Managing Multiple Online Channels in Hostel Groups


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Managing Multiple Online Channels in Hostel Groups

  1. 1. “Managing  Mul*ple  Online  Channels  in  Hostel  Groups” Brian Manning Managing Director CMS Hospitality 13th December, 2011
  2. 2. About CMS Hospitality § Established over 25 years § Offices Sydney and London § GuestCentrix - comprehensive hospitality product suite § Developed and owned by us § We started in Hotels, now work with Hotels, Resorts, Hostels § Particular strength in multi-site property systems § Windows and Browser based products, using MS SQL Server
  3. 3. GuestCentrix Product Suite Central  Reserva*ons Central  Repor*ng PMS Conference  &   F&B  Inventory Banque*ng Point  of  Sale Repairs  &  Maintenance Tour  Desk Web  Bookings
  4. 4. GuestCentrix PMS • Mature, full featured PMS • ‘Flavour’ switches for different property types/ clients • FIT Res, Group Res, Allotments • Companies, Travel Agents, Wholesalers • Guest profiles • Advanced rates & packages • Packages on the fly • Transfers, Extra Charges, Specials • User defined reports • MS Office interface • Many Interfaces • Web bookings
  5. 5. GuestCentrix POS § Seamless integration with GuestCentrix PMS § Extensive reports for in depth analysis of sales data § Easy to use and attractive user interface §Total customisation through unlimited keyboard configurations § Supports industry standard POS units, cash draws, printers, displays, and scanners § Integrated Inventory Control System for real time or overnight stock level reporting § Quick service, bar, or restaurant environments
  6. 6. GuestCentrix C&B §Events management § Sales automation § Contact management § e-Mail integration § MS Office integration § Floor plans § User-defined reports § Booking & event templates § Invoicing § Integration with PMS § Complete booking history § Equipment inventory § Multi-venue, multi- property § Remote access
  7. 7. GuestCentrix WebApps Channel Manager – Manage Rate & Inventory Associates – Manage Own Rate & InventoryG-Pad - Access all Hotel Data (iPad) G-­‐Queue Check In away from G-­‐Phone Reception iPhone Status (iPad)
  8. 8. GuestCentrix Hostel.Web §Browser Based §Any browser, PC or Mac §Shares database with desktop version §Multi-Hostel §Particular focus on Check In control §Ease of Use
  9. 9. GuestCentrix in a HostelGroup§ We start with a Central database § Contains all common tables, Guest profiles, Rates, etc§ Then we build a database for each Hostel § Looks to the Central database for common tables§ Then we connect all of the required workstations § On a Local Area Network § Via Thin Client (Citrix, Microsoft RDC) § Via the Web§ Appliances include § Windows PCs § Apple Macs § Thin Client appliance § Smart Phones (eg iPhones) § Tablets (eg iPads)
  10. 10. GuestCentrix Deployment
  11. 11. Head Office Set-Up
  12. 12. Hostel Set-Up
  13. 13. Web Channels§ Each connection to a web site is referred to as a Channel§ Channels include booking engines such as § Gomio § Hostelworld § Pegasus § Booking.Com § HostelBoookers
  14. 14. Web Channels§Includes other Channel Managers such as SiteMinder(GuestCentrix Exchange)
  15. 15. Problems with MultiChannels§ Inventory out on multiple channels – resulting in overbooking§ Rates need to change often and quickly to match competitors and to handle Yield§ You probably want Rate and Inventory to vary by channel§ Exposed to potential plunge on bookings on a channel§ Too many touch points to adequately manage manually
  16. 16. GuestCentrix Channel Manager§ Controls all Channels between GuestCentrix and the Web§ Provides Single view across All Channels§ GuestCentrix system holds Rates and Actual Inventory per Hostel§ Web engines may have different Rates and Inventory§ Channel Manager allows you to quickly change both Inventory and Rates per Hostel per Channel
  17. 17. GuestCentrix Channel Manager The  Internet Channel  Manager GuestCentrix  Database  System
  18. 18. Channel Traffic§Single View Across Channels
  19. 19. Detailed view per Channel§List of Bookings made, details available
  20. 20. High Channel Activity§Higher booking rate than specified
  21. 21. Group Status§Availability across Group hostels
  22. 22. Adjust Inventory Daily
  23. 23. Adjust Rates and Inventory Daily
  24. 24. Bulk Update
  25. 25. Rate Controls§ In addition to Price, GuestCentrix Rate Codes support controls such as: § Minimum Length of Stay § Maximum Length of Stay § Booking Lead Time § Arrival Day of Week§ These controls only work with a Pull Model (for a specific booking period), not a Push Model (for a date range in the future)
  26. 26. Yield Controls § Controls  by  Channel  and  by  Bed  Type § Yield  Management  systems,  such  as  EzRMS § Rate  adjustment  formulae,  such  as  that  shown  below § Manual  Rate  and  Inventory  Overrides  (Channel  Manager)
  27. 27. Rate Alarms§These systems allow you to track competitors rates
  28. 28. Thank You