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  • In terms of trusted sources of information, people we have never met but who communicate clearly and have a solid reputation have way outpaced relatives and friends. Think of them as *strangers with experience or expertise*. And advertising is in a distant 8 th place! Trip Advisor, Yelp, Travelocity, reviews on Web sites
  • Accelerate discovery and validation Accelerate and improve communication Enhance reputation and prospects Improve effectiveness Quickly improve products, services and processes Preserve and exploit all information

Social Media Overview-Bellagio Center Oct. 2011_v_final Social Media Overview-Bellagio Center Oct. 2011_v_final Presentation Transcript

  • Everything you always wanted to know aboutsocial media …but were afraid to askChristopher BishopBellagio CenterOct. 17, 2011
  • 2
  • 21st century communication has evolved from a tops-down, oneway interaction…to a conversation 2000 2011 3
  • The people formerly known as *the audience* are participating 4
  • Sources we trust have changed Trusted sources of information according to US Consumers, 1997 and 2007Source: eMarketer Bridge Ratings and University of Massachusetts 2007 Rated 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest) 5
  • What is the value of social media?•Share expertise•Find expertise•Self-promote•Make connections•Collaborate•Recommend•Communicate 6
  • ToolsPrimary LinkedIn – professional networking, discussion groups Twitter – microblogging, sharing information, perspective YouTube – video pieces, taggingSecondary Blogs – personal commentary Flickr – pictures, images, tagging Facebook – recreational, personal-friends, familyUp and coming Google+ - technorati, digerati 7
  • Paul and I discussed a topic over breakfast...and I tweetedabout it... Photo credit: Ms. Hilary Charlesworth 8
  • Rob Garris then retweeted it... 9
  • Paul then sent me a URL for a story about the workdoctors are doing in Africa with mobile phones...which Iretweeted 10
  • It was included in The Metanomics Daily 11
  • Twitter math is simple • I post a tweet… • My 400 followers see it and they each retweet…they may have 100 followers each • Each of their 100 followers then retweet… • Included in a twitter newspaper (Metanomics Daily has 1400 followers)12 Corporate Citizenship & Corporate Affairs
  • LinkedIn Pleated pants of social networks Digital CV Always current contact info Share your expertise Connect with colleagues Participate in groups 13
  • LinkedIn 14
  • LinkedIn 15
  • LinkedIn 16
  • LinkedIn 17
  • Discussion groups 18
  • Discussion groups 19
  • Twitter – mix it up: professional, personal, conversation 20
  • Twitter 21
  • Twitter 22
  • Twitter 23
  • Next StepsLinkedIn•Set up a LinkedIn page and keep it updated•Look for friends and colleagues and connect•Find a group(s) to join and weigh in when youfeel you have something to contributeTwitter•Establish a Twitter ID•Search for people with similar interests•Follow them!•Write your own tweets•Look for one to retweet•Send a DM (direct message) to someone 24