System 1 Tips & Tricks Vol 3 Issue 10 Oct2012 Opening A System 1 Archive


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System 1 Tips & Tricks Vol 3 Issue 10 Oct2012 Opening A System 1 Archive

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System 1 Tips & Tricks Vol 3 Issue 10 Oct2012 Opening A System 1 Archive

  1. 1. October 2012, Volume 3, Issue 10 BENTLY NEVADA™ SYSTEM 1® TIPS & TRICKSDear System 1® User,In this issue of System 1 Tips and Tricks, we’ll show you how to open a System 1 Archive . There are a couple of things you need to know to open aSystem 1 Archive file. 1) System 1 Display must be installed on the computer opening the archive (System 1 Database tools is recommended). 2) The computer will need to be connected to a network (either wired or wireless) or have a Microsoft loopback adapter must be installed. 3) The version of Display must be equal to or newer than the version that created the archive. 4) System 1 Display does not need a software license to open archives. 5) Creating an archive was covered in Vol 1, Issue 2 (Sep 10)We hope you enjoy this issue!Sincerely,Your North America FAE teamThis month’s tip by: Stuart Rochon, Field Application Engineer, Chester, SCVersions: User Level:All Power User Diagnostic UserApplies to: IT GroupSystem Database Tools Mid Level User Occasional User New User Opening a System 1 Archive Open System 1 Display, either using the steps below, or using your desktop shortcut.1
  2. 2. 2 Browse to the location of the archive. It must be on the local machine, using a network drive rarely works. Notice that I included the date range of the archive in the file name. This will save a lot of time searching for the data if you have multiple archives.3 Choose your destination Directory with the Browse button. Once you’ve picked the directory to extract to, click “OK”.
  3. 3. 4 I set up an extraction folder and a subfolder with the “job” name, so I’ll know what folder to delete when I am done. The folder name can not have any spaces or characters other than letters, numbers and underscores. Click “OK” once you’ve selected the extraction folder. If you want to work with this file over a longer period of time you may want to uncheck the “Remove uncompressed files when complete” checkbox. This will leave the unzipped files on your hard drive for easy access later. It also allows you to create plot sessions that will not disappear when you close the archive in Display. Make sure there is plenty of space to extract the data.5 You will see a process screen while the data is extracted. When you open the destination folder, you will see the extracted files.
  4. 4. 6 Now that the archive is open, we need to select the time/date range that the data we want to look at resides in. Double click on “Plotting Range” at the bottom of the screen7 Select the “Historical Data” and “Fixed Date Range” radio buttons. Set the date range for a time window the archive covers.
  5. 5. 8 You will most likely see this message. Just click “Yes” to move on.9 We now see the time/date range in the lower right corner. Now, any plots we open will plot the data in that range only.1 Right clicking on the plot and saving it will create plot sessions that you can open later, but only if you0 unchecked the “Remove uncompressed data” box earlier.
  6. 6. 1 In our November 2012 issue, we will cover updating an archive to a newer version of1 Display. Remember, you cannot open a new archive with a Display version that’s older than the archive version.DID YOU KNOW?We now offer a new RESULTS SSA (Supporting Service Agreement) package. This subscription-based serviceagreement is ideal for operators that may have significant resource constraints and are currently using the BentlyNevada 3500 or 3500 Encore Series, but do not currently own and use System 1 software. For more informationon the RESULTS SSA, please visit our website, or contact your local Bently Nevada Sales Manager.Bently Nevada Technical Support:bntechsupport@ge.com775-215-1818Bently Nevada website: