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Patagonia Brief

  1. 1. Written and designed by Group XScott Farrell, Lucy Mao, Mel Fish, Chris Borncamp
  3. 3. CREATIVE BRIEFClient: PatagoniaProject: ADV 402 Final ProjectChallenge (What is the client asking for?)Reposition Patagonia as a high-performance and environmentally friendly brand to increase shareof pocket compared to competitors.Target (Who are they?)Males (Index 93)Ages: 35-49 (Index 101)Graduated college (Index 113)Earn $100,000 or more (Index 102)Believe that eco-friendly products are of higher quality (Index 107).What do they currently think?Patagonia is a high-quality brand, but it does not fit into their lifestyle; it’s clothing for an oldergeneration, but it is not trendy for young people.In general, Patagonia products are not for everyday activity. Instead, it is suitable for extreme out-door conditions that they are not exposed to.What do we want them to think?Patagonia hemp is not just a product. It is an extension of a broader brand philosophy towardshealthy living and a healthy environment.Product Insight (what makes it unique, product differentiation)Patagonia is a high-performance brand that suffers from bland consumer perceptions; hempclothing can help reinvigorate Patagonia’s image and bridge the gap between style, function andenvironmental friendliness.Mandatories (logo, media, tone, etc.)» Tone should reflect confidence and values of the Patagonia brand» Logo should remain consistent across integrated platforms
  4. 4. RESEARCH SUMMARYMARKET POSITIONPatagonia is a high-performance clothing brand, and blended with other fibers like PCR polyester,proving that business can provide an immediate organic cotton and spandex.solution to the environmental crisis. “By evaluatingraw materials, investing in innovative technologies, “Patagonia’s hemp clothing requires no irrigation,and rigorously policing their waste, we must cause uses no pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, and isthe least harm to the environment” (Patagonia. harvested and processed by hand” ( And Thus, differentiating themselves from their top competitors such as Timberland REI, EasternTheir hemp clothing is grown organically using all Mountain Sports, and L.L. Bean.natural ingredients, utilizing hemp both on its ownPATAGONIA COMPETITIVE SETPatagonia’s top direct competitors are Eastern Mountain Sports, The North Face, REI, and Columbia. These are considered high-performance, specialty brands. Consequently, they have all have similar target demographics.Each of these brands compete for share of pocket in the following product lines:» Alpine Climbing» Hiking/Trekking» Rock Climbing» Ski/Snowboarding» Travel» Body/Underwear» Jackets* should focus on differentiating itself by emphasizing the eco-friendly, stylistic, and functional components ofits products. While the target demographic may remain similar to competitors, Patagonia can draw a strong emotionalattachment through strategic DMAs and media buys.CURRENT BUSINESS STANDINGAccording to U.S. News and World Report, Patagonia will likely see $500 million in annual sales this year. Five years prior,the company reported $270 million in annual sales. This $230 million increase indicates Patagonia’s prominence and successin the category ( of the brand’s success can be attributed to its corporate vision; “to build the best product, cause no unnecessaryharm, use business to inspire and implement solutions to the environmental crisis ( This continuouslyenables Patagonia to differentiate from its competitors and give consumers a reason to keep coming back more for.
  5. 5. CEO Casey Sheehan explains that Patagonia did not intentionally position itself as a fashionable brand, and claims that it,“...Just sort of happened” (Patagonia). Staying true to its roots and sticking to its philosophy of technological innovation andpractical clothing has proven to be a recipe for success.DEMOGRAPHICSCurrent DemographicCurrent demographics of organic/environmentally-friendly clothing include men and women of 18-35 who are generallyactive, lovers of outdoors and nature, and advocates of sustainability and conservation. These users also purchase otherorganic goods and maintain a lifestyle that reduces environmental havoc (carpool, recycle, vegetarian eating). They are alsowilling to pay more money for higher quality clothing.Recommended Demographic (Based on Simmons OneView 2010)Patagonia continues to grow in credibility as a high-quality, environmentally friendly brand. To more effectively target itsconsumers, we recommend that Patagonia further segments its target consumer. According to the following Simmonsindices, we suggest:Males (Index 93)Ages: 35-49 (Index 101)Graduated college (Index 113)Earn $100,000 or more (Index 102)Believe that eco-friendly products are of higher quality (Index 107).New Market Recommendation: We propose that Patagonia focus much of its media spend in North East and West Coastmarkets, focusing their advertising in urban and suburban areas.
  6. 6. STRATEGY STATEMENTProposal:Our goal is to transform the Patagonia Hemp Brand into a top-tier, high performance clothing that isrecognizable amongst brands such as Timberland, REI, and North Face. Through traditional and non-traditional mediums such as television, magazine, and digital outreach as well as sale promotions,we want to demonstrate the style and functionality of the product, utilizing adventurous people inour advertisements.Creative Approach:Creative executions should run evenly across traditional and non-traditional mediums. All executionsshould demonstrate the style and functionality of the product, showing active and adventurouspeople engaged in outdoor scenarios. The visuals should indicate that Patagonia Hemp Clothing isa top-tier product, ultimately to increase perceived badge-value of the Patagonia Brand. We alsorecommend Patagonia lands a celebrity endorsement with someone likely to resonate with thetarget market.Mandatories:Description of features and product sourcing, clear visual of Patagonia logo, and active/adventuroustone.Recommended Media Buy*:Television:Networks which index well with Men, 35-49, HHI $100k+Magazine: National Geographic, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Outdoor Life, Outdoor Photographer,Men’s Journal, and other titles involving outdoor/adventure activity.Rationale:Our target indexes well with psychographics involving the outdoors and eco-friendly products (107).The above listed magazine titles will reach these segments effectively.Digital: airline/travel (174), auto shopping (164), banking (147), sports (287)Rationale: Based on psychographics, our target is also likely to visit websites involvingthe outdoors and adventure activities. These categories should be a significant part of theoverall media buy.
  7. 7. Outdoor: Strategically placed outdoor collateral in recommended DMAs. We suggest thatoutdoor billboards are purchased along interstate highways leading to popular outdoor/adventure destinations. This is intended to reach our target when they are most salient.Non-Traditional: Sales promotions at niche outdoor sporting stores where our target islikely to shop. This includes brands such as Eastern Mountain Sports, REI, Bass Proshops,and Cabellas.*Rationales were based on demographic/psychographic information from Simmons OneV-iew. We cross-tabulated the demographic information of our target against media usage.Base: Male, 35-49, HHI $100k+ (Simmons OneView 2010)Media Breakdown:
  8. 8. MEMODate: April 9, 2012To: Joe Benincasa, Creative DirectorFrom: Group XJoe,Patagonia has made it a long way. Group X plans to take them further.Our campaign builds off of Patagonia’s vision of being a leading top-tier clothing line. The goal?Take them beyond existing as a mere clothing brand, and redefine their positioning into thelifestyle category. Patagonia’s new hemp clothing line presents us with a unique opportunity:We can showcase an intriguing product as well as introduce Patagonia’s eco-friendly DNA. To doso, let us Introduce our brand new campaign, “Hemp. It’s in our DNA.” Creative executions willconsistently highlight Patagonia’s unprecedented functionality and quality. All media buys willbe highly targeted to maximize the impact of the advertising.Group X truly believes in what Patagonia stands for in the world. The brand is at a tipping-point, and we are here to lead them to that next step.Sincerely,Group X
  9. 9. PRESS RELEASEDate: April 20, 2012For Immediate ReleasePATAGONIA GEARS UP TO SHOW CONSUMERS THE PRACTICAL SIDE OF HEMPBURLINGTON, VT- Patagonia CEO Casey Sheehan announced this morning that the brand will play a significantrole at this year’s Earth Day festival on April 22nd. Patagonia recently developed a clothing line made of high-quality hemp material, and will use the popular festival as a platform to showcase it to consumers.“We’re truly excited to launch this new line and allow our consumers a first-hand glance of what we have tooffer. There are many new products to introduce, and we have a very innovative advertising campaign to showit,” said Christina Speed, Patagonia’s Director of Marketing.As part of the Earth Day sponsorship, Patagonia plans to unveil their new advertising campaign, “Hemp. It’sin our DNA.” Consumers will come in contact with all of the materials used to make the clothing, and by inter-acting with the hemp, Patagonia hopes to draw a connection between the product and its high-quality, highlyfunctional traits.“Our hemp [is] grown organically using all natural ingredients. We believe that by showing consumers what isunder the hood, they will realize the benefits of high-performance hemp clothing,” said Sheehan.Patagonia is well-known for its involvement with forward-thinking organizations. Last year, the brand part-nered with the Common Threads Initiative to help reduce the environmental footprint. In August they will hosta benefit concert to help build awareness about environmental sustainability.The brand has also announced that they will be rolling out several new product lines over the next comingmonths.Based in Ventura, CA, Patagonia continues to grow in credibility as a high-quality, environmentally friendlybrand. As the ‘green’ movement continues to mature, companies around the United States are finding uniqueways to lessen their impact on the environment. Not only does it mitigate many environmental problems, butit has also proven to be an effective marketing platform. This vision allows Patagonia to differentiate fromcompetitors such as North Face, Timberland, EMS, and REI.For more information, please contact Mel Fish at (315) 555-4343 ####
  10. 10. PATAGONIA BLOG POST[RELEASED ON PATAGONIA.COM]Dear Friends,First let me take the opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Casey Sheehan, CEO of Patagonia. Thankyou so much for your continued support, we could not do it without you. Please take a moment to readsome exciting news that I would like to share with you.As you know, Patagonia relies on a vision of environmental sustainability. Each of our products isdeveloped with this significant goal in mind. One of the most important things that sets us apart fromour competitors is our commitment to research and development, so that we can continue to makeimprovements to both our brand and the environment. That is why I am happy to present to you our brandnew hemp clothing line.Hemp is not only a high-quality, extremely functional material in this new product line, but it also fitsdirectly into our committment to a safer and healthier environment. This new line is 100% natural, meaningthat its impact on the environment is non-existent. Intended for an array of outdoor activities, we feel thisline fits directly into the pure and natural lifestyles of our consumers.I am also pleased to announce that a brand new advertising campaign will be launching tomorrow: HEMP.IT’S IN OUR DNA. Please visit to learn more!Thank you again for your loyalty, and please do not hesitate to contact me directly at if you have any questions, concerns, or simply want to chat!Regards,Casey Sheehan, CEO
  11. 11. CONCLUSIONHemp. It’s in our DNA. is an extendable, integrated advertising platform that will effectivelyreposition Patagonia towards the lifestyle category. Through television, online, outdoor, andguerilla advertising, Group X can effectively reach our target to jumpstart the new line ofPatagonia Hemp Clothing. In a cluttered category, it is vital for brands to remain relevant to itstarget without losing its core values, and the DNA campaign ensures that Patagonia stays trueto what it has always believed in.
  12. 12. Patagonia EARTH DAYPlease visit if you have any questions, concerns, or you simply want to chat. We’ll be there.
  13. 13. Patagonia believes in creating high-quality products while minimizing the impact that we have on IT’S IN OUR DNA... everything around us. It’s not easy to do this when we have performance and style in mind, though. The GUESS WHAT? YOU ARE AMONGST THE FIRST solution? Hemp. TO FIND OUT ABOUT OUR NEW ADVERTISING PLATFORM AND BRAND REPOSITIONING: Hemp is an extremely sustainable and versatile plant HEMP. IT’S IN OUR DNA.WELCOME TO THE 2012 that can survive in a variety of different climates. It is well-known for its tough and durable properties,EARTH DAY CELEBRATION and because it’s natural we don’t need to sacrifice strength for dangerous synthetic chemicals. We’re excited to sponsor this year’s event, as well as share with you a guide to our brand new line of Hemp Clothing. Our vision is simple: To build the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, use business to inspire and implement SHIRTS. PANTS. SHOES. SOCKS. solutions to the environmental crisis. Yes, we can cover you head to toe in our brand new line of hemp Founded by Yvon Chouinard in 1972, clothing. Each of these are resistant Patagonia hasn’t turned back. We thrive to to the elements, and will keep you create top-quality products without losing Coupon Code: X7KK98EDAY pushing further and further down the sight of what is truly important. After all, SEE THIS? IT’S A COUPON. unbeaten path. our clothing is meant for the outdoors. We Enter it on need it to stick around for a while. HempDNA and get 10% off your next hemp purchase.
  14. 14. Story Board Set