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  1. 1. Chris Waddington Location ReconnaissanceFor my post-apocalyptic short film, I had to find a location that had run down buildings,Desert/wasteland like areas and various bits of debris or rubble. The location I finally decided to useafter various visits to potential places was an old Quarry in Buxton called ‘Harpour Hill’.This is one of the locations around the quarry that I plan to use in my short film. It puts across therundown wasteland effect quite well and shows lots of decay and rubble.This is another part of the quarry that has thesame effect and atmosphere. I plan to use bothof these in the short film. The picture on the left is a screenshot from the game, Fallout 3. The location I found resembles this quite well and is similar in various ways. This will help in various ways with authenticity.
  2. 2. Chris WaddingtonOn the right is a photograph of part of the quarry which hasfilled with water. There is also a flipped over car which hasbeen half buried under the stones and sand. The water andthe car will both be extremely useful in My short film as inone of the scenes, the main character fills up his canteen withradiated water. (Game reference) The water has been given astrange blue colour due to the limestone around it which willgive it a weird effect. The photograph on the left is from the inside of a small cave. This is where the main character will wake up after seeking shelter the previous night in one of the first scenes of the film. The main character will have various equipment with him such as a sleeping bag and an old cooker. For the first few shots of the film it will show him packing away his equipment and putting on his mask.The pictures below are taken from outside the small cave shown above. The metal sheet shown inthe bottom left picture will be used to cover the entrance to the cave and where the main characteris sleeping. When the first scene is filmed I will have to wait for a sunny day to show the light shiningthrough and almost blinding the main character as he goes back outside.
  3. 3. Chris WaddingtonIn the photos below, you can see many of the other locations and settings that I plan to usethroughout my film. One of them is a small rundown building which only has toilets inside it. Theothers are an old burnt out car, and water which has been filled with green thick liquid, which will beknown in the film (and game) as ‘Nuclear Waste’.