Freelance Musician Teamwork

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Class & Activities designed to understand the value of teamwork in business

Class & Activities designed to understand the value of teamwork in business

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  • 1. freelance musician teamwork christopher baker
  • 2. Teamwork Lesson Outcomes • All students will know what is meant by teamwork and understand its importance in business • Most students will also understand how businesses use teamwork
  • 3. Teamwork Starter Questions 5mins • Students provide examples of where you have worked in a team • How many people were in the team? • What was your role in the team? • Were you a leader within the team? • Did you have responsibilities ? • If so, what were these?
  • 4. Teamwork One 15mins • Students produce card houses of the best quality within a given time. • Students use sheets of card, glue, and scissors to work individually to make a small house out of card. • Students have 10 minutes to complete the task. • Students peer assess quality.
  • 5. Teamwork Two 15mins • • • • Students to do the same task again, this time in pairs. They have 10 minutes to complete the task. Only one person can do the cutting. Students peer assess quality.
  • 6. Teamwork Three 15mins • Students work in groups of 3 or 4. • This time produce two houses in 12 minutes. • One person can do the cutting & one person in charge of quality. • One person must be an observer and fill in the observer’s sheet. • The teacher has an observer’s sheet and completes it. • At the end of the time students will assess quality again. • Observers feed back to their groups observations they have made.
  • 7. Plenary 15mins a) Pairs of students compare their observer’s ideas with tutor observations. Concentrate particularly on the advantages and disadvantages of teamwork. b) Students view the Merrill Lynch principles to highlight the Respect for the Individual and Teamwork sections as examples of good practice. b) Use this as a discussion point. c) Students make a record of the discussion.
  • 8. Teamwork Extension/Home Learning • Students to carry out a group evaluation from the to reflect on what you have learnt about teamwork. • Recap learning & Learning Outcomes