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Identifying & Creating Nonprofit Content and Content Strategy
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Identifying & Creating Nonprofit Content and Content Strategy


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"Extending the Reach and Influence of Nonprofits with Social Media" presented to the United Way on 4 June, 2013. This is only my portion of the presentation -- there are other presenters. I will add …

"Extending the Reach and Influence of Nonprofits with Social Media" presented to the United Way on 4 June, 2013. This is only my portion of the presentation -- there are other presenters. I will add the whole deck when I get their approval.

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  • 1. United Way WorldwideIdentifying & Creating Nonprofit Contentand Content StrategyExtending the Reach and Influence ofNonprofits with Social Media#nonprofitsm
  • 2. June 4, 20132Chris Abraham is a leading expert in digital: online reputationmanagement (ORM), Internet privacy, social media marketing anddigital PR with a focus on blogger outreach, blogger engagementand Internet crisis response.Email: chris@unisonagency.comTwitter: @chrisabrahamGoogle+: chrisabraham.comMobile: +1 202-352-5051Hashtag: #nonprofitsmChris Abraham#nonprofitsm
  • 3. June 4, 20133• Your Organization• Your illustrious history• Your noble vision• Your past wins• Your narrative• Your Staff• Empower personal brand development• Your Industry• Industry news and happenings• How do you influence the industry?• How does your industry influence you?Content Strategy#nonprofitsm
  • 4. June 4, 20134• Your Issue• Stop preaching to the choir• No inside baseball or wonking out• Remediate, remediate, remediate• The News• The news effects us all• How are you part of the news?• How does it effect your nonprofit?• The Influencers• Share the news of others – best way to connect• People always notice retweets, shares, etcContent Strategy#nonprofitsm
  • 5. June 4, 20135• Social Media• Online Influencers (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc)• Twitter Lists (Create Your Own or Discover Public Lists)• Keywords & Hashtags (Hitchhike or Create)• Who do the influencers follow?• Mainstream Media• Mainstream Media Clipping Services (Meltwater News)• Mainstream Media Email Alerts (WaPo, FT, NYT, etc)• Organizations’ & Associations’ Email Lists• Internet Search• Google AlertsSourcing News#nonprofitsm
  • 6. June 4, 20136• Feeds & Newsreaders• Netvibes• NewsBlur• Feedly• The Old Reader• Reeder• NetNewsWire• Flipboard• (TweetDeck)• Blogs• Alltop, Technorati, Google Search, BlogrollSourcing News#nonprofitsm
  • 7. June 4, 20137Follow Influencers#nonprofitsm
  • 8. June 4, 20138Like Facebook Pages#nonprofitsm
  • 9. June 4, 20139Add Google+ Pages#nonprofitsm
  • 10. June 4, 201310Twitter Lists#nonprofitsm
  • 11. June 4, 201311Meltwater News#nonprofitsm
  • 12. June 4, 201312Google Alerts#nonprofitsm
  • 13. June 4, 201313Flipboard#nonprofitsm
  • 14. June 4, 201314Flipboard#nonprofitsm
  • 15. June 4, 201315Flipboard#nonprofitsm
  • 16. June 4, 201316Feedly#nonprofitsm
  • 17. June 4, 201317Feedly#nonprofitsm
  • 18. June 4, 201318Feedly#nonprofitsm
  • 19. June 4, 201319Buffer#nonprofitsm
  • 20. June 4, 201320HootSuite#nonprofitsm
  • 21. June 4, 201321GaggleAMP#nonprofitsm
  • 22. June 4, 201322OutsourcingWhen social media isn’t your core competencyOr, let’s be honest, you really hate social media• When you can’t put the time in to do the reading• When you don’t enjoy doing the writing• When you haven’t mastered the art of social mediagrammar, protocol, hash tagging, semantics, timing, orformat• When you’re not yet in tune with the social mediasphereWhen you need to extend and expand thevolume, texture, and consistency of your content coverage• Social media is a 24/7/365 commitment#nonprofitsm
  • 23. June 4, 201323Social Media Maxima#nonprofitsm
  • 24. June 4, 201324Thank You!If you have any questions at all, you can reach me directly:Email: Mobile: +1 202-352-5051Twitter: @chrisabrahamGoogle+: Post: