From Cowpaths to Mastadons


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Chris Brogan (that's me!) shares a presentation he did at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Boston. It won't make as much sense without me talking over it.

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From Cowpaths to Mastadons

  1. 1. Social Media Strategy or How Cowpaths and Mastadons are What YOU Should Worry About Everything in this post is shared under Creative Commons 3.0 NC/SA. Come to
  2. 2. I don't necessarily agree with everything I say. - Marshall McLuhan
  3. 3. Societies have always been shaped more by the nature of the media by which men communicate than by the content of the communication.
  4. 4. It is the framework which changes with each new technology and not just the picture within the frame.
  5. 5. The simple frame around which I will hang everything else I talk about today: The first one there OWNS the game
  6. 6. Blog or newspaper?