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Chris Gulotta antitrust presentation for Endicott College Sports Law Class

Chris Gulotta antitrust presentation for Endicott College Sports Law Class

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  • 1. Labor Relations and Collective Bargaining in Sports
    Chris Gulotta
    Slidecast #1
  • 2. Trusts and Antitrust
    Sherman Antitrust Act of 1890
    Outlaw or restrict Monopolies and restrictions on Free Trade
  • 3. Antitrust and Labor Relation Acts
    Clayton Act of 1914
    National Labor Relations Act
    Taft –Hartley Act of 1947
    Unions in Sports
  • 4. Antitrust’s Impact
    “Trust Busting”
    Standard Oil, AT&T, Microsoft, and Intel
    Important in maintaining Commerce and competition.
  • 5. The “Business of Baseball”
    Baseball is unique under Antitrust protection
    Federal Baseball Club v. National League 259 U.S. 200 (1922)
  • 6. Collective Bargaining Agreements
    CBA’s have come out of Unions and Antitrust works
    Final agreement/contract of negotiations between management and union
    Outlines the rights of both sides
  • 7. CBA’s Role in Sports
    CBA’s importance in sports
    Outline what each side gets
    Without the CBA, there are no guidelines for league setup
    When CBA deal runs out, unless new one is reached, Lockouts and work stoppages occur
  • 8. Strikes and Lockouts
    When CBA negotiations reach a stand still or are not going anywhere:
    Players can go on strike or,
    Owners can lock out the players
    Impact all aspects of the game and league as well as all parties involved.
    In sports, strikes are unique B
    because the workers cant
    be replaced.
  • 9. MLB Strike of 1994
    Most heralded strike
    Players strike: August 12
    Owners cancel remainder of Season: Sept. 14
    Lasting impacts
    Fan Support
  • 10. Impact on Sports today
    Sports today heavily impacted by strikes
    MLB being upstaged by NFL
    NBA drop
    Change how Hockey is played
    Potential Strikes
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