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Cloud Foundry bootcamp at ContributingCode



A brief introduction to Cloud Foundry, a modern, open-source PaaS.

A brief introduction to Cloud Foundry, a modern, open-source PaaS.



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Cloud Foundry bootcamp at ContributingCode Cloud Foundry bootcamp at ContributingCode Presentation Transcript

  • Cloud Foundry Boot CampChris Richardson - Senior Developer Advocate - @crichardson © 2009 VMware Inc. All rights reserved
  • Agenda Why PaaS matters to developers Overview of Cloud Foundry Getting started with Cloud Foundry Consuming Cloud Foundry services 2
  • Let’s imagine that you want to deploy an app... Do you know how much hardware to buy? Can you afford it? How long does it take to approve, buy and install? Who is going to set it up? What happens if the traffic increases 10x? Can we afford a test lab? 3
  • Cloud computing empowers us to deal with these challenges... 4
  • Cloud computing defined IT delivered as a service Over the internet Self-service Pay per use 5
  • The three layers of cloud computing SaaS PaaS IaaS 6
  • Benefits of IaaS Agility Pay per use ElasticityBut you need to configure and maintainthe operating systems, the app servers andthe databases etc. 7
  • Need to move up the stack SaaS PaaS IaaS 8
  • PaaS =Application deployment and management + Service provisioning 9
  • Agenda Why PaaS matters to developers Overview of Cloud Foundry Getting started with Cloud Foundry Consuming Cloud Foundry services 10
  • The Open Platform as a ServiceDeploy and scale applications inseconds, without locking yourself p en, e, O lable Simpl Sca Flex ible, 11
  • Cloud Foundry open PaaS - Choice of frameworks OSS community
  • Cloud Foundry open PaaS - Choice of application services vFabricPostgres Ap p lica Data o Services n  S erv ice  In vFabric ter fac RabbitMQTM Msg e Services Other Services Additional partners services …
  • Cloud Foundry open PaaS - Choice of clouds d Avoi n Ap p lica Lo ck-i Data Private   o Services Clouds   n  S erv ice  In e fac ter ter fac Msg Public r  In e Clouds ide Services ov  Pr ud Cl o Micro Other Clouds Services
  • CloudFoundry.COM - Multi-tenant PaaS operated by VMware CloudFoundry.COM (beta) Runtimes & Frameworks Services vCenter / vSphere Infrastructure 15
  • Micro Cloud FoundryTM – Industry first downloadable PaaS Micro Cloud Foundry Runtimes & Frameworks Services Your Laptop/PC Single VM instance of Cloud Foundry that runs on a developer’s MAC or PC 16
  • CloudFoundry.ORG - Community open-source project CloudFoundry.ORG Your Infrastructure Download Setup Deploy Behind BOSH Code Environment Firewall Apache2 license 17
  • Cloud Foundry: you can trade-off effort vs flexibility Less Less Public PaaS .... .COM Private PaaSEffort .... Flexibility Custom Private PaaS git clone git:// More More 18
  • Cloud Foundry Resources Primary Site : Open Source Site : Twitter : @cloudfoundry , hash tag #cfoundry Blog : FB : Support : • Documentation • Knowledge Base • Q & A / Forums 19
  • Agenda Why PaaS matters to developers Overview of Cloud Foundry Getting started with Cloud Foundry Consuming Cloud Foundry services 20
  • Register Use promo code 21
  • Welcome email 22
  • Ways to use Cloud Foundry 23
  • Installing vmc on Windows Install the vmc gem 24
  • Installing vmc on Mac OSXUse Ruby Version Manager$ bash -s stable <<(curl -s$ rvm install 1.9.2$ rvm use 1.9.2$ gem install vmc 25
  • Example vmc commands $ vmc target <any cloud> $ vmc login <credentials> $ vmc push <my-app> ! > bind services? Yes $ vmc update <my-app> $ vmc instances <my-app> +100 26
  • Logging into$ vmc target api.cloudfoundry.comSuccessfully targeted to []$ vmc loginAttempting login to []Email: crichardson@vmware.comPassword: ********Successfully logged into [] 27
  • vmc push optionally creates manifest.yml applications: Captures the information that vmc push gathered target/: vmc doesn’t have to ask you again name: example1 url: framework: name: java_web info: mem: 512M description: Java Web Application exec: mem: 256M instances: 1 30
  • Scale the application$ vmc instances cf1 +2Scaling Application instances up to 3: OK$ vmc stats cf1+----------+-------------+----------------+--------------+--------------+| Instance | CPU (Cores) | Memory (limit) | Disk (limit) | Uptime |+----------+-------------+----------------+--------------+--------------+| 0 | 1.2% (4) | 90.6M (512M) | 8.5M (2G) | 0d:0h:3m:3s || 1 | 9.5% (4) | 60.9M (512M) | 8.4M (2G) | 0d:0h:0m:17s || 2 | 9.4% (4) | 55.5M (512M) | 8.4M (2G) | 0d:0h:0m:17s |+----------+-------------+----------------+--------------+--------------+
  • Install the Cloud Foundry plugin.... 33
  • ... 34
  • ... 35
  • STS DEMO 36
  • Recap so far… Understand APaaS Register for Cloud Foundry Installed the Cloud Foundry Plugin Logged In/Authenticated Create a Spring MVC App Deployed MVC App to Cloud Foundry Hit URL from STS and Viewed MVC App Learned about vmc 38
  • Agenda Why PaaS matters to developers Overview of Cloud Foundry Getting started with Cloud Foundry Consuming Cloud Foundry services 39
  • Current Services Available on Cloud Foundry 40
  • Creating a service instance$ vmc create-service mysql --name mysql1Creating Service: OK$ vmc services============== System Services ==============+------------+---------+---------------------------------------+| Service | Version | Description |+------------+---------+---------------------------------------+| mongodb | 1.8 | MongoDB NoSQL store || mysql | 5.1 | MySQL database service || postgresql | 9.0 | PostgreSQL database service (vFabric) || rabbitmq | 2.4 | RabbitMQ messaging service || redis | 2.2 | Redis key-value store service |+------------+---------+---------------------------------------+=========== Provisioned Services ============+-------------+---------+| Name | Service |+-------------+---------+| mysql1 | mysql |+-------------+---------+
  • Binding a service to an application $ vmc push cer-spring --path web/target/ Application Deployed URL []: Detected a Java SpringSource Spring Application, is this correct? [Yn]: Memory Reservation (64M, 128M, 256M, 512M, 1G) [512M]: Creating Application: OKWould you like to bind any services to cer-spring? [yN]: y [yN]: y Would you like to bind any services to cer-spring?Would you like to use anan existing provisioned service? [yN]: y Would you like to use existing provisioned service? [yN]: yThe The following provisioned servicesavailable following provisioned services are are available1: mysql1 1: mysql12: mysql-135e0 2: mysql-135e0Please select one you wish to use:use: 1 Please select one you wish to 1Binding Service [mysql1]: OK OK Binding Service [mysql1]: Uploading Application: Checking for available resources: OK Processing resources: OK Packing application: OK Uploading (12K): OK
  • Binding a service to an application$ vmc bind-service mysql1 myappBinding Service [mysql1]: OKStopping Application myapp: OKStaging Application myapp: OKStarting Application myapp: OK$
  • Binding in STS44
  • Survey application demo 45
  • Uses MySQL and MongoDB @Entity public class Customer { Stored in MySQL @Id @GeneratedValue(strategy = GenerationType.IDENTITY) private Long id; private String firstName; private String lastName; Stored in Mongo @RelatedDocument private SurveyInfo surveyInfo;public class SurveyInfo { public class Survey { private List<Survey> questionsAndAnswers = new ArrayList<Survey>(); String question; public List<Survey> getQuestionsAndAnswers() { String answer; return questionsAndAnswers; } 46
  • Bindings exposed through VCAP_SERVICES environment variable{ "mysql-5.1": [{ "name": "mysql1", "label": "mysql-5.1", "plan": "free", "tags": ["mysql", "mysql-5.1", "relational"], "credentials": { "name": "da81b57c25cca4c65929a223f0ed068a0", "host": "", "port": 3306, "username": "secretusername", "password": "secretuserpassword" .... } }]} 48
  • Accessing bound services - low-level var services = JSON.parse(process.env.VCAP_SERVICES); var creds = services[mysql-5.1][0].credentials configure do services = JSON.parse(ENV[VCAP_SERVICES]) mysql_key = { |svc| svc =~ /mysql/i }.first mysql = services[mysql_key].first[credentials] mysql_conf = {:host => mysql[hostname], :port => mysql[port], :username => mysql[user], :password => mysql[password]} @@client = mysql_conf end 49
  • Accessing bound services - high-level, Spring/JavaCloudEnvironment environment = new CloudEnvironment();RdbmsServiceInfo mysqlSvc = environment.getServiceInfo("mysqlService", RdbmsServiceInfo.class);RdbmsServiceCreator dataSourceCreator = new RdbmsServiceCreator();DataSource dataSource = dataSourceCreator.createService(mysqlSvc);<cloud:data-source id="dataSource" service-name="mysql1"> <cloud:pool pool-size="1-5"/> <cloud:connection properties="charset=utf-8"/></cloud:data-source>... reconfigured automatically <bean id="dataSource" class="…"> … DataSource for MySQL instance … </bean> 50
  • Accessing bound services - high-level, Ruby reconfigured automaticallyRedisHost = ""RedisPort = 10000$r = => RedisHost, :port => RedisPort) if !$r rewritten automaticallyproduction: adapter: sqlite3 database: db/production.sqlite3 51
  • Recap… Services : • SQL and NoSQL databases • Message broker • ... Service Bindings • VCAP_SERVICES environment variable • JSON Format Framework-dependent ways of accessing the bindings: • Parse JSON • ... • Spring, Sinatra and Rails have auto-reconfiguration 52
  • Services are great but what if we want to Use database tools?Use the services from JUnit integration tests? 53
  • Using Caldecott to tunnel into your services 54
  • gem install caldecott 55
  • Caldecott Demo 56
  • Running JUnit test with Caldecott Configure your test code to use port + connection info 58
  • Summary 59
  • Cloud Foundry is aremarkably easy way todeploy your applications 60
  • Cloud Foundry = Choice 61
  • .js Ap p Private   lica DataServices Clouds   o e fac n  S ter erv r  In i ce ide Public  In ov Msg Services Clouds ter  Pr fac ud e Cl o Other Micro Services Clouds
  • Questions?Signup @
  • Thank You!t @CloudFoundryt @crichardson Website : Blog :