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  • 1. Regent’s University. Private not for Profit University base in central London. Fantastic location. 4000 students and 350 teaching staff. European Business School London (EBSL). 7 Schools: Regent’s Business School London (RBSL) Regent’s Institute of Languages & Culture (RILC) Regent’s American College London (RACL) Regent’s School of Psychotherapy & Psychology (RSPP) Regent’s School of Drama, Film & Media (RSDFM) Regent’s School of Fashion & Design (RSFD) 2. Recently gained University status. 3. My role. TEL Advisor. Most of my day to day work is related to the Uni’s VLE – Blackboard but I am also responsible for promoting new and emerging technologies and supporting who staff who have their own individual projects. 4. TheBrain. Used by Mikko Arevuo – Senior lecturer to teach Business Strategy to undergraduate students doing the BA in International Business.
  • What is TheBrain? 1. software was designed in the USA to be used as a mind mapping and ‘personal knowledge base’ tool. Its original intention was to help commercial companies organise, store, retrieve and make commercial decisions. 2. It uses a dynamic graphical interface (that has a 3D effect) which helps to map out both hierarchical and network relationships. 3. It includes the ability to add links to web pages, YouTube videos and files, as well as notes and events using a built-in calendar. 4. It is cross-platform, available for Windows and Mac and is available in a free edition as well as in commercial editions with additional features. 5. TheBrain has a Cloud functionality that allows multiple users to access the material uploaded to the system. 6. Access to the material can be controlled by the owner of the original ‘Brain’.
  • Evaluating TheBrain. Students: 2 Questionnaires. Dec. 2012 - No. of responses = 49 (83.1%) May 2013 - No. of responses = 40 (41.7%) Results were mixed…..see diagram. 2. Staff: Interview with Mikko Enthusiasm of the lecturer. Practical improvements – ‘Guide for students’.
  • 2 new developments for the future: Assessment. Plan for next semester – set up ‘Team Brains’ for students to create and use their own ‘brains’ for a group assignment. Research tool for dissertations. Individual students doing dissertations have their own brain to collate their own research material.
  • ALT presentation 2013 - TheBrain

    1. 1. Using ‘TheBrain’ to teach Business Strategy. Chris Rowell – Sept. 2013
    2. 2. 2 Introduction
    3. 3. What is TheBrain?
    4. 4. 4 What is TheBrain?
    5. 5. Demo
    6. 6. 6 Demonstrating TheBrain n/F7280CFD-68A7-FE0C-1F51- 480DDEA853DF#-51
    7. 7. Evaluating TheBrain
    8. 8. 8 Evaluating TheBrain
    9. 9. Developing TheBrain
    10. 10. 10 Developing TheBrain:
    11. 11. Useful resources
    12. 12. 12 Resources Contact me: chri5rowell