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Ninjas Presentation


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Cael Foster - W2

Cael Foster - W2

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Sports
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  • 1. Ninjas
    The Truth About
    By Cael Foster – W2
  • 2. True or False?
    It is said that Ninjas are descended from a demon, half man half crow.
  • 3. False
    The first Ninja is said to be a Samurai, Daisuke Togakure, who lost his rank and his land. In 1162 he was forced into the mountains of Japan where he met KainDoshi, a warrior monk. The two stayed in the mountains for the next five years creating Ninjitsu, a unique marshal art still taught today.
  • 4. True or False?
    Ninjas wore all black, could move across walls and blend into shadows at will.
  • 5. False
    Ninjas wore navy blue clothing for night missions and used disguises for day missions.
  • 6. True or False?
    Ninjas used unusual weapons such as throwing stars to accomplish their mission.
  • 7. False
    Ninjas often wore light armor and used weapons such as medium-length straight-bladed swords known as shinobigatana, bo staffs, war staves, naginata (long staff with curved blade). They also used ropes, grappling hooks, and special equipment called shuko which were worn on the hands and feet to help scale walls.
  • 8. True or False?
    Ninjas were always only young men.
  • 9. False
    There were female Ninjas, but they were only used for infiltration, and usually were disguised as dancers, concubines or servants.
  • 10. True or False?
    Ninjas and Samurais were completely separate.
  • 11. False
    Some of the most famous Ninjas in Japanese history were also Samurai.
    Ninjas were used as assassins, spies and saboteurs. They were given missions by their Jonin, Ninja leaders who were often Samurai.
  • 12. True or False?
    Ninjas have supernatural powers to manipulate the elements.
  • 13. False
    Ninjas encouraged rumors that they had supernatural powers. Though they couldn’t actually manipulate the elements, they used their surroundings to conceal themselves within the elements.
  • 14. Ninja Fun Facts
    • Ninjas were organized into three ranks: Genin (lowest), Chunin (officers) and Jonin.
    • 15. Ninjitsu teaches its followers the art of stealth, fighting and concealment.
    • 16. Ninjas were taught their skills in special schools known as Ryu. Ninjitsu features some of the nastiest strikes and holds imaginable, focusing on weak or vulnerable points of the anatomy and designed for instantly crippling or killing foes.