkins!
  • 13. SEJ Pages are not written in HTML5 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" "">The connection between individual posts on SEJ to the author cannot be made withrel=author in its current form.
  • 14. Google Whisper Down the LaneEric Siu got around this by employing the ?rel=“author” attribute to a link in hisprofile, which contained his posts and therefore wins at the Internet.HTML5 : Add the rel=“author” tag within the anchorHTML 4: Append the link with ?rel=“author”
  • 15. Is My Site HTML5?• Look for the HTML declaration in the page source• HTML 5 <!DOCTYPE html>• HTML 4 <!DOCTYPE html PUBLIC "- //W3C//DTD XHTML 1.0 Transitional//EN" " D/xhtml1-transitional.dtd">
  • 16. Dude, Where’s My Pic?Tom Anthony of Distilled wrote an awesomepost on SEOmoz about authorship, but he didn’tget author cred in the SERP 
  • 17. What Else Can Break the Chain?
  • 18. Check for Index Issues• Noindex,nofollow• Robots.txt exclusion of author page• Rel=“nofollow” in Google Plus link• Canonical URL issues
  • 19. Other Ways to Implement• Google Plus button• Verify your email address on Google’s Authorship page *In order to show up in results, the author must use a high- quality image of his or her face.
  • 20. Why is Authorship Important?• Based on patent research, recent updates and the theories of a lot of smart SEOs: AuthorRank influences PageRank• You can take advantage of authorship just by having a blog to support your website (which you should have anyway!)• Use your author profile and knowledge of Google Authorship to create guest blogging and social media relationships
  • 21. AuthorCrawler
  • 22. In SEO, brands matter.
  • 23. So brand yourself with Google Authorship!
  • 24. References and Shout Outs• Bill Slawski:• AJ Kohn:• Gianluca Fiorelli:• Thanks to Wil Reynolds and the SEER Interactive team, the great guys of the SEO Grail and to the SEOmoz crew for coming to Philly!
  • 25. And Thank You! Let’s connect:•• @chriscountey• 99240213/posts• 1-888-932-4629