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College presentation

College presentation






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    College presentation College presentation Presentation Transcript

    • School Libraries
      From a Vendor’s Perspective
    • Perspective
      • Job losses and shrinking budgets are a reality and are causing considerable stress in today’s schools
      • What can be done to save school librarians?
      • Be a collaborator with teachers and administration
      • Be a part of the educational process
      • Establish yourself as the information specialist and the literacy/research expert of your school
      • Advocate for your position before it is considered for elimination
      • From Doug Johnson’s Blue Skunk Blog on January 12, 2010: “I do know this. Once a budget plan is presented to the public via the school board, it is almost impossible to change. Any influence we have has to be exerted during the planning – we can’t wait to react.”
      • Use vendor resources to maximize your time and increase your capabilities to serve your students and teachers
    • Literacy Extends Outside the Library
      Trends include:
      Leveled Libraries (a.k.a. Book Rooms)
      Summer Reading
      Classroom Novel Sets
      Classroom Libraries
    • Definition of a Vendor
      According to Merriam-Webster OnLine
      Etymology: Anglo-French vendur, from vendre to sell, from Latin vendere
      one that vends : see seller
      The person in a business deal who hands over an item in exchange for money <we're thinking of making a deal with that other software vendor>
      Synonyms: dealer, merchandiser, seller
      Related Words: trader, distributor, retailer, wholesaler, peddler, salesperson
      In the school library world, the word “jobber” is also used to describe the vendor.
      specifically: a wholesaler who operates on a small scale or who sells only to retailers and institutions
    • Examples of Vendors
      Retailers – Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, etc.
      Publishers – Capstone, Lerner, etc.
      Jobbers – Rainbow, Gumdrop, Davidson, Bound to Stay Bound, Perma-Bound, Baker & Taylor, Follett
      Generally working with a static inventory that they have purchased for resale (some limited exceptions)
      Acquisition Service – Mackin
      Company who provides access to the materials you require from the publishers that you want to work with.
      Not restricted to static inventory – accessing publisher inventory on an as-needed basis (just-in-time, on-demand format)
      Designed to acquire materials to fulfill a need.
    • Vendor Service Comparison
    • About Mackin
      26 years working with school libraries
      Located in Minneapolis, Minnesota
      Family-owned company that now operates globally
      Specializing in school-by-school, district-by-district customization (we design our services to fit your needs)
    • One-Source Service for Schools
      World’s largest, age-appropriate PreK-12 database
      Mackin provides access to over 18,000 publishers including:
      Abdo Publishing Company
      Arte Publico
      Albert Whitman
      Barefoot Books
      Boyds Mill Press
      Charlesbridge Publishing
      Chronicle Books
      Child’s Play
      Crabtree Publishing
      Dorling Kindersley
      Dover Books
      Eakin Publications
      Firefly Books
      Publishers Group West
      Portage & Main Press
      Random House
      Salina Bookshelf
      Santillana Publishing Co.
      Spotlight Books
      Simon & Schuster
      Star Bright Books
      Sunbelt Publications
      T & N Children’s Publishing
      Gareth Stevens
      Harcourt Brace
      Harper Collins
      Houghton Mifflin
      Holiday House
      Kane Miller
      Lee & Lou Books
      National Council on Education
      Northland Publishing
      Pacific Learning
      Penguin USA
    • Customer Service
      Real people providing real service
      Your needs are our needs
      • Phones answered 24 hours/day
      • You can also contact Mackin via email or Live Chat
    • Mackin Services
      Books in any format: publisher library bound, publisher trade bound, paperback, and preboundMackinbound
      Non-print materials, such as CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks
      Web-based eBooks and interactive books
      Online database subscriptions
      Shelf-ready, automation-ready cataloging and processing
      Mackin fill rates average 95-100% on all PreK-12 orders.
    • Nation’s Foremost New School Services
      Complete Opening Day Collections designed for your specific needs.
      Additional services provided by Mackin to new schools :
      • Designated New School Coordinator
      • Designated Classroom Service Coordinator
      • Completely customized collection
      • Free shelving plan
      • Free shelving team
      • Always shipped in exact Dewey order
      • Free cataloging and processing
      • Aggressive discounts
      • 1-year extension of discount after school opens
      • 3-year guarantee of all books/media
      • Free duplicate checking
      • Discount on Alexandria software
      • And much, much more
    • Free Custom Processing
    • Free Custom Cataloging
      MARC records created and customized to customer specifications
      Compatible with all online catalogs and circulation systems
    • Precision Quality Control
      Order accuracy is our mandate
      Multiple checkpoints throughout the process ensure the quality of cataloging, processing, packing, and shipping
    • Always Free Shipping
    • We Do It Right the First Time
      • We guarantee the right materials, ready to circulate, right out of the box, on every order
    • Preparing a Book Order
      Three simple steps:
      Prepare a consideration list and send order
      Confirm your processing specs (Mackin can provide sample processing for your approval)
      Upon receiving books, check into system and shelve for circulation
      Mackin.com makes this easy and fun!
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      1. Get started
      Begin on the home page (www.mackin.com) by registering to establish secure access to the site, with a private password of your choice that you use each time to log in.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      2. Create your profile.
      Tell Mackin.com how you like to search.
      Go to My Profile (under My Mackin in the top menu). You can set up search defaults, interest levels, binding display and even parameters for multiple school ordering.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      3. Search for titles.
      There are over 2 million titles in the Mackin.com database, which means you have a great chance of finding the titles you seek. The process begins on the Search page, which includes a SEARCH BY dropdown menu, a field to enter your keyword(s) and a selection of parameters to help you define your query.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      4. OR, use our suggested lists.
      Our experienced librarians continually create lists of titles that you can modify, specific to your state, for your library or classroom. We also include lists of best new titles, and state and national standards, as well as School Library Journal, Publishers Weekly, and Library Media Connection selections.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      5. Navigate your search results.
      You can customize your search results by adding and removing columns of information using the Column link to the top right of the search results list. Publisher, Dewey, ISBN, AR Quiz, Language – there are over 15 options available. Your column choices will stay as your continue searching and the next time you log in.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      6. Select titles/create a list.
      Create a new list or select a saved list in the drop-down box above your search results. When you click on the Select box next to a title, it is immediately added and saved to your current open list. To remove a selection, simply uncheck it. One-click selection!
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      7. Manage your lists.
      To see all your submitted and unsubmitted lists, go to My Book Lists (under My Mackin in the top menu). You can sort by clicking on the column headings; edit, delete or forward a list; merge, move, or copy a list; and even calculate the total for a group of lists. To see the details of a specific list, click on the list name. To change the quantity of a title, enter the desired quantity in the Qty. field, then press Enter/Return.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      8. Choose your cataloging and processing options.
      To select your specifications for the first time, go to My Specs (under My Mackin in the top menu). Follow the instructions and click the Submit to Mackin when you’re done. You also can print out a PDF specifications form and mail or fax to us when complete. To make changes to your specs on future orders, call Customer Service.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      9. Time to order!
      When you’re ready to place an order (also called submitting a list), click the Order Now button on your open list page. If you need to make any changes on a submitted order, please call Customer Service.
    • 10 Steps to Using Mackin.com
      10. What else can you do on Mackin.com?
      Analyze your collection
      Request a custom list from our expert librarians (collection development)
      Learn about Opening Day Collections
      Discover Mackin’s extensive, customized classroom services
      Find out more about interactive eBooks and online databases
      Register for Funds4Books, an online fundraiser
      Check out industry trends and grant resources
      Review Publisher Showcase
      and more!
    • Register Now!
      Register now on Mackin.com, by selecting “College Student” as your job title. We look forward to working with you!
    • For more information, questions, or comments:
      Susan Grimes – TX Sales Consultantsusan.grimes@mackin.com800-245-9540 (toll-free) or 817-233-4071 (cell)
      Mackin Customer Service
      800-245-9540 (toll-free)