Seo is a slow and methodical game
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Seo is a slow and methodical game



Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tough for many and within this document I hope to help people understand some of the aspects needed to conduct their SEO

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is tough for many and within this document I hope to help people understand some of the aspects needed to conduct their SEO



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    Seo is a slow and methodical game Seo is a slow and methodical game Document Transcript

    • SEO is a Slow and Methodical Game – MyKind Of Business Take the methodical approach! This holds true for many situations in life, regardless of where you need to apply it. Many seek the quick-fix solution, both in life and online. In my opinion, a quick fix is exactly that! A temporary fix that’s done quickly, which usually means that it won’t last the course. You need to have the long term view for your business and apply some of the SEO factors discussed below.Reduce StressIf you stick to quick fixes, you are going to be constantly chasing the solution to yourproblems. Quite simply, you will end up like a dog, chasing its tail, but not succeeding.Another side effect of having quick fixes will be that what you do will always need to befixed and repaired and never be a final solution. This raises stress levelsconsiderably. However, if – from the start – you set out with the right SEO mentality, youwill rank properly in time as a result of applied, systematic effort.So, why do I love SEO?If you are a person who likes the methodical and systematicapproach, then SEO is the way for you. It is a business which isgoing to be a slow process, giving you time to analyse, recordand make adjustments as you go. This also gives you time topersist and adjust as you go where you will be able to test anddecide if you are getting maximum gain from each processyou undertake. As such efforts take months to fully takeeffect, many people do not persist with SEO and return toquick fixes. This is where the real SEO guys win – they stickwith and persist in their efforts! SEO is the real way to build along term business.
    • SEO is far more than backlinkingIf you consider SEO to be all about backlinking, then you are very much mistaken. There aremany levels and layers to explore within the SEO game and backlinking may be part of thebigger picture. The search engines consider more factors to rank your site than backlinksalone. Give the search engines exactly what they want in as many possible areas. This iswhere the entire SEO arsenal comes into play. As an overview of some of the SEO methodsthat you need to consider, look at the following list and consider that many of these may befurther sub-divided :  Backlinking  On-Page Factors  Domain Name  Content  Titles & Meta Tags  Correct Site Structuring  Relevancy  Bounce Rate of your siteLong term wins the dayIf you set out – or even re-focus your efforts to a long term SEO approach – then you shouldnot be adversely affected by any algorithm changes in the search engines and win in thelong run. Many quick fixes will fall foul of the changes as they are thin sites without manyuser benefits to help them stick. If you analyse the above list, you will further understandwhat tasks a SEO business such as mine is able to do for your business and websites.On-Page FactorsThe on-page factors for your website basically need to tell the search engines what you’retrying to display, promote or even get across. If you do not do this correctly, then the searchengines will guess at it and therefore may not have you down for your “black squarewidgets” but instead have you in just the “widgets” category. So, you need to tell the searchengines exactly what your page is about. This can be done in many ways and all of thefactors help to assist the search engines to correctly categorise your page for what you’reaim at. As there are many factors that you need to undertake to tell the search enginesexactly what you want, I will briefly outline them here and direct you to a previous entry ofmine regarding this very thing which reviews a product that will help you perform thesetasks with ease.
    • Backlinking This is one of the major off-page activities which can be sub- divided and worked upon from many different angles. Essentially this is where your website will be promoted and advertised to draw the relevant traffic right into your site. There’s no point getting traffic for “blue widgets” when your site is for “black square widgets”. You need to understand your targeted audience and then promote to them accordingly. This will give major impact for your SEO efforts from the outset. So, we don’t just spray and hopesomething sticks, we need to laser focus on where our traffic is and then go there and get itto our websites.Domain NameMany people will advise you to go for the exact matchdomain. For example, you would then go This will most certainly give you aSEO boost and help you to rank easier. With that said, anexact match domain (EMD) is not the end if you are unable toget the exact match. You can rank a site with a differentname. You may just have to work a little harder. If youcannot get an EMD, then you could aim go for somethingniche specific. This will have a slight SEO benefit. If I am looking for an EMD and it is notavailable, then I will use a suffix to my domain name to get as close as possible to the EMD. Iwould then go for . Another possible way to approach thisis to have a general name and leave your site open to other possibilities as well, thenbuilding up trust and authority with your website from many different pages as you buildyour website and flesh it out.ContentYou will hear this many times online, and for good reason too. “Content is King”. This is oneof the factors which will never be overturned by the algorithm changes. If you have goodquality relevant content then you will not suffer with changes. If you have a thin site withlittle to no value, then why would you get ranked? Would you want to visit? You mustunderstand your visitors and the thinking behind them clicking the link to visit your website.You need to address what they hoped to find on your website and then give it to them. So,your content needs to be quality and targeted to the “black square widgets” you promisedyour site was about.
    • Titles & Meta TagsThese need to be set up in a manner which will assist you in telling the search enginesexactly what your pages are about. They tell the search engine robots what your pages aregoing to be about.Correct Site Structuring Many people do not consider this for their SEO efforts and they fail to understand the importance of having correct site structuring. This tweak can massively assist you with your on- page SEO efforts. You need to consider the visual impact as well as the internal linking. For the visual elements, you must have a visually impressive page, which will please the eye and draw visitors in. For your internal linking, youneed to set up a linking structure to help navigate throughout your website. You areeffectively asking the visitors and search engine spiders to venture into the deep pages ofyour site, thus getting them viewed and indexed as well as giving them importance in therankings. If you structure your site ,you are making it easier for your visitors as well as thesearch spiders to navigate your site with ease. You can also use contextual links just like off-page linking which you can place a specific anchor text for your link. You need to put effortinto setting up your internal linkingRelevancyMake sure your content is focused on the “black square widgets” This is what you areaiming to be ranked for. Once you rank, then the search engines will display your website topeople searching for “black square widgets” . When they click the link, they are expectingto gain information on the “black square widgets” they were looking for. If you do notprovide this to them, the back button is going to be used in a hurry, which is your bouncerate! In other words, visitors will say goodbye. Pronto. You have wasted their time andyour efforts.Bounce Rate of your siteFollowing the above example, you need to provide relevantcontent with enough information, pictures, videos etc to keepthem interested in your page. Your traffic effectively voteswith its feet. If many up sticks and leave within seconds ofarriving, then you are doing something very wrong. This willhave the search engines lowering your rankings for your
    • terms as your visitors do not find value in your website. So, to reduce your bounce rate youneed to provide relevant and good content of interest to your visitors. Check out my post onthe Bounce Rate of your site.Domain AgeThe age of a domain also plays a part in the SEO of your website. As a new domain does nothave any already established trust, it will be harder to gain the recognition you need at first.However, if you apply all of the above factors to your website and your SEO campaigns, youwill quickly be recognised as a trustworthy website and start to gain the important rankingsyou want. Please ensure you are not looking for No1 tomorrow with a new domain. Thereare domains out there years old also trying to rank for the same terms you’re after! Youneed to let the domain mature and age whilst at the same time continuing with your SEOefforts.SEO ExplainedAs I have established, hopefully, there’s far more going on for the correct SEO proceduresfor any given website. If you apply these suggestions and persist, you will win the gameeventually. When you are considering your next project, take the long term view and workout a plan to accomplish your goals. Then make sure you stick with it. In essence, this is SEO– hard work with a clear set of methods to undertake each and every campaign.About MeMy name is Chris Cole and I work in SEO as well as Internet Marketing. I love discussing andreading new SEO tactics and methods. I have my own Internet Marketing BlogIM Progression, where I blog about the items I find of interest within the SEO and InternetMarketing world. Why not drop by and see if I can help you more with your SEO or internetmarketing career.