AnomAlert 22 Case Studies March 2011
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AnomAlert 22 Case Studies March 2011

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22 simple csae study examples of the BN AnomAlert (Artesis MCM) identifying machine malfunctions (2011)

22 simple csae study examples of the BN AnomAlert (Artesis MCM) identifying machine malfunctions (2011)

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  • 1. GE-BNGE BN AnomAlert22 Case Studies March 2011
  • 2. Case 1Segment: Automotive Equipment:   PumpCompany:    Automobile Manufacturer A Fault:              Stator Isolation Breakdown Decreasing current unbalance level 2 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 3. Case 1 Segment: g Automotive Equipment:   Pump q p p Company:    Automobile Manufacturer A Fault:              Stator Isolation BreakdownAnomAlert gave alarm indicating a AnomAlert gave alarm indicating adeveloping electrical fault. Thermal camera results verified AnomAlert’s warnings. The pump motor was replaced. Hot Spot on stator winding 3 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 4. Case 2Segment: Automotive Equipment:   Tower FanCompany:    Automobile Manufacturer A Fault:              Imbalance & MisalignmentAnomAlert first gave a warning of a problem on 16th October 2005, and diagnosed a looseness problem. The diagnosed a looseness problem Thedecision was to wait for further indications. Increasing unbalance  parameter levelRenewed alert on 19th November 2005 initiated an inspection and a loose initiated an inspection and a loose Feb 14 Oct 16attachment bolt was found on 14th 2005 Nov 19 2006February 2006. 2005 Oct 24 2005 4 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 5. Case 2Segment: Automotive Equipment:   Tower FanCompany:    Automobile Manufacturer A Fault:  Imbalance & Misalignment Loose bolt  correctly  identified Oct 05 Nov 05 Dec 05 Jan 06 Feb 06 Mar 06 Fixed foundation Consistent alarm on Continued monitoring of problem Looseness indicated Continued monitoring of and foundations, imbalance imbalance briefly, but then problem and misalignmentfoundation problem misalignment problem disappeared 5 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 6. Case 3Segment: g Automotive Equipment:   Rubber Mixing Mill q p gCompany:    Rubber & Tire Manufacturer Fault:              Rotor Bar CrackAnomAlert identified existing transmission and unbalance faultsand unbalance faultsLater, AnomAlert began giving “Rotor Fault” warning also 6 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 7. Case 3Segment: Automotive Equipment:   Rubber Mixing MillCompany:    Rubber & Tire Manufacturer Fault:              Rotor Bar CrackThe “Rotor Fault” trend showed  Vibration measurement also verified development of the rotor fault existence of broken rotor bars, confirming  the AnomAlert predictions h A Al di i Increasing Trend 7 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 8. Case 4Segment: g Oil & Gas Equipment:   Diesel Fuel Pump q p pCompany:    Oil & Gas Company A Fault:              Misalignment Diesel Fuel Pump This case shows that  AnomAlert can be a very  3th July; Change of Oil  3th J l Ch f Oil useful tool for quality  useful tool for quality Felt assurance of maintenance  Trials of Axle adjustments work, showing whether  alignment has been correctly completed following a  l f ll maintenance task. 4th July; axle  adjustment done 8 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 9. Case 5Segment: Aerospace Equipment:   Radar AntennaCompany:    NATO Radar Base Fault:              Gear Box Defect A gear box  defect is  February 4 2003, the gear detected at a  d d box changed NATO radar  base. Early  base Early January 24 2003, the problem detection of  starts this fault  helped  uninterrupted  operation of  i f the radar. 9 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 10. Case 6Segment: Water Equipment:   PumpCompany:    Water Distribution Co. A Fault:              Loose Foundation & Unbalance 10 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 11. Case 6 Segment: Water Equipment:   Pump Equipment: Pump Company:    Water Distribution Co. A Fault:              Loose Foundation & Unbalance Before Maintenance Before Maintenance After Maintenance After Maintenance February 19, 2009 February 19 2009Loose L April 29, 2008Foundation Problem Before Maintenance After Maintenance February 19, 2009 April 29, 2008Unbalance U b lProblem 11 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 12. Case 7Segment: Metals Equipment:   Reversing Cold Rolling Mill  Fume Fan Fume FanCompany:    Iron & Steel Company A Fault:              Dirty Filter 12 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 13. Case 7Segment: Metals Equipment:   Reversing Cold Rolling Mill  Fume Fan Fume FanCompany:    Iron & Steel Company A Fault:              Dirty FilterThis fan discharges dust‐laden air out of the factory via a filter.  Motor Current 11.17.2008 04.15.2009 05.25.2009AnomAlert started to warn the user by A Al t t t d t th bgiving a “Watch Load” alarm on 15th April 2009. Motor Status 2  Parameter Watch Load  LevelExamination of the motor current trend shows that the motor current had been gradually decreasing since 17th November  ll b2008. This indicates that the filter blockage started on that date and had been gradually deteriorating to the point where gradually deteriorating to the point whereit exceeded the AnomAlert alarm level on  This drop off in current shows that the fan 15th April. had not been extracting the desired  volume of air, and hence the ventilation in  the plant would be below design levels.  the plant would be below design levels 13 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 14. Case 7Segment: Metals Equipment:   Reversing Cold Rolling Mill  Fume Fan Fume FanCompany:    Iron & Steel Company A Fault:              Dirty FilterThe maintenance team attempted to clean the filter with compressed air on 25th A ilth filt ith d i 25 April 2009, but it was not fully successful.  AnomAlert started giving a “Watch Load” alert again after just 1 month of operation.alert again after just 1 month of operation.The team changed the filter completely on 20th August 2009. After this AnomAlert stopped giving alert signals and the motor stopped giving alert signals and the motorcurrent reverted to its nominal value.  Maintenance Motor Current M t C t 08.20.2009 14 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 15. Case 8 Segment: Food Equipment:   Deep Well Pump Company:    Sugar Refinery C S R fi Fault:              Cavitation F lt C it tiJust after AnomAlert’s LEARN period was completed, the AnomAlert warned about a fault in a frequency band  b t f lt i f b dassociated with Cavitation.  The maintenance team dismantled the pump and checked for cavitation. The pump and checked for cavitation Thephotos show the damage of cavitation which can be observed as small pits on pump blade, hence confirming the diagnosis.diagnosis Increasing failure level • After maintenance, AnomAlert stopped warning. 15 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 16. Case 9 Segment: g Automotive Equipment:   Exhaust Fan q p Company:    Automobile Manufacturer B Fault:              Belt LoosenessAnomAlert indicated a transmission fault,  ,so the engineers looked at the trending data, which pointed to a loose belt.  Increasing failure  level l lThe maintenance team confirmed belt  Belt tension looseness.  starts to looseBelt looseness would tend to result in slippage, which in turn would mean that the motor could not transmit all the  Decreasing  current levelpower to the fan.  This was consistent with the decrease in the three phase currents.  16 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 17. Case 10Segment: Power Generation Equipment:   Feed Water PumpCompany:    Power Generation Company A Fault:              Bearing Fault One month after the AnomAlert  installation, AnomAlert indicated a  Developing bearing  failure  developing “Bearing” fault.  Maintenance team verified the bearing  fault and replaced the bearing of the  f lt d l d th b i f th 03.26.2009 03.30.2009 motor. After the maintenance action  AnomAlert stopped giving alarm  verifying the effectiveness of the  verifying the effectiveness of the maintenance action. AnomAlert Alarm history Examine 1 Level 03.30.2009 03 30 2009 03.26.2009 17 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 18. Case 11Segment: g Water Equipment:   Pump q p pCompany:    Saline Water Conversion Fault:              Stator FailureThe frequency spectrum indicates stator winding problem in both pumps at 120 Hz  i di bl i b th t 120 H Current Balanceas shown in the figure below. Both pumps are stopped and then restarted in the same day on May 14,  d h d2007. AnomAlert long term trending data  May 14, 2007shows an increase in current balance parameters and amplitude variations in parameters and amplitude variations incurrents before and after May 14, 2007. S and T phase  currents before  currents before Swapped S and T  S apped S and T May 14, 2007 phase currents 18 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 19. Case 13 Segment: g Manufacturing g Equipment:   Compressor q p p Company:    Battery Manufacturer Fault:              Bearing FaultAnomAlert started giving intermittent  l dwarnings on September 2005, and a bearing problem was diagnosed by AnomAlert. Deterioration was kept under AnomAlert Deterioration was kept underreview until January 2006. When carried out, maintenance and repair actions verified the diagnostic assessment of AnomAlert.On later examination of the AnomAlert trends, it was found that the bearing problem was detected even earlier that 13th September2005, but the severity was not sufficient to give rise to an alert. This demonstrates the capability of AnomAlert demonstrates the capability of AnomAlertto indicate developing faults at a very early stage. 19 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 20. Case 13 Segment: Manufacturing Equipment:   Compressor Company:    Battery Manufacturer Fault:              Bearing Fault Aug 05 Sept 05 Oct 05 Nov 05 Dec 05 Jan 06 Problem fixed,No problem, Progress of had 3 havingother than minor bearing problem b i months to bl Bearing problemsupply issue monitored – prepare indicated, with 3 early indication g month warning in August 20 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 21. Case 14Segment: Metals Equipment:   PumpCompany:    Iron & Steel Company B Fault:              Coupling Coupling fault  detected and  d d d remedied. 21 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 22. Case 15Segment: Manufacturing Equipment:   Phosphate Pump Equipment: Phosphate PumpCompany:    Home Appliance Man. Fault:              Bearing Defect & Bent Shaft Bearing fault Change of  detected. The same bearings  Increase in  and shaft fault indication Change of  g the 10th  the 10th and  12th  bearings repeated again mechanical  parameters.  later. Further analysis indicated to t an bent shaft b t h ft which was causing the fault. 22 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 23. Case 16Segment: Automotive Equipment:   PumpCompany:    Automobile Manufacturer C Fault:              UnbalanceAnomAlert started giving ‘Unbalance’ warning and soon after it became  i d ft it bnearly consistent, on 28 th May 2010.Maintenance team checked the motor and verified the imbalance. d f d h b l 23 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 24. Case 16Segment: Automotive Equipment:   PumpCompany:    Automobile Manufacturer C Fault:              Unbalance Increasing  failure  trend‘Unbalance’ and ‘Motor Status 2’ parameters show the development of the parameters show the development of thefault. Motor  Status  05.28.2010 24 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 25. Case 17 Segment: Pharmaceutical g Equipment:   Ventilation Fan q p Company: Pharmaceutical Manufacturer Fault:              TurbulenceDiscontinuous but frequent warnings regarding ‘Driven Equipment Fault’ were detected on a Ventilation Fan, that had been monitored by AnomAlert.After a detailed investigation, it was realized that the warning was being given  g ggwhile the monitored fan was running together with the other fan supplying air to the same ventilation duct.It was observed that when two motors run together they will cause turbulence in air flow.  25 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 26. Case 18Segment: Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Equipment: Reciprocating Compressor Reciprocating CompressorCompany:    Oil & Gas Company B Fault:  Valve Leaking Baseline from June 2010 showing LNG compressors were being monitored by VA, clear, valve related sideband energy which was not detecting problems. AnomAlert was then fitted to the compressors. We analyzed the results and advised that there were leaking valves that should be attended to at the next overhaul. When the equipment was stripped down, the diagnosis was confirmed. Following the overhaul, the October 2010  AnomAlert was put back into learn mode to give a new PSD curve, which h d a significantly i hi h had i ifi l different shape from the earlier one, confirming that we detected the change resulting res ltin from the o erha l Vibration Anal sis overhaul. Analysis detected no change whatsoever. Baseline from October 2010 following an overhaul. It can  26 be seen that the valve sidebands are no longer present but  GE Title or job number there is broadband noise from one of the piston baffles. 5/11/2011
  • 27. Case 19Segment: g Oil & Gas q p Equipment:   LNG Pump pCompany:    Oil & Gas Company C Fault:              Shaft DeflectionAnomAlert correctly identified that the AnomAlert correctly identified that the pump had no major faults No major faults – all green 27 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 28. Case 19 Segment: Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Equipment:   LNG Pump Equipment: LNG Pump Company:    Oil & Gas Company C Fault:              Shaft DeflectionAnomAlert trends revealed that the pump was experiencing increased rub energy when the load was too highThe cause of this was slight movement in one of the shaft bearings causing wear to one of the shaft bearings causing wear tothe shaft and shaft deflection.This was confirmed during strip down work on the pump and was related to a design problem that has since been eliminated. 28 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 29. Case 20Segment: Water Equipment:   Pump Equipment: PumpCompany:    Water Distribution Co. B Fault:              Pump BlockageAnomAlert began giving load alarms in AnomAlert began giving load alarms in September 2010.Some inherent friction‐related faults were  identified in the frequency spectrum. identified in the frequency spectrum 29 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 30. Case 20Segment: Water Equipment:   Pump Equipment: PumpCompany:    Water Distribution Co. B Fault:              Pump BlockageAnomAlert began giving load alarms in September 2010 and the active power of the pump dropped drastically in December. The cause was a piece of wood blocking the pump inlet. 30 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 31. Case 21Segment: Power Generation Equipment:   ID FanCompany:    Power Generation Company B Fault:              Fouling Power from waste generation station. Between shutdowns the ID Fan system  fouls leading to reduced efficiency. f l l di t d d ffi i AnomAlert identifies this point by  AnomAlert identifies this point by recognising the difference in the load  conditions of the motor. Load alarm as power drops  31 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011 off / increases!
  • 32. Case 21 Segment: Power Generation Power Generation Equipment:   ID Fan Equipment: ID Fan Company:    Power Generation Company B Fault:              FoulingThe trends highlight the gradual change in  Temporary, short term, changes in power current between shutdowns, indicating that  can also be seen to have a large effect on the system is fouling and that the fan is  the vibration response of the machine.working harder to overcome this. 32 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 33. Case 22 Segment: Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Equipment:   Pump Equipment: Pump Company:Oil & Gas Company D Fault:              Stator Insulation ProgressionFrequent alarm and trend responses indicated changes in internal motor conditions. Green, yellow and  Green yellow and blue lines correspond  to internal electrical  fault 33 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011
  • 34. Case 22 Segment: Oil & Gas Oil & Gas Equipment:   Pump Equipment: Pump Company:  Oil & Gas Company D Fault:              Stator Insulation ProgressionThe trending showed that there was significant phase current in addition to the stator‐related trend increases and alarms. Currents in the three phases vary in shape and separation Red line (Ir) and yellow line (Is) cross over frequently, indicating inconsistent behaviour between the phases 34 GE Title or job number 5/11/2011