Performance Planning 8


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Live Music Sponsorship

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Performance Planning 8

  1. 1. Performance Planning 8Music Performance & Sponsorship Chris Baker
  2. 2. Sponsor Definition(s)Person or organization that provides funds for a project oractivity carried out by another.An individual or organization that pays some or all of the costsinvolved in staging a sporting or artistic event in return foradvertising.
  3. 3. Sponsors relationship with eventSponsorship is a promotional techniques used by businesses,both large and small, for purely commercial reasons. It is acommercial transaction that the sponsoring organization entersinto because it believes that the gig or festival will offer acommunication link to its target market that is more effectivethan or complimentary to other promotional opportunities.
  4. 4. O2
  5. 5. Why do companies sponsor music shows ?1. Generate consumer goodwill2. Increase sales of products3. Increase brand awareness4. Align a brand to a lifestyle5. Access niche markets6. To entertain clients7. To demonstrate product capabilities8. Create merchandising opportunities
  6. 6. Increase in music sponsorship• Increased emphasis on Touring to generate lost record sales revenues• Sponsorship used to offset Touring costs• Increase in media outlets make it difficult to ‘cut through’• Increased cost of TV advertising• Increase in TV channels provide increased opportunities for televised live music events• Banning of direct TV advertising in some areas (tobacco & alcohol) provide opportunities in others. These companies seek access using alternative methods
  7. 7. Increase in music sponsorship cont.• Enormous success in sports sponsorship shows corporations how effective it can be.• Companies increasingly need to ‘secure’ relationships by offering entertainment and hospitality to clients.• Cost of staging events has increased (police, security, council venues) organizers seek sponsors to offset costs.
  8. 8. CEDAR EEEScreener process used by business when assessing sponsorship proposals1.Customer audience2.Exposure potential3.Distribution channel audience4.Advantage over competitors5.Resource investment involved6.Event/Show/Tour characteristics7.Event/Show/Artist reputation8.Entertainment & hospitality opportunities
  9. 9. Rolling Stones & ?
  10. 10. Contacting Sponsors1. Sponsors may be identified at first informally.2. This next stage is to identify their marketing strategies.3. Next contact the organization to establish name, address to who the proposal should be sent.4. Once this is done a formal written proposal should be sent.5. This will be followed by a phone call.6. Once a sponsor agrees to sponsoring the show a business plan outlining reciprocal responsibilities should be drawn up.
  11. 11. Once agreed sponsor servicing costsinclude the following:• Event programmes • Tickets for sponsors• Additional printing • VIP parking• Signage production • Cost of selling• Support advertising sponsorship• Hospitality food & • Legal costs beverages • Taxis & transport• Telephone & fax • Evaluation research• PR support • Media monitoring
  12. 12. Learning Checks• Define sponsorship • Name a Popular Music• Define philanthropy & Artist & select a explain why it is not demographically sponsorship appropriate brand as a• Why do governments sponsor sponsor events • Explain your choice• Why is sponsorship increasing ly important to 1. Artists 2. Organizers