Google freshness update


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Much Awaited Roll Over to Google Penguin 2.0 Update.

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Google freshness update

  1. 1. Much Awaited Roll Over to Google Penguin 2.0 Update is Here!Here comes another scintillating update to Google Penguin. A decision that was awaited by millions SEOcompanies across the world. The latest up gradation made to assess the web spam has hit hard manysites with English-US queries. Its affect could be seen on other sites too that bears other languages.Besides this, Google Penguin relatively focuses on tracking the sites carrying artificial searches andlanguage with unauthorized back-links to generate relative web-traffic. To make the search more viableand relevant to users, the Penguin update tried to unfold the hidden aspects of web spamming.According to the latest Google algorithm updates (Penguin 2.0), all those sites that violate the Google’swebmaster Guidelines would be no more gets the privilege to rank the top pages of search engine in anysense. Gone are the days, when internet marketers used automated tools to rank their website. Nomore use of keyword stuffing is allowed over the website. Duplicate content over the website is not allentertained by the search engine.To overcome unauthorized use of SEO techniques for Website Ranking, Google Penguin update itself,every now and then. To some extend Google Penguin 2.0 update has affected many sites over theinternet such as travel sites, gaming sites, porn sites carrying same information and malicious content orapplications. Few of the educational sites and business sites have hit hard by this update because of nottaking the SEO techniques seriously for Google rankings.
  2. 2. The Matt Cutts verdict to Google Penguin 2.0 update has somewhat scared many business owners, as itmight affect their web ranking in positive and negative way. He revealed that, it seems to be stricterthan the previous version of Penguin and tries to impose serious restriction to black hat webspam. Hesaid that its consequence over the internet marketing business is deeper.Cutts discussed that latest Penguin update holds a brand new generation of Google algorithms thatincludes full inspection of the website content and SEO techniques for homepage and other pages. So,try to build authority for your sites based on relevant content and appropriate keyword targets. Followthe every aspect of SEO in a natural way to get the relevant authority to the sites on worldwide rankingsof search engines.
  3. 3. Alike Google Panda, Penguin is all set to roll over the web spamming analysis. Still lots oftransformations need to be done for Penguin 0.2 and it’ll shortly be disclosed late summer this year.Wait and watch for the next scrawl of updates. Till then assess the impact of latest Google Penguinupdate on you sites either positively or negatively.Presented by : Koenig Web Design