The Power of Chatter's Network


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  • In 2009, we witnessed a seminal moment in a shift to social networking. In July, 2009, Social Networking users surpassed email users. And that is AMAZING. What does it mean? If you go to colleges or high schools, they don’t use email. They look at email as antiquated. They use facebook or twitter. This is the future. Social networking interactions are how people are communicating today and it’s the wave of the future.
  • You can see here from the research that the top applications that people are using on the internet are Facebook and YouTube. These are Cloud 2 apps that I ’m talking about. In fact, the usage of these services have surpassed search in internet usage. This is a fundamental change in what people are doing in the Cloud today. This shows that the move from Cloud 1 to Cloud 2 is already happening.
  • The reality is the older technologies—the lotus notes, sharepoint, even outlook—is letting us down. They don ’t provide that dynamism. It doesn ’t provide us the insight. The data to decision. The reality is I know more about strangers on facebook than I do my coworkers. It ’s easier to follow people like Ashton Kutcher than my most important deals or strategic initiatives. I can tag photos easier than I can follow key content I need to do my job. We ’ve got to go forward, and the consumer world has leaped ahead. Instead of this old file server technology, or intranets that don’t work, we built an app for collaboration that borrows the best practices form sites like facebook and twitter. And the collaboration app doesn ’t sit on the side of the sales cloud and service cloud. It’s built right in, adding collaboration to these apps. It will become part of your operating environment (of course you can turn it on or off at your discretion), and add the dynamism of collaboration to sales and service.
  • The Power of Chatter's Network

    1. 1. Wall Wall Chatter Chris Cranis Sr. Account Executive Enterprise Corporate Sales
    2. 2. Your entire company can be on Chatter
    3. 3. Your entire company should be on Chatter
    4. 4. Not sure?
    5. 5. Really?
    6. 6. Social Networking Surpasses Email Email Users Social Networking Users Global Users (MM) Social Networking Users Surpass Email Users on 7/09 Source: Morgan Stanley Internet Mobile Report, December 2009
    7. 7. More people are communicating within the Social Graph than with Email or IM. Amazing.
    8. 8. Where are people spending their time on the web?
    9. 9. Broad Change in Internet Usage Top Internet Use Cases Source: Nielsen Wire, January 2011. Morgan Stanley Internet Mobile Report, December 2009
    10. 10. Where are your employees spending the bulk of their time at work?
    11. 11. Intranet Oracle Microsoft Office Google Word PowerPoint Skype Concur Lotus Notes Financials Facebook Outlook Yahoo Access AOL CRM ERP MS Project SAP OneNote YouTube Twitter Excel Salesforce Gmail Sharepoint Hotmail Flickr LinkedIn Peoplesoft AIM Blogger Evernote Visio Basecamp YIM WordPress
    12. 12. Can your employees they find what they need, when they need it , anytime , anywhere ? Are they leveraging their co-workers successfully ? Are you using Enterprise Collaboration Tools ?
    13. 13. We Need a New Paradigm for Enterprise Collaboration At Home we know about what matters in real-time Microsoft Sharepoint Lotus Notes At Work we ’ re in the dark about what matters most Friends and Family Photos and Events Latest Updates Colleagues / Expertise Updated Documents Our Top Customers ? ? ?
    14. 14. The success of a social network is directly linked to the # of active users , the # of connections and the amount of time they spend in the network.
    15. 15. What happens to social networks that fail to provide relevant content, a rich user experience and social influence ?
    16. 17. When the social network is reliable , feature-rich , mobile and integrated to the things we use every day …we can achieve impossible things.
    17. 18. If Facebook were a country it would be the world’s 4 th largest
    18. 19. Why aren’t all enterprise apps like Facebook ?
    19. 20. Share This one is….
    20. 21. Salesforce Chatter: Award-Winning Collaboration Easy to Use: Works like Facebook Trusted: Real-time Updates: Free: For every employee Product of the year Most innovative product Excellence award Most innovative product Product of the year Choose the people, documents, and apps to follow Secure, private application
    21. 22. Collaboration Tools for the Social Enterprise Trusted. Private. Secure. Chatter Search Dashboard Chatter Chatter Filters Chatter Recommendations Chatter Email Manager Chatter Files Chatter Analytics Chatter Topics # Activity Chatter Chatter Digest Emails Mark Silber Qualcomm
    22. 23. Chatter Amplifies Connections Business moves faster “ I can help ” “ I know the answer to that ” “ From my experience… ” “ Try this ” Lead Converted Deal Update Submit Forecast Reference? Invite Customers To Events Do you Know? New Lead Alert
    23. 24. Chatter Anywhere and Everywhere iPad iPhone Chatter Desktop
    24. 25. Unbelievable Enterprise Adoption >80,000 Active Chatter Customers 100,000+ Chatter Users 6,000+ Chatter Users 6,000+ Chatter Users 6,000+ Chatter Users 5,000+ Chatter Users 4,000+ Chatter Users June 2010 July 2011
    25. 26. Companies Leveraging Networks Intensively Gain Market Share and Higher Margins December 2010
    26. 27. Chatter Makes Companies More Successful Source: Customer Relationship Survey conducted Nov. 2010 by an independent third-party MarketTools Inc. on 6,000+ customers randomly selected, representing organizations across the globe, of all sizes and from a diverse set of industries. Response sizes per question vary. Data is intended as a guideline based upon historical results from a sample set of customers. Results are dependent upon many different factors that are customer-specific. Therefore, actual results will vary.
    27. 28. Do impossible things as a team