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How to Build a List - The Basics

Chris and Susan hosted their interactive internet entrepreneurs webshow training on how to build a list of of subscribers and why you should.

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  • AUDIENCE PARTICIPATION - Show of hands How many of you are blogging already? How many would like to know how? Nothing complicated – simple stuff you can start doing right away
  • Cold calling is dead The principle of having a list of subscribers who are interested in what you do to be able to market your stuff to again and again Is mind blowing - and yet most businesses do not do it Not doing this means that you constantly have to generate new leads do your pitch and if they don’t buy that’s it One of our SFM team is a highly successful affiliate marketer he makes thousands & Thousands a month from this But he did not have a list – his traffic generation is fantastic – affilate marketing is great and you can earn a lot of money But think about the money left on the table because the time was not right for that prospect to buy He is now building a list
  • People are saying email marketing is dead because so many people are doing it there is so much spam etc How would it be if people were waiting for your emails because they trusted you, knew you and even liked you Because you built a good and strong relationship and gave so much value that when you recommended something Some of them bought your stuff. And one of the best things about email marketing is that you can automate it - autoresponder
  • Ours is training & coaching of internet marketing – we have a particular niche of beginners & newcomers Who maybe interested in what you are selling – stay at home mums, dads, etc Weight loss – women who have just had a baby – Yoga in pregnancy arena Think where you might find them and market to them
  • Easy communication & high delivery rates Will deliver your give away Follow up sequence – people need to see your stuff 7 times before taking action Email un opens – different lists in different markets
  • Generate traffic Use strategies that you have an interest in One at a time until it works you become proficient Move to the next one Make sure you learn your marketing properly
  • LCP – one page web site with no distractions as opposed to blog many distractions LCP will convert 20 or 30 times better than a blog with a webform Headline congruent with where they have come from
  • Give away pressie in exchange for name & email Must be tremendous value Check what your competitors are doing and deliver much more Different in each market Where do you get free gift…plr products create you own get somebody to create one for you There are systems out there that will give you stuff to give away when you join
  • Build relationship Email 1-2 times a week Use you blog Give info on your life, your successes, even your failures – give excessive value
  • Eventually they buy and then become repeat buyers
  • People say I cannot build my business because I have no money to spend on marketing This is the answer
  • List building 101

    1. 1. enerating targeted leads for yourbusiness who will buy again & again
    2. 2. mail marketing is a very powerful tool if you get it right
    3. 3. ecide on your marketplacehink & use common sensehink where you might find them
    4. 4. se an autoresponderollow up sequenceist statistics & segregation
    5. 5. BuildRelationship
    6. 6. BuildBuy Relationship
    7. 7. • It’s too much effort• What do I give away?• How do I turn leads into buyers?• How do I set this stuff up?
    8. 8. • Make money while you build your list• Low cost, very high value product• Will speed up your results
    9. 9. Pay 30c per visitor = 1000 visitors = $30020% opt-in (normal for cold leads)= 200 leadsCost per lead $300/200 leads = $1.50 per lead
    10. 10. Convert 10% of leads into buyers200 leads at 10% = 20 salesSell something for $20 = sales $400Profit = $400-$300 (cost) = $100
    11. 11. • 200 people on your list• 180 who have not yet bought• Your opportunity to continue to build & enhance your relationship
    12. 12. 100% profit on all future sales to these subscribers
    13. 13. If you build a list and build a greatrelationship why would you not make money?