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  1. 1. Chris WaddingtonPistolsBelow are some of the pistols available in the Fallout series. In my short film I intend to have anaction sequence involving a shootout and some form of fight scene. I am most likely going to use asmall replica gun such as a pistol which would be much easier to copy and make similar to the gamethan if I was to use one of the other weapons such as a Rocket Launcher or Minigun.Hunting RifleThis is one of the first weapons you acquire in the game and is quite a standard gun. It looks old andrough and has tape/cloth wrapped around it. This is another weapon I plan to feature in theshootout of my short film. I have chosen this gun because I have access to an extremely similar gunwhich is an air rifle. I can then use the programme ‘Adobe After Effects’ to edit the muzzle flash andgunshot and add royalty free gunshot sounds from the internet.Butch’s Toothpick (Knife)Butch’s Toothpick is a special knife that can only be obtained in the gameby killing the man called Butch. However it looks similar to a standardknife which would not be hard to replicate.
  2. 2. Chris WaddingtonLocations - Fawley Power Station The Fawley Power Station and surrounding areas have been abandoned for the last few years and are slowly turning to rubble, and a derelict looking area. This could be a good location for some of my shots and scenes in my short film. One of the main issues with this location is that it is in Southhampton, and travel to get down there would be expensive and require large amounts of planning. - woolton high school ‘The property is located on the edge of Woolton, a highly desirable and popular residential area of the city. It is situated approximately 8 miles south east of the City Centre with the entrance situated opposite the gates to Strawberry Fields. The school, which originally formed part of a wider school campus, closed in 2009. Subject to funding the intention is to demolish the existing buildings.’
  3. 3. Chris Waddington This site is an old abandoned special needs school. The pictures I have seen from the inside make it look perfect for an indoor location for my short film. The school is abandoned, messy and dirty. This could work extremely well as it has a very post-apocalyptic feel to it. - Wharncliff Works, Sheffield ‘Wharncliffe Works originally produced stoves, grates and fenders (for fires-not Harleys!). It is currently owned by the same chap who owns GB (the works-not the collection of countries!) its condition varies from cleanish offices to pigeon poop infested rooms to fire damaged areas. It was listed at grade II in 1988 when it was then occupied by Langsett Industries, Sheet Metal Workers. Various planning permissions were sought during the 1990’s to restore & convert the buildings, however these passed permissions have now lapsed. The building was first placed on the Listed Buildings at Risk Register in June 1993, the complex was again assessed under the English Heritage Listed Buildings At Risk criteria in 1999, and was deemed to be in Risk Category 4.* This suggested that it was “to be monitored”. ‘ - http://www.ukurbex.com/index.php?/topic/2401-wharncliffe-works-sheffield-visited-august- 2010/
  4. 4. Chris Waddington Wharncliff works is another perfect location for the indoor scenes of my short film. It’s extremely derelict and contains various old, broken and rusty items. One of the parts of the works is fire damaged and has a very post apocalyptic feel to it. Another room in the works contains an old, broken TV. This is perfect for my short film as in the intro to the game Fallout 3, it features an old TV showing some footage from the past.