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OeRBITAL CETIS10 Presentation

  1. 1. Supporting teaching in higher education to improve student learning across the Biosciences OeRBITAL – Launching and Sustaining OER Chris Taylor c.d.taylor@leeds.ac.uk Follow me @chr1staylor http://tinyurl.com/bioukoer UK Centre for Bioscience logo © University of Leeds. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. The story so far...  JISC/HEA OER pilot phase (09/10)  Pilot project with 10 partner institutions to explore the issues surrounding open educational resources, production and use/reuse  Locate Call out to Bioscience community to put forward *potential* OER for development  Collate Rework into OER and upload to JorumOpen, suitably described and tagged  Aggregate Ensured all resources bioukoer-tagged to ease resurfacing and assist tacking General HE – Bioscience JorumOpen (JO) collection easy Individual PPs resources difficult - custom (Feed43) solution required
  3. 3. OER1  Tried to automate as much as possible  Monitoring and aggregation of blog outputs from 10 partners  YahooPipes  Potential tracking of re-uploaded resources  Monitor new uploads for relevant keywords  Limited – reliant on upload to same repository using same/v.similar title  Harvesting of JorumOpen-held bioukoer resources to reproduce on Bioscience website for added context  YahooPipes  Feed43
  4. 4. YahooPipes  Why?  Wanted straight-forward way to collate project partners’ blog entries and other resource outputs  Visual and fairly user-friendly  Versatile  Just scratched the surface  Number of ways of exporting results  Can produce size-customisable output window to embed in site/output through web2.0 in addition to standard further RSS feed output  Examples of my YahooPipes:  http://tinyurl.com/bioukoerYahooPipes
  5. 5. YahooPipes
  6. 6. YahooPipes
  7. 7. YahooPipes  However, restricted by content and quality of RSS feed input to it  Unable to draw out our specific project partner resources from JO due to lack of keywords field in RSS  Not practical to repeat keywords in description body  So, more challenging solution required  Feed43
  8. 8. Feed43 custom RSS  What?  Feed43 is a free third-party custom RSS creator  http://feed43.com/  Scrapes contents of URLs offered to it and produces tailored RSS feed based on defined search parameters Feed43 logo Copyright © 2006–2009 A.I.Studio. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Feed43 custom RSS  Why?  To resurface links to JO records within our own site  11 pages on our site required content  Central page and each of 10 project partners  http://tinyurl.com/bioukoer  Updates pages automatically when new resources added  Sustainable  Side-effect: caused issue with JO search data
  10. 10. Feed43 custom RSS  How?  Run specific search query in JorumOpen for individual partners (Surname AND bioukoer)  Take resulting URL and input into Feed43  Set parameters on data to collect and output  Bake for 40-50 mins until golden  Manipulate using ASP.NET* and display on website  More details on blog:  http://tinyurl.com/bioukoerFeed43  *If easier you can of course feed resulting RSS into YahooPipes instead
  11. 11. Feed43 custom RSS From this:
  12. 12. Feed43 custom RSS To this:
  13. 13. Risks  Vulnerable to stability of third-party applications  Feed43  YahooPipes  Reliant on JorumOpen not changing their search results URLs
  14. 14. OER phase 2: OeRBITAL  Open educational Resources for Bioscientists Involved in Teaching And Learning (Aug10/11)  Sustaining OER, not creating  JISC/HEA OER phase 2  Thematic Collections strand  To identify existing dispersed OER from multiple repositories and build subject-specific collections  Focus on reuse to provide sustainability
  15. 15. OeRBITAL  8-12 Discipline Consultants (DC)  Discovery agents and curators  2-3 Learning Technologists  Assist adaption  Provide example enhancements  Combine resources
  16. 16. OeRBITAL  Planned use of MediaWiki as hub  Established standard  Familiar and straightforward  Themed areas/collections curated by individual DCs  Consideration of WordPress installation
  17. 17. OeRBITAL  Use experience from OER1 to automate as much as possible  Locate  Mine existing repositories  Use Discipline Consultants' local knowledge and network contacts to unearth resources, and to identify demand  Collate  Feed resource links into wiki structure (or poss WordPress) to build collections and add educational context.  Aggregate  Use Learning Technologists’ expertise to enhance/combine collections where possible  Produce feeds from themed collections for further distribution/promotion opportunities
  18. 18. Supporting teaching in higher education to improve student learning across the Biosciences OeRBITAL – Launching and sustaining OER Chris Taylor c.d.taylor@leeds.ac.uk @chr1staylor http://tinyurl.com/bioukoer UK Centre for Bioscience logo © University of Leeds. All rights reserved. This work is licenced under a Creative Commons Licence except where explicitly exempted.