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Exemplar Network Group meeting march 29th
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Exemplar Network Group meeting march 29th


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Summary feedback for the regional Exemplar Network group meeting.

Summary feedback for the regional Exemplar Network group meeting.

Published in: Education

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  • Having an “A” at the start of your organisation name always provides the best opportunities - like knowing your audience will be delighted to see a slide show.\n
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  • Staff in question were:\n\nhey needed technology that allowed them to be freed up from college systems and work more independently\n\n - tutors who regularly worked off site\n - worked independently of college systems\n - met with learners in these locations\n - at locations where technology wasn't necesarily available\n\n
  • Staff who were required to work flexibly in multiple locations\nTechnology was not enabling this\nIt could be said that their teaching activities were limited due to lack of appropriate technology\n
  • it offered one of those step-change moments because no teacher was left behind\n\nIt began conventionally:\n\n - Purchased some laptops\n - Distributed them to key staff\n - Also supplied staff with mobile broadband dongles\n\n
  • The network has provided enough inspiration for change to occur\n\nGroup meetings, open days and chance encounters are all equally valuable\n\nPositive spirit displayed by the network is infectious\n\nResulting change has happened in a more fluid manner than might have been possible than without the support of the network\n
  • "staff invariably came away from meetings at Alton with renewed enthusiasm and a willingness to try new ideas"\n
  • we were able to make a choice from an informed position\nable to explore with them the use of an open source website\n
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  • Transcript

    • 1. “being alphabetically first always providesthe best opportunities - like knowingyour audience will be delighted to see thefirst slide show of the day.”
    • 2. Thanet College"nothing is more effective in encouragingteachers to try something new thanseeing other teachers adapting practiceand sharing it "
    • 3. The Situation“they needed technology that allowedthem to be freed up from college systemsand work more independently”
    • 4. The Idea“to transform the way a section of thecollege worked”“allow the working day to better reflectthe teaching demands made of staff”
    • 5. Opportunity to Change“it offered one of those step-changemoments because no teacher was leftbehind”
    • 6. The Network“there is nothing more powerful than anenthusiastic teacher willing to exploreand experiment”“drawing on the positive atmosphere theyexperienced”
    • 7. The Individual“staff invariably came away from meetingswith renewed enthusiasm and awillingness to try new ideas”
    • 8. The Organisation“we are able to make choices from aninformed position”“we are able to explore with the networkthe use of new technologies”
    • 9. “one of the greatest legacies of thenetwork is the positive mutual supportand regard of its members as a means ofencouraging staff”