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Slides used in a training session on Online submission of assignments at Regent's University

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  • (2.5 mins) BLACKBOARD ONLINE-ONLY COURSEWORK SUBMISSION – Staff Communique:Exception:The Student Registry will only accept submission ofphysical objects, models, etc. that cannot be digitised – in this case the Module Leader needs to obtain permission from the Associate Dean in the FacultyDissertations:Undergraduate dissertations will be submitted online only.Postgraduate dissertations: the official submission by the due date must be made online. Should a Programme Director want students on their programme to submit hard copies in addition to the online submission, they must make their own arrangements for the collection of such hard copies from students, but they cannot be submitted via Student Registry.Doctoral theses are subject to different submission regulations and therefore are not covered by these guidelines.
  • (2.5 mins)
  • (5 mins)What assignment setting to use? 1. Text-based assignments (Word and pdf documents)Recommended to set up as a Turnitin assignment (within Blackboard)Gives originality report (plagiarism detection)GradeMark – this allows adding comments on the documentFeedback – text-based and/or via voice recordingCan also be set up as a Blackboard assignmentCan be read and marked online, but comments cannot be left on the actual documentUsing the Blackboard ‘Feedback to User’ boxEither type of assignment can alternatively be marked offline (on paper) but requires lecturer to print off the assignments2. Non-text-based assignments (or a combination of text-based and non-text-based)Good for films (MP4’s), Photos/Images (JPEG), Audio (MP3’s)Blackboard assignment (Video files usually need to be compressed need to be compressed)Download to mark offline
  • Blackboard. (10 mins)Set up Blackboard assignment.Submit student assignment.Retrieve assignment.2. Turnitin… be used as a ‘learning tool’ (5 Mins)Set up Turnitin assignment.Submit student assignment.Retrieve assignment.
  • (5 mins)
  • Demo:1. Things to show:Similarity index (%)Colour Coding – how to find the original source.2. If you suspect Plagiarism:See ‘Guide for Using Turnitin’ and ‘Regent’s University London Quality Handbook’ (Section E8.11)3. Things to remember:• Plagiarism is an academic judgement, and Turnitin makes no attempt to judge whetherplagiarism has occurred. A high unoriginality score does not automatically mean that ithas occurred, and a low unoriginality score does not automatically mean that it has notoccurred.• Students are advised that there is no score to aim for and that the importantconsideration is suitable referencing of sources used, rather than working for aparticular score. However, over time, you may come to a working judgement of a levelfor the unoriginality score below which you wouldn’t check each piece of work – such alevel is likely to depend on the discipline and nature of the assignment being set.• Substantial quotes used in a document may increase its unoriginality score, even ifthese quotes are properly referenced. In some cases you may judge that a piece ofwriting with a high unoriginality score and with many correctly referenced quotes mightbe a poor example of academic writing, but is not plagiarism.• Turnitin makes no claims to match against every possible source. Although its databaseis large, there will inevitably be some cases of plagiarism which it fails to match. A verylow score or a score of 0% does not prove that plagiarism did not occur.• Turnitin can do little nothing to identify cheating where an original and genuine piece ofwork is written, but it is not written by the student who has submitted. This mightinclude students asking friends or family to write for them, or buying a bespoke essayfrom a writing service.
  • (5 Mins)Check learning of whole session.Online quiz ‘Staff Blackboard Testing Area’. Session 1 – QUIZ.2. Benefits of online submissions.Marking – see next session.
  • Training sessions available throughout the academic year – advertised on the intranet on other types od assessment.Or vle team will provide one-to one support and training.
  • After this session orSee intranet for dates and time
  • Online assessment june 2013 - v3

    1. 1. Bryony Bramer - Virtual Learning Environment Manager Chris Rowell - Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor (BaM) James Leahy – VLE Content Developer Alana Kane – VLE Content Developer Anna Williams IT Trainer June 2013 Online submission of students assignments and accessioning students submissions
    2. 2. 2 Welcome What is expected: • From September 2013: “All coursework assignments can only be submitted online via Blackboard” • Exceptions must have permission form the Associate Dean of Faculty.
    3. 3. 3 The aim of this session is : To set up an appropriate online assignment submission area in Regent‟s Blackboard and be able to access students submissions.
    4. 4. 4 Learning Objectives You will be able to: • Be clear on what are Regents University‟s expectations (of online submissions) on staff. • Know the difference between a Blackboard and Turnitin Assignment • Know how to create a Blackboard assignment. • Know how to create a Turnitin assignment within Blackboard. • Understand the Turnitin „Optional Settings‟. • Understand how students submit their work online.. • Access the students‟ Turnitin/Blackboard assignments. • View and interpret Turnitin‟s originality reports. • Understand some of the benefits on online submissions
    5. 5. 5 Difference between a Blackboard and Turnitin assignment Blackboard Turnitin Recommended: Non-text-based assignments (or a combination of text-based and non-text-based) Text-based assignments (Word and pdf documents) Features: • Interactive Rubrics • Originality Report • Grademark
    6. 6. 6 Demo
    7. 7. 7 Your task: Set up a Blackboard or Turnitin assignment: • In the „Staff Blackboard Testing Area‟ (in „My Modules‟ on Blackboard) create a Turnitin or Blackboard assignment. You have 5 minutes to complete this task. • If you finish try uploading an assignment and retrieving it.
    8. 8. 8 Originality report -
    9. 9. 9 Quiz - „Staff Blackboard Testing Area‟ – Session 1.
    10. 10. 10 Conclusion Benefits of online submissions: • Improved consistency. • Improved security and saves time. • Easier for end user to view comments. Other types of assessment in Blackboard: • Tests • Journals • Blogs • Wikis
    11. 11. 11 Next session “Online Marking”.
    12. 12. 12 Further support: For support with using Blackboard contact: • Bryony Bramer, Virtual Learning Environment Manager. Office: TB005, Phone: x6220. • Chris Rowell, Technology Enhanced Learning Advisor. Office: TB001, Phone: x7519. • James Leahy, VLE Content Developer. Office: TB001, Phone: x6104. • Alana Kane, VLE Content Developer. Office: TB001, Phone: x7530 • Anna Williams, IT Trainer. Office: TB001, Phone: x6104.