Esi Year In Review


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Esi Year In Review

  1. 1. ESI’s Year in Review
  2. 2. ESI is the UK’s leading independent environmental and scientific consultancy,specialising in Water Resource Management, Land Quality (ContaminatedLand and Landfill) and Ground Source Energy. With offices in the UK and Italy,ESI supports clients across Europe to develop their opportunities, understandand comply with environmental legislation and manage their risks through thecombination of sound science and a clear commercial understanding.OverviewESI has experienced an increase in demand across our portfolio of specialist environmentalservices. We have successfully delivered a range of diverse projects through the application ofsound science and our leading technical ‘know how’. As our clients face economic challenges ourfocus has been on understanding their needs and providing high quality tailored solutions. ESI’scapability in Ground Source Energy has grown and our technical leadership position in this fieldis now recognised through our increasing involvement in delivering sustainable energy solutionsboth domestically and internationally. We are pleased to showcase some of the prestigious and exciting projects that we have recently been engaged on. • Conceptual modelling of the London Basin Aquifer for the Environment Agency • Expert witness work relating to land contamination, human health and controlled waters risk assessment • Abstraction impacts on stream eco-systems for Severn Trent Water • Project management of a major diesel spill protecting a Blue Chip client’s reputation • Implementing a Local Authority contaminated land inspection strategy • Evaluating pollutant risks at one of the UK’s largest brownfield sites • Supporting United Utilities to develop a new groundwater source • Evaluating London’s Ground Source Energy potential for the Environment Agency • Developing technical training courses to support client compliance with environmental legislation • Ground Source Energy advice and modelling for a new IKEA store in Italy
  3. 3. Chairman’s Statement“It has been another exciting year at ESI and, as my first asChairman, I am particularly proud of our achievements. Inaddition to streamlining our organisation and making keyappointments, we have consolidated our international activitiesand established a clear strategy for our future direction. Wehave now embarked on a new growth phase building on ourcore strengths and allied technical specialisms, which includesground source energy” Richard McCaffrey - Chairman, ESI Ltd.A message from our Managing Director“Our consultancy team takes pride in “getting it right”. Througha rigorous scientific approach and a focus on quality, ESI hasdeveloped over the last 15 years by recommendation andword of mouth. We are keen to raise our profile and realise ourfull potential. We would like to keep you abreast of ongoingdevelopments of our capability and show you how we makea difference for our clients, which we feel is best achieved byproviding you with some examples of our recent work”Mark Fermor - Managing Director, ESI Ltd.
  4. 4. 1. Developing an up-to-date conceptualmodel of London hydrogeologyClient: Environment Agency ESI has advanced the hydrogeological understanding of the London Basin aquifer. The aquifer beneath London is subject to a relevant hydrogeological processes. Based on considerable number of pressures. As rising the most up-to-date geological interpretation of groundwater levels are controlled, issues remain Chalk layering, ESI has been able to provide the with abstraction sustainability, artificial recharge, Environment Agency with a deeper understanding ground source energy, saline intrusion, groundwater of the aquifer system and the geological controls on flooding and the Olympics. Whilst the aquifer is large groundwater flow within it. on a UK scale, the groundwater resource is relatively This robust and quantified conceptual model will limited and replenishes over long timescales. act as a starting point for the development of a new The London aquifer is one of the most densely numerical groundwater model for London and ESI is investigated and data-rich in the UK. After now undertaking further studies of the London basin comprehensive literature review and data analysis, for the Environment Agency. ESI developed a conceptual understanding of
  5. 5. 2. Expert Witness – Advising on contaminationrisks and liabilities from diesel spillClient: A UK law firm on behalf of a leading petrol retailer ESI’s specialist staff undertake numerous expert witness appointments to assist parties facing possible or actual litigation or regulatory enforcement action, or in support of waste management permitting and water resources or planning appeal hearings. Following failure of pipework a major retailer lost up This work included advising as an independent to 100,000 litres of diesel to the shallow subsurface appointed expert for the retailer on best practice in the close to a river in northern England. The migration assessment and management of risks and liabilities of hydrocarbons through the shallow groundwater arising from uncontrolled release of hydrocarbons and drains system led to river impacts, and an active and their impact on neighboring sites and surface remediation system based on soil vapour extraction watercourses, and appraisal of remedial actions. and product skimming was implemented at the site. Following completion of investigations and a detailed ESI was asked to provide expert witness services, quantitative risk assessment, the findings demonstrated advising on the migration and fate of diesel in the that active remediation has addressed all significant subsurface environment, and assessment of the contamination risks at the site. Further consultation residual risk and remedial actions required to address is now ongoing to ensure that all stakeholders can controlled waters and human health risks. provide relevant input before final report issue, remedial system decommissioning, and nearby site development for residential end use.
  6. 6. 3. Understanding abstraction impactson stream ecosystemsClient: Severn Trent Water ESI has established a dedicated consortium to provide state-of the-art eco-hydrology services to water companies. Over the last eight years ESI and consortium risk that abstractions are causing perceived low partners (ecologists, APEM and hydrologists, Hydro- flow problems. If further investigations are needed, logic) have been working closely with STWL on key ESI will scope out the works. For some AMP3 and groundwater dependent streams and wetlands in AMP4 sites new observation boreholes have been the Midlands. Work has spanned the AMP3 and installed and extensive monitoring programmes AMP4 programmes in 18 catchments and ESI has have been undertaken. At some of the sites the reviewed the impact of over 30 abstractions. new data is clearly demonstrating that there is no ESI has now been commissioned to carry out work abstraction related low flow problems, at other sites on a further 20 sites during AMP5, initially carrying the scale of the problem is now being quantified out desk studies of the hydrological and ecological and this will provide important data for the next conditions in each catchment. ESI will develop an phase of work which is identification and costing understanding of the hydrology and hydrogeology of remedial options. of these catchments and quantitatively assess the
  7. 7. 4. Emergency clean-up of a 40,000 litre diesel leakClient: Multinational manufacturing company ESI minimised the environmental, reputational and financial liabilities associated with a high profile fuel leak. The rupture of ageing pipe work at a large later commended in a letter from the Environment engineering plant in the West Midlands resulted in Agency. ESI’s contribution was regarded as over 40,000 litres of red diesel being discharged to significant in minimising the long term impacts of ground overnight. the leak. The diesel moved rapidly away from the Based on the findings of an intensive site underground leakage via on-site drains and was investigation programme (incorporating drilling, subsequently discharged to a tributary of the River trial pitting, CCTV drainage surveys and forensic Severn. laboratory testing), the extent of the fuel leak was Within hours of the leak’s discovery ESI was on defined. A three month remediation programme site working with the client team. An emergency followed, as a consequence of which over 80 action plan was promptly formulated, using the percent of the leaked diesel was recovered. collective knowledge and skills of the client, ESI, As a direct consequence of the robust site the local water company and the Environment characterisation and remediation programme Agency. The speed and appropriateness of the undertaken the Environment Agency elected not to project team response, coordinated by ESI, was fine or prosecute the client in relation to the incident.
  8. 8. 5. Implementing a Local Authority’s Part IIAcontaminated land inspection strategyClient: North East Derbyshire District Council ESI developed risk ranking software which takes into account the specific contamination issues in northeast Derbyshire. Local Authorities in the UK have a statutory duty The software enables instant ranking and under Part IIA of the Environmental Protection Act prioritisation of sites within a Local Authority’s 1990 to “identify, in a rational, ordered and efficient overall strategy. As new environmental information manner, land which merits detailed individual becomes available and is added to the system, the inspection, identifying the most pressing and serious model is updated. problems first.” The ranking approach is clearly structured and ESI has developed bespoke software which readily updateable allowing relevant local issues supports Local Authorities to identify and to be integrated into the risk ranking system and rank potentially contaminated sites within the ensuring a robust and effective inspection strategy. district forming the basis of their prioritised inspection strategy.
  9. 9. 6. Assessing the pollution risks from one ofUK’s largest contaminated sitesClient: on behalf of the East Midlands Development Agency ESI’s detailed pollution assessment led to the selection of the best value remedial option. The East Midlands Development Agency (EMDA) The pollution impacts on the River Rother were was responsible for an ambitious regeneration assessed using a stochastic risk assessment programme associated with a former coking and modelling approach. A number of numerical risk chemical works. The 98 hectare brownfield site models were configured using ESI’s specialist included various solid waste tips and effluent waste software (RAM). The models allowed current lagoons. The risks posed by the historical wastes impacts on the River Rother to be quantified, as to the local environment were identified during well as the residual impacts following the the initial phases of the regeneration programme. implementation of selected remedial engineering Specific concerns were raised regarding the ongoing options. As such, ESI’s findings assisted EMDA to pollution impacts on the River Rother, which passes select the optimal remediation strategy for managing through the site. future impacts on the water environment at this nationally renowned site.
  10. 10. 7. West Cumbria groundwaterresource developmentClient: United Utilities ESI is providing valuable support to United Utilities’ groundwater team to develop a new groundwater source in West Cumbria. United Utilities forecasts a shortfall in water Cumbria aquifer. In support of this ESI’s Water resource availability in West Cumbria by 2015, Resources Team first carried out a scoping study as abstraction is reduced from Ennerdale Water and initial field investigations to identify any issues to support a downstream population of the that might constrain development of the resource freshwater pearl mussel. To meet this shortfall, in a sustainable manner. ESI developed a plan for UU is undertaking a project to deliver a new water borehole test pumping and four new production resources scheme, water efficiency measures and boreholes were drilled during autumn 2010. ESI is reduce mains leakage. currently collecting and analysing monitoring data A key part of the scheme is the development of a to support a future abstraction licence application to sustainable groundwater resource from the West the Environment Agency.
  11. 11. 8. Groundwater modelling: In supportof Ground Source Energy systemsClient: Various public and private sector clients ESI’s new Ground Source Energy team is providing valuable support to both potential developers and regulators of Ground Source Energy schemes. ESI’s groundwater and thermo geology modelling cumulative impacts of Ground Source Heat Pump expertise is in growing demand as the number of (GSHP) schemes in London. The work involves Ground Energy systems being installed increases. further development of the FEFLOW models that The need for effective thermal modelling using ESI developed for London Underground as part FEFLOW (finite element code for modelling of the Cooling the Tube programme. ESI is taking groundwater and heat transport) and some of our into account information held by the Environment other tools is now recognised to assess both the Agency on new and proposed GSHP schemes potential for thermal interference and the long term throughout central London. The project also builds efficiency of installations. on ESI’s recent work to develop and document ESI has been commissioned by the Environment a conceptual model of the hydrogeology of the Agency - Thames Region, to develop a groundwater London Basin for the Environment Agency. model that can be used to assess the individual and
  12. 12. 9. ESI Technical Training CoursesClient: Various, public and private sector ESI is the UK’s leading provider of technical training for professionals working in soil and groundwater science. As environmental legislation evolves, environmental geostatistics to human health risk assessment. In professionals from regulators and in-house advisors recognition of the budgetary constraints currently to independent consultants have an ongoing and being experienced across the regulatory and increasing need to continually update their skills and consulting communities ESI has also delivered technical knowledge. ESI has developed a portfolio a variety of condensed training sessions (lasting of courses, including modular and bespoke that can between 2 and 6 hours) to client groups at various be tailored to individual or corporate needs. locations across the UK. These bite-sized regional In 2010 ESI has continued to deliver a range of workshops and hands-on training courses have high quality courses from our training facility in proved highly successful and will be further Shrewsbury; topics range from environmental developed throughout 2011 and beyond to include new topics such as Ground Source Energy.
  13. 13. 10. Ground Source Energy for IKEA, ItalyClient: IKEA Italy ESI is one of the leading consultants in renewable energy and Ground Source Energy in Italy. Ground source cooling and heating is a major part The scheme is a 300 borehole closed loop scheme of ESI’s Italian business. ESI has established itself which feeds the combined heating and cooling as a leading consultant in the Italian renewable needs of the store, a well balanced energy demand energy market. We help businesses develop energy over the annual cycle. ESI carried out the detailed saving heating and cooling schemes and obtain modelling studies and heat plume predictions in the necessary regulatory approval. Ground source support of regulatory negotiation and permitting. ESI cooling schemes are strictly regulated in Italy where showed that the scheme provided a sustainable, thermal impacts on aquifers could otherwise create energy efficient solution to the building’s needs environmental problems. A typical large project is without any unacceptable impacts on the aquifer. the 1.4MW closed loop scheme for the Corsico IKEA The scheme has now been successfully installed. store in Milan for which ESI provided modelling to support the design and impact assessment.
  14. 14. Director OverviewMark Fermor Managing DirectorMark is a hydrogeologist with particular expertise in quantitative methods for resourcemanagement, contamination assessment and groundwater modelling.  He has practicalexperience of investigating and remediating a wide range of contamination hazards insoil and groundwater and in undertaking hydrogeological risk assessments using bothqualitative and quantitative methods.  Mark has provided advice regarding regulatorycompliance and water quality legislation and standards for numerous industrial andgovernment clients.  He also has extensive experience in providing expert witness servicesand litigation support and negotiations, and provision of environmental assessments forplanning applications and appeals. Richard McCaffrey Chairman Richard is a successful Board Director and chartered civil engineer with over 30 years experience in environmental services. Most recently he was COO of an international engineering and environmental Plc where he contributed to a major growth phase serving environmental markets. Previously, he established the environmental division of a leading UK consultancy pioneering innovative landfill design and acting as expert witness at arbitrations involving contaminated land. He now advises companies within the environmental space on business strategy and is an accredited mediator on environmental disputes. Richard joined ESI as Chairman in January 2009 where he has been instrumental in devising the company’s corporate development plan.Alan Herbert Director – Ground Source EnergyAlan is a hydrogeologist with over 25 years experience of groundwater resourceassessment, contaminant transport and heat transfer modelling. He has applied thisknowledge and experience to the issues facing Ground Source Energy below thesubsurface. Alan has considerable modelling and mathematical expertise applied toGround Source Energy problems through research and lecturing, where the developmentof models to address heat transport was a particular interest.
  15. 15. Hannah Fraser Director – Land GroupHannah is an experienced hydrogeologist with a broad range of experience incontaminated land assessment and remediation, human health and environmental riskassessment, mining and quarrying hydrogeology, and groundwater resource assessmentand development. She has worked nationally and internationally on a variety of projects,with her technical roles including project design and management, contaminated landassessment, remediation design and implementation, regulatory liaison and negotiation,groundwater and risk assessment modelling, fieldwork and drilling supervision,groundwater resource assessment and development. Hannah has extensive experienceof investigation of residential properties for the purpose of human health risk assessmentand has been involved in the design and implementation of both the investigation andremediation of such sites. Stephen Sykes Director - Company Secretary Stephen is a well known environmental lawyer with broad commercial experience and a strong track record in developing environmental products, services and businesses. He has worked in the City of London since 1995 when he co-founded Certa (UK) Limited (underwriting agent to Allianz), insuring brownfield sites in the UK and Europe for public and private sector enterprises, including FTSE 100 and Fortune 100 companies and their lenders, He was Chairman of Argyll Environmental (a desk top report provider) from launch through to its sale to Landmark in 2010. He is the Managing Partner of Sykes Environmental LLP. Stephen has been closely involved with the UK Environmental Lawyers’ Association for many years, acting as Vice Chairman from 2002 to 2005.Mike Streetly Director – Water Resource GroupMike is a very experienced hydrogeologist and project director who is well knownthroughout the industry for his skills and experience in water resource assessment. He has strong numerical skills which have been applied to solving a wide variety ofhydrogeological problems and has extensive practical experience, particularly in thedesign, installation and operation of hydrometric networks and pumping tests. Mike is aregular contributor to professional conferences and has published papers on a variety oftopics.  He has served as a member of the committee of the Hydrogeological Group. Hehas project managed numerous hydrogeological impact assessments for the extractiveindustry, including several of the largest limestone quarries in the UK. 
  16. 16. For more information on any of theseprojects or how ESI can help support yourorganisation to make better environmentaldecisions, please contactAndrew Jamesandrewjames@esinternational.comor call 01743 276100ESI LtdNew Zealand House160 Abbey ForegateShrewsburySY2 6FDT: +44 (0) 1743 276100E: info@esinternational.comW: