System 1 Tips & Tricks Vol3 Issue 1 Jan 2012


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System 1 Tips & Tricks Vol3 Issue 1 Jan 2012

  1. 1. January 2012, Volume 3, Issue 1 BENTLY NEVADA SYSTEM 1® TIPS & TRICKSDear System 1 User,In the January issue of System 1® Tips and Tricks we’ll summarize a number of short topics. These are common settings we oftenget questions about from customers. The topics in this issue are: Data Plotting Range Default, Navigating the Event Manager, andCustomizing Your System 1 PlotsWe hope you enjoy this issue.Sincerely,Your North America FAE teamThis month’s tip by: Billy Gilkerson, Field Application Engineer, Minden, NVVersions: User Level:All Power User Diagnostic UserApplies to: IT GroupVarious System 1 Functions Mid Level User Occasional User New User How to set the Data Plotting Default Range1 Data Plotting Range Default – Check it before you Plot! Before you do a plot, take a quick look to see what the current Data Plotting Range Default is set for. If you want to see a current value Orbit Timebase Plot for instance and the Data Plotting Range is set for the last 60 days of historical trend, that is what you will get, and it might take a while too. Double click on the Data Plotting Range at the bottom of the screen and change it to the range you want before you do the plot. (See Graphic on right):
  2. 2. 2 The Event Manager – How does it really Work? Hierarchically Structured The Event Manager is a powerful tool in System 1 but you need to have a good understanding of how it works (to enter the Event Manager in the Hierarchy, right click at the point where you want to enter, and select “Event Manager”): The Event Manager is Hierarchically Structured, It Does Matter at what point in the Enterprise you enter the Event Manager. (See Graphic below): If you enter the Event Manager at Pump 737, you will not see events on the HP Steam Turbine, which is higher up in the Hierarchy.3 Exclusive Filtering OR Display Discrete Filtering? The Event Manager Filtering uses “Display” Discrete Filtering Or “Exclusive Filtering”, it cannot use both at the same time. Exclusive Filtering overrides Display Discrete Filtering. If any box is checked in the Exclusive Filtering area, you are not using Display Discrete Filtering. This can be confusing if not understood. (See Graphic Below):
  3. 3. 4 After you change any criteria in Exclusive Filtering or Display Discrete Filtering, you should always hit the Reload Button. You may need to increase the “Maximum Returned Events” number to a higher number as well.5 Acknowledging Alarms in the Event Manger In the Event Manager Acknowledge Area, All Means All, No matter where you enter the Event Manager from the Enterprise Hierarchy, All will acknowledge all the events in the entire Enterprise.6 Customizing Your System 1 Plots To customize Plots to your preferences, open the plots, and then right click in the plot to open the plot configuration window. Here you set your Scaling, View, etc. Once configured to your liking, use the Default Tab to set and save your preferences as the default for each Plot Type (Spectrums, Trends, any plot). Do it once, and then it will default to your preferences each time.
  4. 4. DID YOU KNOW?Bently Nevada now offers an on-line Motor Stator Insulation Monitor (MSIM), which is incorporated in our 3500 seriesmonitoring system and consequently can be interfaced to System 1 and/or DCS for trending and diagnostics. TheMSIM solution delivers the industry’s only continuous, direct measurement of stator winding capacitive and resistiveleakage currents, offering a credible indication of motor availability and reliability. The system enables operations andreliability personnel to make effective and knowledgeable process rate decisions without damaging the motor. For afact sheet, please click on this link: . For more information, pleasecontact your local Sales Manager or Field Application Engineer.Bently Nevada Technical Support:bntechsupport@ge.com775-215-1818Bently Nevada website: 1 Blog (You’ll need to join the forum):