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Record Producer

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Record Producer

  1. 1. Music Industry The Record Producer Chris
  2. 2. Record Producer Introduction A music record producer’ role is to organise the several elements that need to be combined in order to bring a music recording session to a successful conclusion
  3. 3. Essential requirementsSubstantial financeA song or piece of musicCopyright clearancePerformanceRecording equipmentTechnical assistanceA recording venue, studio or hall
  4. 4. Personal qualitiesThe aim of a producer is to produce a recording that will appealto many thousands of paying customers.They require:Good judgementAn understanding of the type of musicAwareness of current trends in the industryCognizance of the market
  5. 5. Personal qualities cont.A good ‘ear’ for a tuneAble to combine the ingredients so that the recording stands outfrom similar current recordingsKnowledge of recording equipmentUnderstanding of legal mattersA good organiserIdeas for fresh sounds & Interesting arrangements
  6. 6. TechnologyWith todays technology a music can try out ideas inexpensivelywith a home midi studio.Production is about enabling people to give their bestA producer therefore needs:Good interpersonal skillsA good deal of patienceEnthusiasm
  7. 7. Production• When working with an established band, a producer works closely with the performers, ideally working as another creative member of the band.• If an experienced ‘act’ has been assigned by the record company to the producer, the producer should play an active role in advising and developing the performers.
  8. 8. Production cont’d• Meeting performers before a recording before a recording session will enable the producer to:• Judge the musical abilities of band members• Assess their temperaments• Determine hoe strongly they feel about musical issues
  9. 9. Producer etiquetteBand ideas should be tried and discussed but sometimes theproducer will have to tactfully insist on a course of action.During the mix a producer will also work closely with a soundengineer and should be aware of their objectives
  10. 10. Working practiceThey will:Use the expertise of the engineerIncorporate most suggestions from the sourceNot interfere with the operations of that sourceOnly overrule the engineer if necessary
  11. 11. Budgeting QuestionsBefore making a commitment the producer will need to evaluate several factors, forexample:1.Can the ‘writers’ consent to a commercial recording?2.How much studio time will be required?3.Will there be a mixdown session?4.How long will it take?5.Will session musicians be needed?6.Will backing vocalists be needed?7.Will the studio facilities be adequate?
  12. 12. Budgeting cont’d• Will specialist equipment have to be hired?• Who will do the mixing?• Should an arranger be engaged?
  13. 13. Okay Go!Lets record…………