freelance musician marketing mix


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freelance musician marketing mix

  1. 1. freelance musician marketing mix christopher baker
  2. 2. Lesson Aims To introduce the concept of Marketing Mix to students To introduce the importance of Marketing Mix to business
  3. 3. Lesson Outcomes All students will know what is meant by Marketing Mix and understand that price is a major factor in the Marketing Mix. Most students will also understand the meaning of brand loyalty and its importance an understand that the Marketing Mix will differ for different products. Some students will also understand the meaning and importance of a strap line.
  4. 4. Marketing Mix Start 5mins • Students to think of your favorite chocolate bar. • Come up with three ways it is marketed and share with a partner.
  5. 5. Scenario ethical chocolate An ethical food company are offering a new ethically sourced chocolate bar for sale. It is the same size as standard bars from other companies, and has the same kind of content as other milk chocolate bars. They want it to be a different shape to standard bars and they want it to be a way of educating people about ethically sourced food. It is to be sold around the world.
  6. 6. Ethically Sourced? Discuss • ‘ethically sourced’ means (fair wages to workers, fair working conditions, sustainable.) • Discuss differences in price when buying from businesses that use ethically sourced products.
  7. 7. Chocolate Bar Marketing Brainstorm • Work in pairs to brainstorm the elements that will have to be taken into account when the new chocolate bar is marketed.
  8. 8. Chocolate Bar Logo • Think about what qualities you want to portray with your logo. • Look at company logos. See over • Design a brand name and a strapline* for the new chocolate bar.
  9. 9. Logo Examples
  10. 10. Chocolate Bar Cost • Come up with a competitive pricing policy for the bar. • What will you charge for the bar and why? • What factors do you think you need to consider when pricing a new product. • Come up with a strategy to promote the new bar. • How will you generate interest in people buying it and continuing to buy it?.....being “brand loyal”
  11. 11. End Marketing MIX • All areas mentioned previously areas make up the Marketing Mix for the product. • Draw a diagram on A4 paper showing what goes into the marketing mix.
  12. 12. The Marketing Mix
  13. 13. The End