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Media Kit for The Social Media Monthly and The Startup Monthly Magazines
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Media Kit for The Social Media Monthly and The Startup Monthly Magazines


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I am doing sales, promotions, and business development for The Social Media Monthly and The Startup Monthly magazines -- so, please take a look and let me know if you're interested -- you can reach …

I am doing sales, promotions, and business development for The Social Media Monthly and The Startup Monthly magazines -- so, please take a look and let me know if you're interested -- you can reach me at and I'll hook you up!

Published in: Social Media

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  • 1. 2014 MEDIA KIT
  • 2. MISSION & METHODOLOGY Our  Mission:                    To  be  the  most  respected  voice  within  the  social  media  and  startup                  technology  communi7es,  period.       Our  Methodology:                                                      To  approach  and  interact  with  our  clients  toward  crea7ng  a  win-­‐win                                                      scenario.  Our  long-­‐term  success  is  dependent  upon  the  long-­‐term                                                      success  of  our  clients.  Our  approach  is  to  learn  and  understand  the                                                                  marke7ng  goals  of  the  client,  and  assess  whether  our  offerings  can                                                      help  achieve  those  goals.    
  • 3. TESTIMONIALS “Your  magazine  is  a  very  robust  and  educa7onal  portal  into  the  social  media  realm!  I  thoroughly  enjoy  reading  each   Issue  and  being  the  manager  of  an  online  marke7ng  company,  u7lize  a  lot  of  the  informa7on  for  training  my  employees   and  myself  on  what  is  the  current  “buzz”  in  social  media.”                          Ryan  Bou7n,  Director  of  Online  Marke7ng,  TQE  –  Miami     “We  are  a  social  media  agency  from  Istanbul  and  love  your  mag.”                                                Sereg  Cinar  Ozenc,     “I  appreciate  the  challenges  of  gePng  a  hard  copy  magazine  produced  in  today’s  digital  day  and  age  but  it  is  somehow   much  more  informa7ve,  accessible  and  enjoyable  to  read  in  print  than  an  email  ‘ar7cle’  series.  If  you  are  con7nuing  to   offer  the  print  version  then  I  do  NOT  wish  to  cancel.”                                                          Al  LaMonaca     “What  you  guys  are  doing  is  really  important  for  this  industry,  especially  for  up  and  coming  plaVorms  in  the  shadow  of   the  800lb  guerillas!”                                        Jeff  Jackal,  BuzzMob     “I  enjoy  reading  your  magazine  –  when  I  worked  as  a  social  media  director  for  a  PR  firm,  we  used  to  give  our  clients  a   Subscrip7on  to  your  publica7on  (help  encourage  them  to  get  more  educated  about  social  media!).”                                                                    Kat  Jacob,  TenorCom  
  • 4. OFFERINGS/CAPABILITIES Print   •  Premium  Placement   •  Blow-­‐in/Perforated  Postcard   •  Glue-­‐in  promo7onal  offers   •  Branded  wrap-­‐around  cover   •  Branded  case  study/thought  leadership   •  Poly-­‐bagged  promo7onal  material   Tablet   •  iPad/Kindle/Android   •  Interac7ve  media  spot   •  Embedded  video   •  Embedded  survey   •  Photo  galleries   •  HTML5  compliant     Offerings/Capabili:es   Web   •  E-­‐newslecer  ad  spots  (12K  subs  3x/week)   •  Website  ad  spots  (15K  uniques/month)   •  Sponsored  web  content   •  White  paper  distribu7on  (sign-­‐ups)   •  Promo7onal  contests/giveaways   •  Dedicated  email  blast   •  Readership  survey   •  Sponsored  posts  on  social  channels   •  Branded  informa7onal  webinar   Events   •  Special  distribu7on  of  magazine  at  key              industry  events  (inclusion  of  promo  materials)    
  • 5. THE  SOCIAL  MEDIA  MONTHLY   ABOUT  THE  MAGAZINE   The Social Media Monthly is the first and only international print magazine devoted exclusively to unlocking the truly explosive power of social media for its readers. Inside every issue, we’re on the frontlines showing innovators, thought leaders, marketers and small businesses how to do something new, something different, and something more with social media. We explore the timely trending topics that really matter to you, including penetrating interviews and stories with today’s who’s who in social media, the latest leading-edge platforms, new and original apps, important marketing strategies, and so much more of the important material that savvy readers like you require.   HISTORY   Founded in 2011 and published by Washington, DC- based technology group, The Cool Blue Company LLC, The Social Media Monthly went from a pie-in-the-sky idea to print in just 53 days and launched at Blog World NY on May 21st, 2011. Three weeks later, the magazine secured national distribution with Barnes & Noble nationwide. It can now be found in 20 countries around the world, nationally in the Chapters/Indigo bookstore chain of Canada ,Walmart Canada, seven US Airports, and all US Airways and United airport lounges. AWARD-­‐WINNING   Named “One of the Fifteen Hottest Magazine Launches of 2011” from over 800 titles by MIN! We’re the preferred choice of forward-thinking start-ups, entrepreneurs, marketers, analysts, strategists, teachers, and students – people like you who want to be the first to get their hands on the latest and greatest next best thing social media has to offer.
  • 6. WHY  ADVERTISE   WHY  ADVERTISE?   The Social Media Monthly has quickly become the publication to read and is now recognized as a key resource in the social media community: •  Named “One of the Fifteen Hottest Magazine Launches of 2011” by MIN •  International distribution has expanded to 20 countries •  Strategic media partnerships for great distribution opportunities •  Print subscriptions are growing at 5% a month •  15% of print subscribers from overseas PLUS, we’re in 470 Barnes and Noble stores nationally, retailers across the US, Chapters/Indigo nationally in Canada, Walmart Canada, US Airways airport lounges, and we’re growing by leaps and bounds every day.  
  • 7. WHY  ADVERTISE   WHY  ADVERTISE?   The Startup Monthly was recently launched to great acclaim at the New Media Expo in Las Vegas in early January 2014. Confirmed national distribution order with Barnes and Noble for 420 stores. Expected launch date for retail in early April. •  International distribution expected to start in 10+ countries •  Strategic media partnerships for great distribution opportunities  
  • 10. 2014    EDITORIAL  CALENDAR   2014  EDITORIAL  CALENDAR   ISSUE   EDITORIAL  FEATURE   April - #18 Privacy / Online Identity May - #19 Travel June - #20 Crowdfunding/ Crowdsharing July/August - #21 Food / Wine / Entertainment September - #22 Fashion October - #23 TBD November - #24 TBD December - #25 TBD
  • 11. 2014    EDITORIAL  CALENDAR   2014  EDITORIAL  CALENDAR   ISSUE   EDITORIAL  FEATURE   April/May - #1 Launch Issue June - #2 3-D Printing / Los Angeles startups and investors July/August - #3 Smart Wearables / Israel startups and investors September/October - #4 Bitcoin / London startups and investors November - #5 TBD December - #6 TBD
  • 12. ADVERTISING  RATES   ADVERTISING  RATES   Size   1x   3x   5x   10x   Cover  2  (Inside  Front)   $2525   $2295   $2125   $1995   Cover  3  (Inside  Back)   $2525   $2295   $2125   $1995   Cover  4  (Back)   $3000   $2750   $2500   $2250   Full-­‐Page  (pp.  1-­‐4)   $1950   $1750   $1500   $1250   2-­‐Page  Spread   $2750   $2500   $2250   $2000   Full-­‐Page   $1500   $1150   $1000   $750   1/2  Page   $1275   $1025   $750   $500   1/4  Page   $750   $675   $500   $400   1/8  Page   $425   $375   $325   $275  
  • 13. ADVERTISING  VALUE   CIRCULATION  AND  DISTRIBUTION   PUBLICATION  DETAILS   CIRCULATION: Print Distribution: 15,000+ U.S. RETAIL: 470 stores - Barnes and Noble Book Store Chain Fry’s Computer Store Chain Hudson Group Retail Specialists - Airport Stores in DFW, Memphis, Jackson, Dallas Lovefield, Houston Hobby, Albuquerque, Phoenix, Omaha INTERNATIONAL RETAIL DISTRIBUTION: Australia, New Zealand, UK, Germany, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Canada, Spain, Portugal, Singapore, Austria, Czech Republic, Malaysia, Lebanon, Taipei, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Ireland, Turkey 97 stores - Chapters/Indigo Book Store Chain - Canada (all provinces), Walmart Canada Individual Issue Cover Price: $6.99 USD, $7.99 CND Annual Subscription Rate: $34.99 USD, $39.99 CND, $79.99 Rest of the World Content: 64 pp. (approx. 50% editorial / 50% advertising) Distribution: 70% Retail / 20% Events / 10% Subscribers
  • 14. ADVERTISE  IN  OUR  E-­‐NEWSLETTER   REACH  11,000+  WHEN  YOU  ADVERTISE  IN  OUR  E-­‐NEWSLETTER   WEEKLY E-NEWSLETTER Our FREE e-newsletter arrives in our customers, readers, fans and followers inboxes regularly. The TSMM E-Newsletter provides these active enthusiasts insight into the rapidly changing world of social media. It is information they need to make the most of their social media efforts and experience. HIGH VISIBILITY The TSMM E-Newsletter is different and unique to the category. A full 100% of the editorial content is created for the e- letter by our editors, authors and contributors. Providing timely, insightful, entertaining and valuable content – not found anywhere else – making it a highly valued - and highly opened – message. Readers are quick to recognize the value of the dedicated content and look forward to not only opening but consuming the content. HIGHLY TARGETED AUDIENCE OF SOCIA MEDIA DECISION MAKERS Our e-letter list is made up of some of the industry’s most influential decision makers. Our readers make hardware and soft- ware purchasing decisions, app design and development, web site design and development; actively sought after partners and the best methods for utilizing social media. READERS REPRESENT A VAST ARRAY OF BUSINESS CATEGORIES •  Technology: Microsoft, Intel, Nokia, Sony, Dell, Amazon •  Content providers and distributors: Turner, The Washington Post, Dow Jones, Nielsen, Clear Channel, USPS, Conde Nast •  Product marketers: Merck, Kraft, Lacoste, and Harrahs CIRCULATION   The program is currently serving a list of 12,000+ names and growing daily. As a sponsor of an individual e-letter, your message will be front and center. We will work with the sponsor to make the most of the e-letter format. The combination of highly qualified names and unique content result in high open rates and click throughs. SPECIFICATIONS   Circulation: Minimum 12,000+ distribution Rate: $500 Per Banner Listing Per E-Newsletter $2500 Per Dedicated Email (limited to 2 per month) Technical Specs: Static jpegs only; max file size 40K
  • 15. WHO’S  ADVERTISED   WHO’S  ADVERTISED  IN  THE  SOCIAL  MEDIA  MONTHLY   Adev Arrae Creative BTSocial CareerArc Group Cheekd CTIA ERD GSMI KatisKupcakes Life Design Modern Media O’Reilly Media Paramount Comm. PlayMoolah Seattle Interactive SidelineInc. Social Fresh StreetFightingMag TwiDisplays Vablet Walls360 Xenla Twitpages Innoloft Green Buzz Agency Business Insider Grablet Freeze Crowd Alphyn Beacon Consulting BTwoDesign Catch The Cloud Customers Rock! ExpandSocialMed IDGA KikScore McGraw-Hill Nationbuilder PostPost SheBlogs SmallBizMakeover Social Media Plus Tech Cocktail UserInsight Visible Tech ZenTaraTea ioStudio Latinvision PostPost Mugtuk IQPC Exchange Angie’s List BrainZooming Buzz Manager CEA Community Offers eAcademy eEducation Institute JESS3 Laws Communications Meltwater Noodletron Palgrave Macmillan Pink Ribbon Army Quotegine Shelfluv Social Crush Spiral16 TweetMyJobs V3IM Vizzeco Web Media Expert Brazen Careerist Surge Forward Achilles Media Episcopal Relief Xzam Corp. Glo Gaming TechWeek
  • 16. PRINT  ADVERTISEMENT  SPECIFICATIONS   PRINT  ADVERTISEMENT  SPECIFICATIONS   Magazine Specifications Cover - 8 PT Glossy Text - 70# Grade 3 Glossy Dimensions: 8 3/8” x 10 7/8” Advertisement Requirements •  Preferred file type submission: Hi-resolution PDF •  Other file types accepted: Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe InDesign documents as eps, tiff, jpeg or pdf. •  Platforms accepted: Macintosh & PC •  Photographs: Photos submitted that were shot from either a digital or film camera must be 300 dpi at the size the photo is to be printed. Photo and logo resolution: 300 dpi only •  Colors: All colors appearing must be built from process colors - CMYK.     Advertisement Dimensions • Full Page: 8 3/8” x 10 7/8” trim size PLUS a minimum 1/8” must exceed trim size on all fours sides if ad is to bleed. Also include crop marks on full page ads .185” away from trim. • 1/2 Page Ad Horizontal: 8 3/8” x 5.4375” • 1/2 Page Ad Vertical: 4.1875” x 10 7/8” • 1/4 Page Ad: 4.1875” x 5.4375” • 1/8 Page Ad: 2.09375” x 5.4375” QR Codes Optional: If you would like a QR code incorporated into your advertisement, please inform us of the URL you would like it directed to, and where you would like the QR code placed (i.e. lower right, upper left, middle left, etc.). All URLS will be en- tered into to minimize the QR code size and complexity. Printed QR codes will be no larger than 1” x 1”. The reason we will create the QR codes is to create a uniform look throughout the magazine. If you have questions about QR codes, feel free to ask. Please Email Artwork to: If you have any problems or questions, please call Bob at +1-202-746-9125.
  • 17. CONTACT  US   Robert Fine Tel: +1-202-746-9125 Email: Social Media Insider, LLC 2100 M. Street NW Suite #170-242 Washington, DC 20037, USA Tel: +1-202-684-6207 Get AHEAD of the curve. Interested in advertising in the hottest social media magazine on the planet? Contact us at +1-202-684-6207 or and one of our friendly representatives will contact you as soon as possible. Scan the QR code and receive a free issue. 021714US