Briefing Day 11/10/2010 IdM Toolkit Pilots

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Identity Management Toolkit Pilots - JISC funded 15/10 Call. Briefing Day 11 Oct 2010

Identity Management Toolkit Pilots - JISC funded 15/10 Call. Briefing Day 11 Oct 2010

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  • 1. 10/12/2010| | Slide 1
    Identity Management Toolkit Pilots
    Briefing Day – 11 Oct 2010
    Christopher Brown,
    Joint Information Systems Committee
    Supporting education and research
  • 2. JISC Grant Funding 15/10 – the detail
    Identity Management Toolkit Pilots
    Total Funding of £200k
    3-6 projects
    Could fund one large project and two smaller ones
    Project Duration:
    approx. 3-6 months between Feb – Aug 2011
    11/10/2010 | Slide 2
  • 3. Aimed at executive and technical staff in HE & FE
    Review, assess and improve performance of IdM
    Raise and maintain awareness, importance and key issues of IdM
    Launched UCISA/JISC conferences Spring 2010
    IdM Toolkit - background
    11/10/2010 |Slide 3
  • 4. Why the call? Benefits
    Institutional Benefits
    Institutions assess and review their IdM processes and policies
    Cost savings from using and acting on advice in the Toolkit
    Toolkit Benefits
    Tests the Toolkit through implementation
    Increase the uptake of the Toolkit
    Not a static Toolkit
    Further develop its usefulness
    11/10/2010 |Slide 4
  • 5. Why the call? Outputs
    Project Outputs
    Case Studies implementing the Toolkit (flexible on format)
    Show its effectiveness at improving institutional processes and policies
    Estimates of cost savings made by implementing the Toolkit
    Short timescales so cannot afford to be too ambitious
    Better to concentrate on fewer parts of the toolkit than try to cover the whole thing
    Must engage with creators of the Toolkit:
    11/10/2010 |Slide 5
  • 6. Implementing the Toolkit Sections’
    11/10/2010 |Slide 6
    IdM Governance and Policies
    An Institutional Roadmap for IdM
    IdM Systems, Components and Functions
    Gap Analysis
    Case Studies
    Defining Institutional Requirements
    Designing and Managing an IdM Project
    Discovering and Auditing Current Institutional IdM
    Selecting Supplier Solutions
  • 7. Risks
    Do you have to recruit new staff?
    Try to cover too many parts of the Toolkit.
    Project Management overheads with a collaboration.
    Please clarify in plan and risk analysis
    11/10/2010 |Slide 7
  • 8. 11/10/2010 |Slide 8
    Key Information
    • Deadline for submission by email: 12 noon Monday 15 Nov 2010
    • 9. Submissions to ID-BIDS@JISC.AC.UK
    • 10. Evaluation panel: 15 December
    • 11. Successful bidders notified by week commencing 20 December 2010
    • 12. Projects to start 1st February 2011
    • 13. Projects to complete by 31st August 2011
  • Blog:
    Netvibes (#jiscaim):
    Call queries:
    Toolkit queries:
    Identity Mgmt Matters Event – 16 November 2010, Aston Univ.
    11/10/2010 |Slide 9
  • 14. Show of hands
    11/10/2010 |Slide 10
    • Do you want to discuss the strand in more detail in the break?