Esi Flood Risk And Surface Water Drainage


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Esi Flood Risk And Surface Water Drainage

  1. 1. ESI LAND ASSESSMENTSFlood risk and surface water drainageESI provides flood risk and surface water drainage assessments as part of a portfolio of environmentalservices to property related industries. Reports are prepared for all types and scales of developmentwhere flood risk or surface water drainage information is requested by the Planning Authority orEnvironment Agency.Features of our flood risk assessments• Assess flood risks to the site from rivers, run-off, groundwater and sewers• Collate all relevant data including flood levels and rainfall records• More complex flood modelling available as required• Investigate storm water management options for the site• Determine the impact of the development on the flood plain and off site receptors• Assessments structured to meet client needsBenefits of ESI’s flood risk services• Clearly presented desktop flood risk studies • Basement Impact Assessments covering flood risk and• Flood risk assessments to meet NPPF (PPS25) and SPP7 geotechnical investigation• Reports to meet Sur 1/Sur 2 Surface Water/Flood Risk • Excellent relationships with regulators and many Local Assessment Code for sustainable homes Authority planning officers• Inclusion of groundwater flood risk assessments if • The ability to include surface water management, required soakaway percolation testing and sustainable drainage assessment (SUDS) ESI’s flood risk consultants offer technical support and advice throughout the flood risk assessment process. Having supported many planning applications ESI has built an excellent relationship with the various Environment Agency regional offices and with local authority planning officers. Local planning authorities are likely to request a flood risk assessment for any site which is situated on the modelled flood plain and within the vicinity of a fluvial or tidal watercourse. Flood risk assessments are also requested in areas of low fluvial or tidal flood risk if a proposed development is over one hectare in size and/or lies within a critical drainage area. Certain areas are also susceptible to groundwater flooding; under such conditions, ESI can provide impact assessments for basement construction.Dedicated points of contact: “I was very pleased with the work that ESI undertook for us. We were in a position where our house sale had fallen through based on misleadingDr Paul Ellis survey data. ESI understood our problem straight away and quickly turnedTechnical Director around a very detailed report that satisfied our buyer. As a result the sale now progressing. I found the report to be very comprehensive. It covered the technical and geological data, but was also written in a way that wasRosanna Fildes easy to understand. ”Consultant Peter Jones, a homeowner from Preston Brook, Nr Runcornrosannafildes@esinternational.com01743 276100 Flood screening cost From £495 + vat Subject to site area & setting Shrewsbury Reading London Delivery Typically 3-5 working days